ZÜCA BAG DUPE FROM AMAZON | Makeup Artist Kit for Beginners

Hey guys welcome back to my channel
well I’m doing this video today because I just want to show you this makeup
artist bag that I got from the brand Kemier I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing
that right, Kemier. I’m just gonna say Kemier. I have been eyeing this bag
for almost a year now and I finally made the decision to get it and I’ve always
wanted to get the Zuca but that’s that one’s just really expensive and I
cannot justify the price. this one is not very cheap but it’s much more affordable
than the Zuca bag. so it has pockets on the side where you could put I don’t
know um sanitizers bottles whatever and in front, pocket here, another pocket over
here and then pocket in here as well and what I like most about this bag is it
has this thing over here, I’m not sure what this is for but I figured out a
really smart way to use it, I’ll just strap in my tripod in here and, just like
so. I hate taking this tripod with me, it just weighs too much. so this is a really
smart way to use this strap. so this bag retails for 99 euros. it looks like this
when you open it. you have this mesh pocket in here. it’s velcroed in there
so I don’t know maybe you could put bigger palettes in there if they don’t
fit inside these bags and I don’t know what you call them, is it PVC pouches? I
don’t know so yeah you have this smaller bags that looks just like the ones from
the ZUCA bag so you have two smaller bags and four of this bigger ones, and
there’s this detachable thing inside I guess you could put your brushes in here.
I don’t think I’m gonna use that I already have a brush belt but it’s
really nice of them to include that by the way, this bag arrived here safely
bubble wrapped and it was in this box and this box was inside this much bigger
Amazon box. I want to show you a closer look of the inside of the bag. so the bag
is made of this fabric but the insides are lined with plastic which is really
cool because that means this is so much easier to clean so it also has a handle
right here if you want to use them individually or whatever, and the zippers
look good and the quality of the zippers are amazing. right off the bat I’m really
already impressed with the quality of this bag. I’m gonna be right back. I will
be loading all of my makeup products inside and I’ll see you later. hey guys,
so this is the next day I am headed to a makeup gig so I’m really in a rush. so as
you can see, I have transferred all of my makeup products in these PVC bags and
I’m gonna start loading them inside the bag. so here are all of my skincare and
disposables and also the primers are in there and I have my palettes all of the
palettes and all of the powders. then here are the foundations and the concealers.
so basically cream and liquid products and I have the eye products with falsies in it, and the lip products so everything is in there. everything fits
perfectly. I still have a spare I still have a spare bag in here. I need to put
all of my hair stuff in there but I’m not gonna be hair styling today so I
decided to leave that out. if I put it inside its gonna be like full to the top.
if I have everything in there it means I won’t be able to put my brush belt so I
decided to just leave the other one and put my brush belt inside instead by
the way I put this palette inside and I just threw in this hairspray here just
in case even though I’m not gonna be doing hair, someone might need it so it’s
in there. on the other side is my handheld mirror and extra eyelashes

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