Zoeva Makeup Brushes Review | Zoeva 110 Face Shape and More

Good morning! Today I wanna talk to you a little bit about
my favorite Zoeva brushes. You probably don’t know who I am, my name
is Maike I’m a makeup artist all that stuff if you ever feel like you might want to subscribe
you can do so down below. So Zoeva cosmetics is a German brand, it is
sold in the US as well, so if you want to get the things, you can um the CEO and founder
is Zeo Bikou who is who was born in Greece but moved to Germany when she was ten and
she just thought there was a lack of quality brushes on the market for a fair price. That’s why she started this and it all started
in 2008 when she started um I said started a lot, I know, when she began selling makeup
brushes on eBay. It is a cruelty free brand, they do use natural
hair bristles as well, but they claim that no animals are harmed in this process. I am not sure if that is absolutely accurate
or not, I would have to do some more research about this, but I think I will in the future. Also nowhere on the website have I found where
it says what hairs they use which might be important in determining that factor. The website really puts a focus on discovering,
women discovering and celebrating their individual beauty which I think is great but I think
this focus on just women using these products is a little non-inclusive. I know the market for men using makeup isn’t
big or um that influential but they do exist, so why are we focusing only on women. The first brush that I really love is this
two three one luxe petit crease brush. This is a blending brush, but it is quite
small so it is very good for detail work or for people that don’t have a lot of space
between their lashes and their eyebrows. Or even lidspace, but it’s really a lot easier
to blend with a small blending brush in those cases, not all of us are blessed with a huge
amount of space in between there so if that is something you struggle with with normal
blending brushes, this is one I can really recommend. This is a mix of synthetic and natural hair
and it costs nine Euros fifty in Europe or in Austria and eleven US dollars fifty in
the States. Now all the European prices include the VAT
and the American prices do not include the VAT. In Austria delivery costs three Euros fifty
and it arrives within two to eight business days and in the US it costs nine US dollars
and it arrives within four to twelve business days. All these brushes I’m talking about are also
available in rose gold and they’re so beautiful if I would have known that before or if they
were would have been available when I got these, I got these aaaages ago, right at the
beginning of my MUA um course and I think they’re so pretty, I would have definitely
preferred the rose gold ones. Alright the next one is the two two seven
Luxe soft definer. This is just a normal sized blending brush. This wide angled lens is very far away um
in my opinion this is a dupe for the MAC two one seven. It might be a little bigger and a little bit
less dense but it’s very very similar to that. So if you like that and you want to use something
cheaper this also costs nine euro fifty or eleven dollars um fifty. Uh this is definitely something I can recommend. Just… especially for blending work and transition
shades. Every collection needs a shader brush, this
is the two three four luxe smokey shader. It’s just a densely packed shader brush, it
doesn’t usually come in green, I just used something at some point that stained the brush
um this also cost nine euros fifty or eleven dollars fifty. Again, a natural and synthetic hair blend,
as was the two two seven. Then the three one seven wing liner, I have
to get a new one of this my is not as pretty anymore, but I love using this for eyebrows
especially and of course for winged eyeliner. You can use it with powder products, you can
use it with cream products anything really works with this. This is made out of synthetic hair, it’s eight
euros fifty or nine dollars eighty. Definitely gonna get a new one of this. Ah it’s so hot oh my God I’m dying. If you’ve watched my videos before you know
that I use this brush a lot, this is the one two seven luxe sheer cheek and it’s an angled
blush brush. I think it has exactly, it does kind of lose
hairs, I have one brush, funnily enough I have two of these, one loses a ton of hair
and the other one pretty much loses no hair, so I don’t know if I got a bad batch, but
yeah, this one loses quite a bit of hair um even when I’m applying the brush so.. . blush,
so it’s kind of annoying but nothing like terrible terrible um I just think it’s very
easy to do a very diffused look with this um it is not so densely bound that you just
have like one dot on here that is hard to blend out after. You always want to hold your brush angled
down with the long side, like this and then apply in circular motions. Sometimes I just dab it on like this and then
I diffuse like that. Did I say how much this cost already? I don’t think so, this is fourteen Euros fifty
and seventeen US dollars. It is also a natural synthetic hair blend. The next one is the one o one luxe face definer
um it’s a kind of tapered um powder brush, sorry all these brushes are dirty by the way
I just used them, so you know I do actually use them and I’m not just talking about them. This is really great for a number of things,
because it has the angle you can do this to do a very natural diffused contour of a powder,
this is I use this only for powder products. I don’t use this for any other kind of products,
so you can do a contour here that is more diffused than if you’d use a more densely
smaller brush for this. I also use it for powder just to set my face
with it um and is that it? For bronzer I use it, sometimes I use it for
blush as well, then I just do a little bit on the apple of the cheek and I blend it outwards. Great brush. Also a natural and synthetic hair blend um
it is twenty-one euros eighty or twenty-seven dollars fifty. This is the most expensive brush I am talking
about, but I feel like the quality does um justify the price a little bit. I have used these brushes for I’d say two
and a half years maybe two years and I still use all of them and I have washed them multiple
multiple times because I do use them on clients as well, so they do last for quite a while. Here we have the one one zero face shape. I know Lisa Eldrige um uses this sometimes
for foundation. This is a natural synthetic blend, no it’s
not, it’s a pure synthetic, what am I talking about? This is a pure synthetic um hair brush, it
cost twelve Euros fifty or fifteen dollars fifty. I do like to use this for blending foundation
sometimes um even though it does take a while, it is very good to really melt the product
into your skin and really do some work. Also I like to use this for cream products
such as highlighter, it’s a very good for liquid or cream highlighter and other… you
know you can do a very good contour with this as well, a cream contour here and then blend
it out. It is a very good brush and the last brush
is the one two two petit stippling and this is a stippling brush but it’s quite a lot
smaller um then the stippling brushes I usually see and I really like to use this for a cream
blush or liquid blush, so I just basically tap it onto my hand into the product and then
I put it on in circular motions. This is a synthetic duo fiber brush. It cost twelve Euros fifty or fifteen dollars
fifty, so it is affordable and that word affordable I don’t like but for some reason I always
say it because everybody says it. I think that is a good price um that is a
better word. At the same time I think these brushes are
a starting point if you’re trying to really build a collection if you’re a beginner and
you don’t have any brushes, these brushes are a good starting point for you um they
basically with these brushes that I showed you now, I can do everything, maybe a lip
brush is missing um sometimes I have to use that and um maybe no yeah maybe a kabuki brush
for foundation is more efficient than that small face definer brush but generally I can
do everything I do with these brushes. I hope that you liked this video, if you did
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Thursday and Friday always the same thing, I’m sorry it’s boring, you probably clicked
off anyways already. I’ll see you next time, bye bye!

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