Z’Fogless Water Mirror – Guaranteed Fog Free

Every man wants the perfect shave – smooth
clean and sharp – and men everywhere are getting it by enjoying the benefits of shaving
in the shower. They know that shaving in the shower is the best way to get the
closest, smoothest shave. Dermatologists recommend shaving,
cleansing and exfoliating your skin in the shower to achieve the best results. The heat and humidity from a hot shower
opens pores and softens hair follicles, allowing for a closer and cleaner shave while
protecting your skin from painful tugging, pulling and razor burn. Whether you’re shaving or removing
makeup, using a regular mirror in the shower just doesn’t allow you to see
clearly. The same steam and hot water that makes the shower so ideal for mostening
your skin fogs up mirror surfaces, making them nearly impossible to use. Introducing Z’Fogless fog free shower mirrors by Zadro. Zadro Products introduced the very first
fog free shower mirrors more than twenty five years ago and continues to innovate
with over twenty Z’Fogless products. Nothing matches the quality, convenience
or value of a Z’Fogless shower mirror. When choosing your next fog free shower mirror, remember the name that started it all – Z’Fogless First in Fogless Introducing our newest patent pending
innovation in guaranteed fog free shower mirrors. The Z’fogless Water Mirror – the perfect accessory for your shaving routine. Zadro’s Water Mirror technology uses hot water to raise the mirror’s surface temperature to that of the shower guaranteeing the elimination of fog build up. The Z’fogless water mirror easily installs to almost any shower in three separate ways. Use Zadro’s patented extra strength double suction cups to mount to smooth surfaces, adhere it to the wall with the
included double stick tape, or add the security of silicon mounting to the
double stick tape for extra strength. The mirror is highly durable and break
resistant, making it perfectly safe to use in the shower. Insert three AA
batteries inside the base to power the four super bright LED lights, and get the light you need in the shower. When you’re finished shaving, place your razor in the convenient accessory holder – big enough for any blade you may have. Sizing up at eleven inches tall and six inches wide, the Z’fogless Water MIrror’s sleek design
is perfect for any shower. When choosing your next fog free shower mirror, remember the name that started it all – Z’Fogless – First in Fogless

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