Zendaya Plays How ‘Well Do You Know?’ With Her Glam Team | THR

– The Red Carpet might
not be the first day to wanna try an IG trend
that you saw last week or something like that.
– Yeah. (Zendaya laughs)
– You want to try it a few days before, at least. – Yeah, just test it out.
– [Zendaya] Test it out. – Take some pictures, dip out the selfies. – Flash. – [Sheika] Yeah.
– [Ursula] Yes. – Check that with flash.
– [Women] Flash. – Flash because that HD will getcha. (women laugh) – The HD will getcha. – Hey, I’m Zendaya and I’m
with my gorgeous glam team. – I’m Sheika. – I’m Ursula. – And we are gonna play
How Well Do You Know? with the Hollywood Reporter. – Oh, her legs. – Yes.
(Zendaya squeals) – The long legs.
– Definitely her legs. – Yes. – Definitely legs. (women laughing) – Oh, I know that one. – Yeah, well.
– Well. – You should know that. – She loves a dramatic eye. – Thank you. – Oh, it was– – All of mine are the favorites, so– – [Ursula] What’s her favorite, though. – [Sheika] All the ones we
did her are my favorites. I think I know. – It’s more recent. – Joan of Arc. – Yes! Yes, because of that red hair. When it popped on I just
turn into a different woman. (Sheika laughs) – Joan of Arc. – Joan of Arc, darling. So hard not to just outburst. – Definitely sweet. (Zendays laughs)
– Definitely sweet. – I mean, what can I say
people, they know me. – Oh, she does it all the time. – Yeah. – She’d be a teacher.
– She’d be a teacher. – I’ve learned a lot.
– My parents are teachers, they know that. – Yes, she’s told us a lot of things. – [Sheika] Yes.
(Zendaya laughs) – She definitely has. – [Zendaya] Correct. – Oh, she’s definitely– a night owl.
– Definitely a night owl. (Zendaya laughs) – Thank you. – Three PM, she’s still– – Get you a glam squad
that knows you, people. – Just rolled home at three PM. (Zendays laughs) – Well, you guys have been with me through a lot of mornings. – [Ursula] Yeah. – That I haven’t been too happy about. – There’s not much conversation happening. – Right, right, right.
(Zendays laughs) (upbeat music)

17 thoughts on “Zendaya Plays How ‘Well Do You Know?’ With Her Glam Team | THR

  1. Zendaya is what happens when a woman is beautiful and has brains.

    I always cringe the fuck out when I hear a Kendall Jenner speak. Zendaya just seems like a more well rounded person. That makes her far more attractive. I think you'd be able to talk with Zendaya while Kendall would bore the shit out of you.

  2. 0:36 that’s was too cute 😍 btw I’m a YouTuber so if u guys could go to my channel and subscribe please thanks 💚

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