4 thoughts on “Younilook Mirror Readers

  1. This is sooooo amazing. I was happily one of the guinea pigs that tried this out while it was in in development. NOTHING available out there today comes anywhere close to the Younilook. Well done to the development team behind this.

  2. One of the biggest questions my girlfriends have asked me is…”How is this different from my magnifying mirror?” Here’s my quick answer…a magnifying mirror makes your face/eyes/neck/pores look bigger…while the YouniLook does have some magnification, the real genius of this product is clarity! As you look through the lens (which are your power level +1.00 to +3.75 ) you are seeing your entire face clearly. Imagine if your mirror had your readers power level built into the glass…that kind of like what the YouniLook does…amazing!

    Truthfully, until I put it on my mirror and had the experience of looking at my face through the lenses I didn’t quite get it. Now I can’t live without it!

  3. Does it help for short sighted people…when I apply make up bcause I can't see things further than my nose , my head is stuck in the mirror for me to apply my make up….will this help for my short sightedness in order for me to apply make up.

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