Hey guys welcome to my channel! Today I have a special guest Hi honey! Yess Jeffree’s with me; Whats up everybody. We’re here. We’re here honey Finally; Today we’re going to dive in to some crazy stuff. So we have some crazy ass makeup brushes that actually Jeffree found these he’s like the master of finding the most ; We both are ; Yeah We find some crazy shit online. Lets just show off these brushes. What in the hell is going on here That looks like its a broom or like a little duster It does like should we just swiffer this in the dust pan Right! And this one looks like… a sex toy; It does! It kinda does like from the back So what are we going to do today, we’re going to apply makeup, obviously I’m bare face Me too! But I have my eyes done but this is my skin; Yes Beautiful; But your skin is like flawless; oh you’re sweet Wipes the foundation off like thanks you fuckin bitch So we found these crazy brushes online and their from two different brands; yup and we’re just going to take foundation we’re going to see if their even good so this is kind of the first impressions; it’s kind of gimmicky; yes so we’re just seeing is it worth your money; exactly ok I have a question, now my favorite primer ever is the Sisley, have you ever tried it? I know, I’ve never tried it before This is amazing; Its literally a Jeffree product we’re about to get that virginity gone This is her I dont know why, the packaging like I love Sisley, I always say sis-a-ly but its Sis-ly Sisley; Sisley I pronounce absolutely everything wrong; ah same Alright so this primer is everything I don’t know why its so good it’s a little pricy, the price point’s scary What?; 120$; AH! I thought the same thing like this bull shit and then I reviewed it; it better be good; I reviewed it and I was like oh my god this is amazing but maybe I was forcing myself so then like 5 videos later I’m like, my skins laid. No way! like I; so there’s skincare in this; there’s skincare in this as well. It says instant and long term let’s just put this on so you can just use your fingers Gimmie a little dab. Oh I hit the neck too though. So you wanna like massage it in then it starts to get tacky after a minute which is good I love tackyness because I feel like your foundation sticks It sticks on so good doesn’t it smell like expensive and fresh; it smells like money! It smells like cold hard cash! Ok so today I am going to be using the one by Iconic London that looks kind of like a sex toy Yup its rose gold it looks pretty Now its similar to the Palm Brush, the Artis brush Yes, it 100% is; but its not as big cause you know the Palm Brush comes like all the way down How do the bristles feel; Not as soft; oh ok there she is; are we doing a comparison?; we’re gonna go ahead; ok lets be shady I dont know! I don’t know if its like in my head, is it in my head? Hold on; you tell me; Let me finger these brushes. Like it has a different feel and its not bad its just yea this is just like really really flat, like me, and this one has a some volume… like you like me HA! I’m wearing a training bra right now; he’s gonna get thre We’re almost there Ok so how much is this brush?; This one is only 40 bucks; Ok thats not bad. Ok so what do you have today Jeffree; Alright so we have the Besame cosmetics Beadier Short Hair Contour Brush it says you can apply cream makeup, so foundation obviously and it says to just buff it on its really easy to use and its all synthetic bristles which of course that is as well Allegedly this is going to seamlessly glide on to my face and it’s going to be very easy. It says that this is inspired by 1930’s makeup which I love, I like that vintage feel Oh yea thats cool it’s like original to like come out with that I love a brand that has innovation; yeah; I feel like its all been done before what can we do next So now we’re just going back in time and just make our lives harder with some weird product but it could be really cool. Now this one is 48 dollars so a little more pricy than that one so i think we’re just gonna do like a first impressions on our face so we’re gonna use two different foundations obviously I’m a little more pale than her


  1. I think jeffree’s brush did u do a good job with the foundation because it blends out power and cream not liquid makeup

  2. What if the brush worked more if you squeezed the foundation onto the brush rather than dabbing the foundation onto face first then blending

  3. I was so excited for this video bc I recognized that one of the brushes in the thumbnail was a Bésame brush & I love Bésame… but you guys let everyone down. You’re not using them correctly at all, and therefore you’re not giving a fair review. Bésame products aren’t just a gimmick, as Laura would say, where they just look vintage. They’re made to exactly replicate makeup & makeup tools from past time periods (in the case of these brushes, the 1930s) and you’re supposed to use the tools with the type of makeup that one would wear in that time period. As for the brushes, you’re supposed to use the big brush for powder, and the smaller one is for creams. I use these brushes & other Bésame products & makeup, and they work wonderfully. For example, I use powder by applying it densely & sectionally on my face with a powder puff. Then I use the big powder brush to disperse the product evenly and, as I said, it works wonderfully. You guys were using liquid makeup when it clearly said it wasn’t meant for liquids. If you bothered to do any research on the brushes, you would’ve found videos on exactly how they are meant to be used. So, for those of you watching, please don’t let this video dissuade you from buying the Bésame brushes if you were thinking about buying them. If you use powders & creams… and especially if you love vintage… I highly recommend these brushes. If you only use liquids, then no, I wouldn’t suggest you buy these brushes. And, again, I implore that before you use any of Bésame’s products, research the story behind the making of the company & their products. There is a meaning behind the way everything is made and the way the products wind up looking… the brushes aren’t made that way just for sh*ts & giggles.

  4. For them it doesn’t really matter how much the products cost because they make more money making this review video

  5. I definitely think that the brush the person on the left used is rather exfoliating the skin instead of applying foundation.

  6. It sucked up your foundation because it said “buff powder or cream formulas”. Foundation is a liquid. You should try it with an actual powder or cream.😁

  7. The third brush I tho k might be good for touch ups or something but also maybe not because of the size

  8. I was like: why are the going so fast. Then I realized that when I had turned on the captions I somehow put it on 1.25 speed

  9. Prove the besame cosmetics qith the powders. Because is made for that. Besame cosmetics dont have liquid base. Have now solid cream. And one brush is for contouring.

  10. Ooo, welp. The Besame brushes aren't meant to be used that way, is the problem. Not to apply powder or to apply liquid foundation – the Besame foundations are cream sticks, like Max Factor's Pan Stick. I think the only liquid product they have is their 1940s mascara, and they used to have lip glosses. Everything else is either a cream or a powder, and these are meant to not only apply Besame cosmetics, but to supply vintage lifestyle enthusiasts with authentic-looking pieces for their vanities.

    The short-bristled is for application of cream products, not liquid ones. The one with long bristles is for finishing post-powder, not applying powder – you apply the powder with the puff (Besame powders all come with puffs), then brush off the excess. Bit confusing if you've never used vintage-style makeup before, I'm guessing. It's the 1930s and 40s, they didn't apply makeup the way it's common to do now. It wasn't even the same consistency. Loved the video, though!

  11. cream is not liquid…. and its for vintage style makeup, and vintage makeup isn't about caking it on your face like most people do today.

  12. give this comment a like if you miss there friendship because I miss there friendship so much I always laugh so hard when they get together

    is it just me ok

  13. They should use the brushes one at a time because I can’t focus on both brushes at the same time to see how they work 😂

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