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– You know how like, some people don’t have a sense of smell? I do not have a sense of
when my brows are too bold. (laughing) Like, I will keep going until
they are midnight black. (upbeat music) – This week we’re gonna be
wearing Instagram makeup. – To me, Instagram makeup
is just like, whew! – If you’ve ever looked
on your explore page. – Extreme contour. – Phew, phew, phew! – There are many very
talented women and men who do their makeup to the fleekest. – Matte lip with the liner, with the highlighted cupid’s bow. – Ah! – Extreme highlight. – If you don’t have fake
lashes you should leave. The explore page. – I’m just worried about
not looking like myself, looking like a clown, and having taken two hours
to achieve that look. – I’m most nervous about the fake lashes. That’s something I’m
really not used to doing and actually don’t really know how to do. – Last time I tried to
put on my own lashes, it took me about 20 minutes for one lash that fell off four minutes later. – I am excited about
learning how to do eyeshadow. Because that’s something that I’ve kind of like, avoided for a long time. – I hope to learn how the
frick they do their eyebrows from zero to a perfect ombre
to like fleek on the side. – I’m hoping that by the end of the week, I’ll feel a bit more
comfortable putting on lashes and feel like I can throw on lashes for a night out or a date night. – Alright, let’s do it. Let’s get made up, you know, all the phew, phew, phew, phew, kah! – My name is Nicole and
I’m a makeup artist. And today I’m gonna be teaching the girls how to do Instagram makeup. Instagram makeup is creative. It’s dramatic. I don’t think it’s gonna be difficult for the girls to learn this. I think it’s gonna be a
very fun experience for them to really see how much
goes into Instagram makeup. They might not get it on the first day, but I think throughout
the remainder of the week, it’s just gonna pull together
really nicely for them. Se we always wanna start
with a fresh canvas. We wanna remove all those
dirt and oils, you know. We’re girls, we naturally can sweat. So we wanna make sure we
got everything off our face. (lighthearted music) – It’s gonna take me
all day to do my eyes. – Oh, I’ve never used concealer,
this stuff is amazing. – So with highlight and contour, the rule of thumb is for highlight, it’s to bring out areas that
we want to enhance more. And then contour is
for those areas that we necessarily wanna push back or we wanna conceal more
and not show so much. – Forehead contour is iffy for me because my baby hairs are so intense. – Now it’s time for the baking. So pretty much you’re
applying your translucent where your highlighter was. (clock ticking) – So, we got our eyes,
we did our highlight, we did our contour, we have our blush, let’s work on our eyeliner. So I’m gonna create the line first. – I’ve never started with the tail before. – Me either. – This is crazy. – Alright, do you guys have your lashes? Yeah, so just get it placed on like where you want it to lay and then you can maneuver the edges. – I think this is surprisingly okay. – I think we’re finally done. I’m hot, and a little confused like what time of day is it, I don’t know? (upbeat music) (camera clicking) – I hope that we do you
proud this week on Instagram. – Yes, I’m excited to see. – We’ll tag you in every photo. – I love your lash game,
you’re about to bat your eyes and fucking blow me away right now. – Yes! – Okay. – It’s a whole lot more makeup, especially in terms of
the on top of your eye, than I’m used to. It is kind of fun, and it looks good when you look at it for a second. – I feel like this is
like glamour shots makeup. – Yes! – I want to give you, like a boa, and then bedazzled earrings. (upbeat music) – Wandering around the mall,
didn’t know what to do today. Didn’t expect to be going out, but I feel like I did my
makeup so I probably should. So we decided to get soup dumplings. I nearly actually fell
asleep with this makeup on, which would have been horrible. I am about to take this makeup off, it’s going to be a quest. – So I’m home and my eyelash
is hanging by a thread. – It looks completely insane, but also it’s weirdly satisfying to take off all that makeup. – So. Much. Makeup. – So I now have to do
my own Instagram makeup for the first time by myself, and I do not know where
to begin, I’m stressed. – Chantel’s way ahead
of me, how’s it going? – It’s going. – As you guys can see, I did not have time for the cut crease today,
but it still took me 50 minutes from beginning to false lashes. – Fred and I have deliberating
which brush is which, we don’t know which one is which, so I’m now taking to the internet. – So it’s an hour and 40 minutes later. – Pointed concealer. It’s pointed concealer. – My eyelashes feel a little finnicky, like I feel like at any
moment they could fall off but we’re just rolling with it. – The color definitely isn’t as strong as it was when we did it with Nicole. I now see the appeal of a sa-lad because I had a sa-lad,
and I only really messed up my lipstick, everything else
is pretty much in good shape. – Your eyelashes are, (laughs) they’re very present. – So I would definitely equate doing all this makeup to artistry, however the sad part about it is that you don’t have a product forever. You put in all this work, and at the end of the
day you just wipe it off. – I’m about to go to a
shoot in like ten minutes I don’t have time to do the whole nine. I’m going to do my brows,
come back, and finish it. – I don’t have time today. I don’t have time. – Are you doing Instagram makeup? – Yeah. I don’t have time to do a cut crease and that’s a real thing. – So this is my calender. There is no time for me to be spending an hour and a half on my makeup. There’s just no time. – So, I am halfway through contouring and realized I forgot
to put on foundation. So. – Freddie, I just looked over and you look like an angry ghost. This whole week has been so fun experimenting with eyeshadows, and I feel very much like a little eye shadow experimenter. My lashes, although they
are decked out in mascara, do not have the fake lashes on them and that’s because yesterday
I got glue in my eye and it hurt a lot. – It’s windy out and I feel like my lashes are gonna fly off. – I’m going to take my makeup off as soon as I get home just to give my skin a little bit of a break. I’m going to have to have
a funeral for my makeup because RIP this look that I liked a lot. – Okay so this is going
to be my first attempt at doing my makeup before work. I’m going to see if I can
knock it out in an hour because that’s the only time that I have. – This is the closest I think I’ve gotten all week to the original look. I’m pretty proud of what I did I don’t think it’s perfect, I think that I can definitely work on the cut crease a little bit but it’s close, it’s close-ish. – And I did the concealer
and all of that stuff and now I don’t remember what comes next, I think it’s, I think I just
go straight to eyeshadow. – I was so close to getting
this done in an hour flat and of course the lashes
added 25 more minutes. So I’m at an hour and 25 minutes. – Definitely did not hit the hour mark and I’m now 10 minutes late for work. I think I was a little
bit less product shy I did leave my eyelashes off though. – Should have known today
would be a rough one since I only have one earring in, also. Bad lash, one earring, it’s just a day. – But I have all this makeup on my face and it kind of worked out today because we are doing our fashion show for the clothes that we made, so we’ll be walking down that
runway in just a short bit. – I spent a lot of time on my makeup today and I’m just sad to have to take it off so I’m just kind of like in
the bathroom procrastinating you know, waiting. – So I’m about to do the
last day of Instagram makeup, and I’m already tired. – I know my shadow is pretty lowkey today and that is not Instagram makeup, Instagram makeup is the opposite of lowkey but since I have a lot of other
things happening, this wig, and this blood on my nose,
I had to keep it chill. – Freddie just called me out
for not wearing my lashes and she was like, “Oh
so you don’t have any?” and I was like, “No, I got some.” I just stopped wearing them. – Eating is very difficult,
because you get this guy. – So we were staring into the
sun trying to take selfies and look what happened
to my damn eyeshadow. – I didn’t give myself enough
time to do all this makeup. I definitely did it the
fastest I’ve done it but still not quite enough
time and I’m running late. – I think I literally got glue in my eyes. – I think I might be getting
better at applying lashes. Wow! That only took many many days. So we tried Instagram makeup for a week. – A long week. – And it was… – Dehydrating. – It was tiring, I just always
felt tired after doing it. – I was out of breath one day. – Out of breath? From beating your own face?
– I was out of breath from beating my own face. – I thought it was 79% fun. – As I was doing it, it was like, this just doesn’t feel like it’s who I am. But I did have fun learning how to do it. – I’m gonna keep doing this. Not every day, but sometimes. – There’s definitely
so much that I learned that I will implement, just maybe like different skills on different days and not all skills on one day.
– Yes. – Lady tested. – Lady will do something sometimes. – I don’t know, you guys
are crazy, I feel fleeked. – You are fleeked. – Yeah. – Well thank you. – Hey ya’ll, click on that post over there to see moer videos from our channel. – Some of our favorites are in there. – And some we like just okay. – But watch anyway. – Because we love you. – Yeah. – We love you. – I’m sleepy. (upbeat music)

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  1. Whenever I watch the old ladylike videos, I'm always reminded of how Sad used to 'carry' them. I find out of all the girls, she was the best at talking to the audience, and I think that's why her youtube channel has been so successful. I think the other woman in ladylike have developed and become better at this, but Saf for sure had it down pack from day 1.

  2. Hey dears am frm india I luv to watch ur video am ur new fan or friend u 3 r best I like u all luvu nd daily routine makeup is not easy it take tym nd I have sensitive skin so I am not use makeup regularly its 2,4 Tym in year nd am k with it like u.🙂

  3. My mum: i don't give u a phone cuz i don't want u to take those sexualised photos

    Me on every single selfie I take: 3:35

  4. This is my normal routine I didn’t know that this wasn’t normal for most girls- I lost it when Chantel said she never had used concealer

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