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– Is it crazy that I
don’t feel that crazy? (cheerful music) – Today we’re getting
Lisa Frank makeup looks. I thought we were going to
have to do it ourselves, so I was a little worried, but I’m not, so I’m much happier now. (cheerful music) – Things that I appreciate
about Lisa Frank. She didn’t just stick to one color scheme. She was like, no, we’re
going to use all the colors. – Lisa Frank designs are pretty crazy. Like they’re kind of trippy. Like was she high? – Getting a new, like
Lisa Frank school supply was like getting a new
iPhone, except in 1995. – Opening your desk and
pulling out your folder, and sorry, just like looking
at my unicorn folder. – So when I was young, Lisa
Frank made me feel like I was unstoppable, I was
taking over the world. You couldn’t tell me anything. As an adult … I think I’ll probably
feel like a circus clown. But it’s Friday, so I’m here for it. – Today I’m going to be
getting the ballerina bunnies. I loved bunnies, I loved ballet … I was not very good at
it, but that’s okay. – I know the first Lisa
Frank school supply that I got was a folder. I’m pretty sure it was the cheetah print. The Lisa Frank cheetah is goals. I still want to be the Lisa Frank cheetah. – This is crazy. I had this binder … With these two unicorns
dancing over a rainbow. It’s really all I want in my life. Just like dancing on a rainbow … With like a magical creature. – Like as a kid, you’re
sort of discouraged from being bold and standing out. And her school supplies
and all of her products were like, no, you be bold, you stand out, you make a statement. – When we were little girls,
Lisa Frank made us feel like little queens, but we’re
going to see if it has the same effect in your
twenties and thirties. – (laughing) I’m so cute! I look like the cool kids’ binder. Honestly, except for the
nose and the whiskers, this is actually like a really cute, like going out look. – Can you see this highlighter? Right there, you see that little glitter patch on my forehead? If I were a unicorn, that’s
where my horn would be. – This is like a
childhood dream come true. I did not realize that I
was going to be wearing this for the entire day. Hey, let’s do it. – So I’m about to go into
our production office with some very important paperwork, and I’m going to see if I
can command their respect. – (laughing) I know you want me to. – (gasps) What’s happening with your little nosey? – Ooh! I kind of love it. – [Freddie] Thank you. – You look really just like … Like you could just like growl. – So pretty, it’s shiny. I can see it from afar, that’s perfect. – Is it Halloween like
randomly that I’m not aware of? – [Freddie] I’m assuming
you probably don’t take me more seriously, probably less seriously. – Yeah, there’s a dot on your nose. I want to boop it. – We’re about to do an
important business meeting. – For business stuff. – For lady-like, it’s legit,
actually an important meeting. – An actual meeting. – And we’re going to go like this. – Yeah, we look good,
we look professional. We look like serious-as-fuck ladies. – Do your serious face. – I’m a business bunny. – So I just left Chipotle, and the cashier asked me if I was going to a party. And I of course, forgot
that I had this makeup on, and I was like, no, but
I should’ve said yes because life’s a party. – Um … What? – (laughing) – So I have to cut my day experiment short because I have a very important meeting that I should probably
look normal and myself for. Also I’m in a couple
of other shoots, so … It’s been real, it’s been fun. It’s been very nostalgic. – I went to sushi earlier tonight. Surprisingly, at the sushi restaurant they didn’t bat an eye. I think they really liked my makeup. I think they really liked my look. But, it is time … To take it off. – Well it’s the day after Lisa Frank, and you know, I felt a little crazy. I felt so empowered by it though, that I was like, you know what, we’ll do bright lipstick
two days in a row. – Oh Lisa. Oh Lisa, Lisa, Lisa.

39 thoughts on “Women Try Lisa Frank-Inspired Makeup • Ladylike

  1. Uuuh…..does devin realize that all unicorn horns are in the middle of their foreheads…?😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. I still have my Lisa Frank unicorn pures and kitten lunch box from when I was five. They were both my mom's though.

  3. i love devins makeup, i looovee Freddie and Jen but of course i loove others but like Freddie and Jen are the stars to me ☺️❤️

  4. I was obsessed with Lisa Frank. I had the folders, pencils, stickers, erasers, etc. The Ballerina Bunnies were also my favourite.

  5. I think it’s funny how they always worry about what their superiors will think but the thing is this is their job 😂 they’re supposed to test things out of the ordinary haha 😂

  6. I was the only one at my school that had Lisa franks stuff in elementary and I was queen everyone loved me only because of that 😂

  7. 2:46 Is it just me, or does she look like Urararka Ochako (?) from My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia?

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