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– Hi! We are staying
the fuck out all night. We’re gonna go out,
we’re gonna party hard, we’re gonna make out with people, we’re gonna get sloppy drunk. Did you, can you tell I didn’t get invited to a lot of parties in college? (upbeat party music) – Tonight, we’re gonna be
trying All Nighter makeup from Urban Decay, to see if
we can pull an all nighter with our All Nighter makeup. All night long. – I’m hoping I can catch
some naps in-between location changes. No naps allowed? (upbeat music) – I think that it might be a little bit heavy, to
be all night, right? An all nighter makeup? It’s gotta be like hok-hok! Hok! – I definitely feel like
this product is thicker than what I usually use, even with just these small swipes, it’s taking away every blemish, including my mustache. (upbeat music) – I cannot do anything
but the simplest makeup without a tutorial, so it’s going to be a half chub at best, it’s
going to be somewhat lit, but not that lit. – I’m into it, and I don’t do sparkle. – I’m feeling very 70s today. You can’t see, but I’m
wearing bell bottoms. (bell chimes) So I’m kinda into this disco situation. – Oh! It tickles. It’s so skinny that it tickles. Oh god! – I like, just like came and like, poked myself in the eye, yeah. – I’m about to finish my makeup, and then we’re gonna go out, to go feed Freddie’s cat. And then go out. (upbeat music) – Hey all, Devin here,
and I coordinated tonight. So while the girls are at Freddie’s house, let me tell you what’s going on. We’re gonna go to a Mexican
restaurant, a dance club, and a Korean spa, so we’re really gonna turn
the heat up on this makeup. Chantel’s going to join us for funsies, and we may pick up a few
friends along the way. Who knows? Let’s see what happens. (upbeat music) – The reservations
weren’t until 9:00 p.m., so we had some time to sort of just like, dilly dally and act a fool. (laughs) – We did a very unsafe chair race, which I’m still upset about because it was very upsetting. – This is a terrible chair. – It was unsafe, it was unsafe. (chair crashes) (yelps) – Jen, are you okay? – I’m pretty sure I won. – So Devon says, “Okay
girls, like our ride is here, come downstairs.” And lo and behold, I get downstairs and there is a damn limo waiting for us. – What the fuck? – Why? – What? (laughs) – Felt like prom. I honestly kind of wanted to cry. – You guys, I have not
been in a limo since prom. Since straight up prom night. I was shocked. We went to dinner, which was fun, but I think I got like
shrimp tacos or something, and then I was like, this
is a weird choice to do right before dancing. – What was it, it was about maybe 9:30 by the time we got to
the Mexican restaurant, and I was starting to fade. The night was so young. The night was so young. – Jen. No, you can’t, you can’t get tired, Jen. – I’m fading. – If you get the right song, we can do it, and I’m confident, that I can get, maybe one of these girls to rally with me. – Needed a boost, I needed coffee. – We need to buy this,
because of all the farting. – I had a few steak tacos. – And had some like, shrimp gas a-brewin’. – And then we stopped
and picked up Quinta, because why not. – So basically what happened is that Chantel and Freddie convinced Quinta to come out with us, so we’re gonna go get
Quinta from her apartment. (whoops) – We made Quinta get out of bed and come with us the rest of the night, so it was like okay, we have to turn up. – Hold up, how late are
we staying up today? – You’re in this. – You are in this.
– Wait, hold up. (upbeat music) – I’m getting shiny. – What time is it? – It’s um, 11:15. – It’s 11:15? – It’s been about five hours,
but I am getting shiny. – We went to The Abbey, which
is a very popular gay bar in West Hollywood. – I think I was expecting
for the eyeshadow, because it was so glittery for the glitter to eventually be all over my face, but everything stayed
super tight, in place, it was really really impressive. – We found some of my
sorority sisters at The Abbey, who told me that my makeup looked nice, which was very sweet of them. – It looks amazing,
it’s lasting all night. – Really? – Your skin is glowing. You’re looking good. – She always glows, she always glows. Lipstick on fleek.
– Is it highlighter or is it sweat? No one knows. – So we leave The Abbey,
then we drop off Quinta. – Great, we’re gonna go ’til 6:00 a.m. – I’m tired. – Wanted to get out of the
car and go with Quinta, ladies would not let me, stayed in car. – Hey, uh Jen? – Mhm? – Um, I think you’re gonna get sleepier the more that you nap. (mumbles) – I’m sleepy. – Chantel, who was not in this video but then was in this video, we had to drop her off, so. – I wish you all the best. Jen, – Uh-Huh? – Wake up or don’t. And everyone else, enjoy
the rest of your night. I will be home sleeping. – I’m ready to tuck it the fuck in. – I’m tired. – So then there’s one surprise activity, and none of us know what that is, but at this point, it’s
maybe like 2:00 a.m.? And it’s like, well it’s L.A., things generally shut down at 2:00 a.m., so I couldn’t even imagine
what activity was in store. It looks like a hotel of some sort. – Where do you think we are? – It’s the Korean spa, I know this place. – I don’t totally know the
history of Korean spas, but I do know that they are awesome. – Now what a lovely way to end the night? I’ve never been to the Korean spa, have always wanted to go, and this was the perfect opportunity. – We’re in the sauna, the jade sauna, and it smells great in here. – This is so cool. I’ve never experienced anything like this. Look at our feet. What is from the salt? It’s all salt. – Oh, it’s a, it does
smell really nice in here, but it is not helping
with the energy level. This heat is making me sleepy. – We were up for a little
bit, like completely naked, rolling around in the little
cool pools and hot pools. Like after an hour, Freddie was like, “I could just lie down over
there, just for a little,” and Jen was like, “Yeah,
just sounds pretty cool.” This is also my problem, I’m always the last one to
fall asleep at sleepovers. – Alright, we’re done with the spa. We’re over the spa. It’s like 5:30. Waiting up for that sun to come up man. It’s gonna be awesome. We’re gonna pull the real
big girl all nighter, right Freddie? – We’re done. It’s all over. Wasn’t filming, and now I am. – We stayed up all damned night to see if this makeup lasts. – The Urban Decay makeup lasted
way longer than I lasted. – I think the makeup
did hold up pretty well. If I had to say the one thing
that didn’t hold up as well, it was just the mattifying element. Like I was oily and sweaty. – The eyeshadow stayed
on really really well. And that’s impressive because
we were in those saunas and those hot tubs. It was just so hot, so much potential for there to be sweat. – I still felt pretty
flawless at 6:00 a.m. My face held up pretty well. – Makeup did better than I did. Anything inanimate is
gonna do better than I do, really in most competitions. – Thank you so much for watching Ladylike. – If you’d like to see
more of us, click there. Subscribe to our channel. – Or take off these covers ’cause none of us are wearing pants. – Ai! (laughs)

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  1. I once stayed up until 5am and a sleepover. We were making dares for each other and the one of my friends says, "oh yeah I brought Ramen" and so we went down stairs at 11pm, made the Ramen, ate the ramen and talked for an hour. Went upstairs at 12:30, 12:45 ish and then stayed up until 5 playing truth or dare and sharing gossip. I think we probably would have only made it until 3 if we hadn't decided to eat the Ramen so late😂😂

  2. you guys should try a video where you try to wear expired makeup for a week to show us if we can still wear it instead of throwing it away

  3. Saf: I haven’t been in a limo since prom

    Me : Never been in a limo cos we don’t have proms in England

    Lol lol

  4. Oh I know that urban decay all nighter works. I sleep in it a lot because I’m to lazy to take it off and I’m still fully covered

  5. God, this reminds me of when my co-workers called me at 1am and asked me what I was doing. Really? Sleeping 💤 I said. They said get up we’re on the way over to pick you up. What?! They asked if the big lug was next to me (husband) still laughing at that.

  6. You lady’s need to try Tinkle eyebrow razors! Every time I hear about Freddy’s mustache I wish she’d try them! I shave any fuzz on my face with them so makeup goes on smoother. When I was super young tila tequila back in the day of MySpace talked about them so I ordered a bulk pack after trying them and they have them on amazon. I highly recommend.

  7. Hi! I'm a makeup artist, I'm noctournal and a teensy bit crazy. Let me know if you're hiring, you need me. Love you guys!!

  8. Jen smiling and getting sheepish about talking about getting the other girl…..

    Me talking about my boyfriend in any situation.

  9. Jen: can you tell i wasn't invited to a lot of college parties?
    Me (aka the most antisocial person on earth): is that not what college parties are like? 🤔

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  11. I have a friend who is young but has already acted in movies and they are hella rich. She got a pink limo for her tenth bday and we all got to ride in it. It was amazing,

  12. For some reason I can stay awake all night in my house on YouTube but when I’m at a sleepover I’m like the second one to go to sleep as I usually forget my headphones cause it’s rude to not talk to them 😂

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