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– I’m jazzed about this Jazz Era makeup. – Okay, first of all, what is this accent? – It’s a transatlantic accent. We are 1920s actresses. I’m not gonna be able to keep it up. Just let me have it for the pre-interviews. (Jazz music) – We’re trying 1920s makeup. – And we are also going to be living like we’re in the 1920s. Devon, well, you know what. – I walked in, and I said oh, shit, I didn’t know we were
supposed to bring wardrobe. And Saf says, “We weren’t.” (laughter) – I love this look, would wear this look. – Very thin brows. – Yeah, sort of like the
thin, equal thickness brow. – I feel like she might
suffer from RBF, as do I. RBF is resting bitch face. I’m not mad, it’s just my face. – She’s got a very sort
of pronounced Cupid’s bow. It’s kind of like bump, bump. – I don’t have a Cupid’s bow, just like I don’t have eyelids. – You are wrong. They may not be this shape, but you have them. – This is my Cupid’s bow. – I’m done with you. – Before looking at these lovely photos, I didn’t really know much
about 1920s makeup trends. – To think that back in the 1920s, before animals existed,
but they had makeup? What are the odds? What is this? This is so cool. – It should be called a mascara chocolate, cause that’s what it looks like. – Looks like a block
of charcoal with which you used to brush your teeth back in the olden days. – You are just a history fact
machine today, aren’t you? – I’m here. So, I’m gonna take my
brush, dip it in the water, and then scrape it
against this little cake. – Wait, how am I already making a mess? – The problem is just that you have to dip it in water first, and so it’s like
watercolor paint, you know? The little paint-by-numbers things. – You definitely have to
find a balance between the right amount of water. – Cause it’s so watery, and it’s just separating my lashes and making them a little bit darker. And I think this is my favorite mascara I’ve ever tried in my whole life. – Talked a lot of crap
about 37 seconds ago, but now, I think I’m in. – It’s so lightweight
and dainty and pretty. – This is a modern brow pencil. I’m gonna use it, though, to try and emulate the not-so-modern, very thin brow look. – Listen, I’m pretty far
down this rabbit hole of being in-character already. So I’m gonna use my real
new-timey concealer, and try and carve out some brows, even though I’m not
very good at this part. – Yeah, but this doesn’t look good at all. – You’ve got the look, Jen. – I’m got the look! – Translucent blush. – Translucent? Excuse you. – That’s interesting. This looks like a sun dial. – See, please twist to open. I didn’t say anything
Freddie, don’t look at me. – It’s like a clue that you
would find in National Treasure. They’re like, “With this key…” – Oh, wow, it’s very fallout-y. – Lot of fallout. That’s a Fall Out Boy. – Okay, shall we? – Aww! Aww! (whining) – We also do children’s birthday parties, graduations, retirement parties, anything. – [Freddie] Okay, so this is the thing. – [Saf] Yeah. – I want you to wear this color. – Why? – I want you to venture into a bright red. – Whenever it’s a fresh lipstick, don’t you just wanna bite it off, though? – Yeah. – Whoa. Did Jen do that? – Did Jen do this to this one? Jen! – You wanna get the most
coverage as possible, so you do really wide strokes. – So, I don’t have a Cupid’s bow, so I’ll just be drawing on a Cupid’s bow. – You have a Cupid’s bow, Freddie. Hush, Devon. – I’m really going for that whole Jynx the Pokemon look. – I think you did it. – I think that if I was able
to do my normal cat eye, I would like this red lipstick. It’s kind of like soft, pink,
skinny eyebrow, red lip. – I think one thing that
they haven’t changed is just that they still
gotta be perfect, you know? Like, her pictures and her headshots, her makeup was perfect,
much like Aunt Peggy here. – I’m pretty surprised about how easy some of these things were to use. Like, I was anticipating this lump of coal to be difficult to make
into mascara or eyeliner, but it was actually pretty simple. – I think I did an amazing job here. I think that Gloria Swanson would’ve been entirely forgotten once I made my way onto that screen. – I feel like we’re about to
go to a murder mystery party, – That’s fun.
– [Saf] And it’s super fun. Yeah, exactly. It’s a very fun thing that we’re doing. Would I, in earnest,
walk around like this? Probably not. – No.
– [Saf] But, you know, it wouldn’t be the worst
thing I’ve ever done. – Aunt Peggy’s self-esteem is
through the roof right now. – I have so many gentleman callers, and I do not have any polio, if you can believe that
in this day and age. Lots of gentleman callers, no polio. Hey, y’all, click on
that playlist over there to see more videos from our channel. – Some of our favorites are in there. – And some we like just okay. – But watch anyway. – Because we love you. – We love you. – I’m sleepy.

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