Women Learn How To Do Makeup For The First Time

– It’s about right, was that right? – [Woman] That was right, I think. – Oh, my God! (laughs) (funky upbeat music) (mellow electronic music) – I really (laughs) need this class ’cause I think I’m going to be doing my makeup for my wedding. I’d just love to learn how to have more fun with my makeup. – I’ve always kind of had bad skin and Mom was not really good at makeup. We didn’t really do the girly things, so I just never learned
that kind of stuff. – I was a tomboy growing up, so I never really cared about it, butt now, as an adult,
I just would like to be able to do more than just
slap some mascara on. – I don’t know much about makeup at all, but I have gotten my makeup done before, and afterwards I felt super confident, so I think it would be really empowering to be able to do that myself and to give myself that confidence. – Hi, I’m Deepica, and I’m a YouTuber and beauty expert, and I am so excited to be
here today to show these girls how easy and fun makeup can be. – What is all this stuff? (laughs) – I’m excited but a little
overwhelmed. (laughs) – I don’t know what any
of these things are for. – Hi, guys. (all say hi at once) Don’t eat that, but it does sound really good. (laughs) Are you excited? (all say yes at once) We’re starting with the contouring. For the contour, you
wanna focus on sort of making a three shape on your face, using a shade of foundation,
bronzer, or eyeshadow that’s two to three shades darker than your actual foundation color. – Am I using one that’s too dark or does it just look dark right now? (laughs) – It looks dark right now
and you’re going to blend it, oh, but you’re doing it in
the right spots! (claps) (laughs) – Was I not supposed to
connect it at the top? – No, you are, you are, you are. – Oh, OK. – What that does is, if
you connect it at the top, it makes your forehead look smaller. You’re gonna be the first
to lead the blending. – Pray for me. – Wait, I have a question. Am I ready to blend? (laughs) – Yes. (all laugh at once) Key here is dabbing. Instead of swiping, you’re gonna dab. – Do I look beautiful? – It’s working! – Is it working? – It’s working, it’s working! – Is this what working
looks like? (laughs) – Jody looks fabulous. – Jody, get out! – I can’t believe we did it. – You did it, you did it. Now, to make the rest of your face match, let’s do the brows. There’s some really
easy DIY ways to do it, by using a darker brown eyeshadow, and the key to filling in your brows is really doing light, feathery strokes. – Jody, yes. (laughs) – Oh, that looks great. You can use the spoolie on the other end. – The spoolie? – Yeah. (laughs) (all laugh at once) If you have smaller eyes and you want your eyes
to look a little more big and kind of wide-awake look, take the eyeliner and put
it on your actual lash line. Someone like me, who
has really big ol’ eyes, you wanna take the eyeliner and put it on the actual waterline, which is the teardrop mark line, right here, in your eyes. – Sometimes, I do purple, is that weird? – Not at all. – OK. (laughs) – I really like to focus
on the ends of the eyes, rather than on the inside, because the inside of the eyes, if anything, you wanna put a highlighter, to get that twinkle. – If you wanna do the
highlight on the inside, what do you use? – Yes, yes, yes, yes. – Do you use a spoolie? – No. (all laugh at once) What I’m gonna start by doing is taking a lip liner that’s two shades, roughly two shades darker than the actual lip
color that you’re using. The reason you wanna use something that’s two shades darker than
your actual lip color is you’re essentially lip contouring, and that contrast between those two shades is gonna create this kind
of look of fuller lips. Just remember that the further out you go from your actual lip line, the more dramatic lip
look you’re gonna get. – Which of these do I use, these two? – That’s an eyeliner. (laughs) – I’m just gonna keep it like this. – [Deepica] Mm-hmm. – Signature look. – Deniece! – You guys, I’m quitting my job, I’m going to the runway. – It’s about how big you
want your lips to look. Oh, wait, guys, do you wanna know the best trick for lipstick? Everyone do a hook, go like this. – Oh, the thing? – And you get all the side, so it doesn’t get on your teeth. Look, that would have
all gone on your teeth. I can’t, I’m just so obsessed
with how all of you look. I feel like it’s all,
matches your personalities. So pretty. (claps) – Yay, this is so awesome, thank you. – Thank you so much. – Of course. – (sighs) I feel like a million bucks. The brow moment, for me,
was the best part of this. OK, these are the brows
I’ve always wanted. You know when you just feel good? It’s, I feel great. – I never, ever wear lipstick, and I never thought that
I looked good in it, but I guess I was just doing it wrong, because now, I really dig it. – I never had ever tried
contouring in my life, so that was an experience. After this, I’m feeling
a lot more confident that I could do my own
makeup for my wedding. – I just feel so much more confident being a woman and being able to control and take my beauty into my own hands. – Don’t try to master things
that you’re not confident in. Try and play up the things that you are. – Other people can tell
you you’re beautiful. Other people can tell you you look good. But when you feel that way yourself, and you feel like you have
achieved that on your own, that’s so different. (camera flashes) (whip) (squeak)

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  2. Sorry but Michelle looks way prettier than that Deepica gurl who is supposed to be a pro. She has beautiful features. And no girl you ain’t got those big ole eyes like most Indian women have. Get over yourself. Deepica or Deepika? Quit attempting to be someone who you are not.

  3. This video helped me so much I enjoyed it and my outcome is great, I really did good on my makeup for it to be my first time but I have one thing I’m not happy about , I know that they knew that that makeup did not match for that dark skin girl , I’m P’ed off

  4. I'm growing up as a girl with three brothers, no sister and my mom not really into makeup so I only know the basic makeup like foundation (which at first I don't know it actually foundation as I only know it called 'cream' that can make my face flawless), compact powder (sometimes I just use the baby powder) and lipstick/lipbalm. I only learn how to do "advance" makeup at the age 22 when I start my internship and one of my friend is a freelancer model. One day she asked me to do some makeup on my face. Surprisingly I really happy to see my after look. Since then I found makeup is really fun as its like toys for the ladies and choosing the makeup stuff in the shop is really exciting like how the girl excited to choose her barbie doll. Lol.

  5. Honestly everyone looks pretty without make up you don’t need it but I love watching make up videos I just have no idea how to do it I honestly know nothing I need someone to like literally teach me the stuff because when I do do it sometimes it’s really fun but turns out like a hot mess

  6. I tried to do my own makeup once. Poked myself one too many times in the eye before giving up and calling for my mom and sister

  7. Yeah, I still have no idea how the heck to do any of this. My mom never really wears makeup, so I never learned how to, and I still don't know what I'm supposed to do with it. :'( I've tried to look at tutorials on youtube, but it just doesn't make sense to me. The main thing I wish I could do is fill in my eyebrows though. I have a scar over part of my left eyebrow, so there's just no hair for part of it.

  8. alright all people, esp. makeup professionals should know the first priority in makeup is choosing the right foundation shade!

  9. hey anyone reading this makeup tip: do your brows a little darker than your natural hair color because it makes you look so much more natural ❤️❤️

  10. I wouldn't like to learn from someone that can't blend down their neck or pick the right foundation for the skin tone

  11. Im almost 40 and only worn eye liner,mascara and lipstick my whole life. Im ready to start trying lol. I want to feel beautiful

  12. As a guy i appreciate the natural beauty of everything
    But if someone feel confident with makeup
    Thats wonderful

  13. Thank you for this video. Also tips on make up. Wanted to know how to cover up dark mark below nose with either foundation cream. or any other cream?

  14. Are makeup products labeled because I’m always looking for labels? I feel like I’m all ways just trying to guess and different literally everything. Like is this thing over here just a brown eyeshadow or is it some sort of bronzer? And is that thing a highlighter or something else. 🤣

  15. I'm actually teatching my mom how to put makeup by doing it on my face n she just copy me step by step cuz it's kind of difficult to put makeup on another person face instead of yours, i feel out of control ..

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  18. I came here after watching Michelle's video of absolutely not knowing how to do makeup (nor ever learned)…. now I'm so confused…

  19. Sorry, but the after results didn't do a thing for these women. A couple of them actually looked worse. I also noticed the instructor's makeup totally didn't match her skin color. Her neck and hands were like 20 shades lighter than her face. Now I'm no makeup expert and haven't worn the stuff in nearly 30 years, but I do remember being taught that you foundation should blend from neck to face without people noticing a marked difference.

  20. They did the African American woman dirty. I know NOTHING about makeup (Hence me watching this) but I know you aren’t suppose to be ashy looking. 😒

  21. I can’t get over the things they are wearing on their feet😂like yes, yes I know it’s to keep the floor clean or whatever but I just can’t stop laughing😂😂

  22. This is my first time doing my own make up and I don't know what to do. Kinda scared that I might look like The Nun if I do it without any idea.

  23. Jody's face is so flawless even before the contouring, and then that red lip, oh my gosh! I really didn't think a redhead could do a red lip that bright. Time to redouble my efforts to find the perfect red, lol

  24. https://youtu.be/MLbJKq8M6S8

    My sister was inspired to do a similar video and her goal this year is to reach 200 subscribers which I know that sounds very small but little and obtainable goals are important and I was hoping to get your feedback on her content to see what she could improve or to know what she is doing well. I hope you will check it out. If you don’t want me to post the link in your comments I totally understand so just let me know and I will remove it! THANK YOU! Much love!

  25. I like when the "expert" said it matches their personalities and all had generic eye liner and red lipstick (except one dark red one which looked bomb btw). great to know all of these ladies have the same personalities lol. pointless video overall.

  26. This isn’t basic enough for me… I need like 4 products and to be able to only use my hands, no brushes…

  27. Pls sub to my channel which is crystal_winter gacha!pls help in spreading this message! Pls be like girl supporting girls

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