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  1. You said they're heavy…are they plastic, metal or wood? I can see the molded edges which leads me to believe they are plastic, but you never know.

  2. My mom got me these for Christmas (Thor first set they released) I can't bring myself to use them!!! They're so pretty!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

  3. Love the eyeshadow like always. 💕💕 these brushes look so thin in areas It seems like they would snap in half easily. With the price I'm sure they won't though. They are so beautiful and each one has different details.

  4. I started watching your videos a couple months ago and they kept popping up in my stream, so I assumed I was already subscribed.. I officially am now! My bad.. lol.

  5. This brush set looks like they made some improvements from the first set that came out (The ones I have). The handles are different, the part holding the bristles looks different & the brushes themselves look shorter. I was very unimpressed with the first set, but these definitely look nicer.

  6. I just love how professional and honest you are. And beautiful. Such a fresh breeze in beauty community! Love your channel.

  7. Ugh this eye look is gorgeous in deff recreating. did you use 3 types of lashes? I'm a bit confused cause the description bar shows 3 types of lashes and ur lashes are amazing!!

  8. I understand that this video is about the brushes but I think it's still necessary to mention in the video what shadows are being used for those of us that are here for the look. Just my 2 cents!

  9. Do the handles feel sturdy or somewhat flimsy and flexible like the Unicorn Brushes? What's the material, wood or plastic of some sorts?

  10. I'm in slytherin so a cool tone green and silver look would be kinda great. Actually a look for each house would be kinda cool… Avonell would agree if she ever saw my comments!!!! #shade lol

  11. How does your skin look so good? Mine always gets so red after I moisturize it so I feel like I have to put on foundation ): I need tips.

  12. i love your looks but i dislike the design of the brush or how storybook cosmetics fuctions. anyways, i'd love a slytherin look 💚💚💚

  13. Aloha JKissa-I would like to purchase a brush set for both face and eyes. I am looking for a good quality, moderately priced set or sets. My priority pieces are eye blending, packing pigment on the lid and blush and highlighting. I don't really contour face or use eyeliner brushes. My biggest pet peeve with blush brushes is that they pick up too much pigment. I like to try new eye looks and learn new application techniques. So I need sets that will grow with me as I develop my skills. I would appreciate any recommendations. Mahalo!

  14. They did SO MUCH BETTER with this set!!!! I have the original Harry Potter set they did and the brushes are unusable. I didnt purchase this set when they had them on preorder because I was afraid of the same thing happening. But, now that I've seen your review I'm going to be allllll over these babies!!! xo

    I remember tagging about these brushes. I can't believe you got hold of 'em! 😍

    So beautiful.
    Maybe do a tutorial for all the houses? 😍

  16. i pre-ordered the first set of these brushes, and they are incredible. i try not to use them often just because i don't want to wear them down. the bag is great too! thank you for this tutorial (as the brushes in the first set are similar to these ones; just minor differences)!

  17. Just curious, what are some of your favorite brushes/brush brands to use? I'm having trouble finding decently priced brushes that work effectively. Thank you!

  18. Great review I'm really excited for all the upcoming makeup products and brushes from Storybook cosmetics I always miss the pre-sales so I'm always checking their Instagram pages!

  19. Your review was very helpful and much appreciated! I hope I can pick them up on the second preorder. This set is Lord of the Rings inspired, but I'm sure Harry Potter fans would love them too.

  20. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW LOVE LUXE BEAUTY PRODUCTS!! They look so cool and I want to know if they are worth the money!

  21. I want so see that meme, only I can't find it :/

    And imagine the fun you could have editing with the wands. "Makeup kadadup" and bum eyeshadows perfectly blended

  22. I've just recently made my own beauty channel! If anybody could leave some constructive criticism, that would be awesome!! Thank you!

  23. I have a question for you J. I've seen alot on depotting makeup lately and you were the first one where I've seen the magnetic cases.. do you have a special company you get those cases from? I have a substantial amount of Shadows I need to condense. thank you!

  24. Got them for Christmas and I love them!! The only thing is the shapes are kind of hard I hold comfortable lol but they're beautiful and a bit of adjusting makes it just fine

  25. you should totally do a look for each Harry Potter house!! since this look is pretty gryffindor I'd especially like to see slytherin 🙂

  26. When I watched Kayla hagey's review on the first amount of brushes they came out with, one of hers had glue in it. Production definitely needs more work, other brands usually don't have that problem.

  27. I am a huge Harry Potter geek, so when I first saw these I was like 😍 And Storybook is coming out (or maybe it's out??) w/ an eyeshadow palette in the shape of a HP schoolbook. I'm curious to see how those shadows preform.

  28. @JKissaMakeup I am SOOOO HAPPY you made this video!!!!! I also ordered these on presale and was incredibly excited when they arrived. However, despite doing my makeup nearly everyday, I have YET to actually use my brushes. I don't know if it's that they're just so pretty I'm afraid to dirty them up or what, but after seeing this review and performance, I'm planning on playing with them tomorrow. …planning out a look as we speak.
    Love EVERYTHING you do💕💕💕💕

  29. You're my all time favorite makeup artist and you're the reason why I want to pursue being a makeup artist. Thank you Jkissa! <3

    Also, can you do more tutorials on the sweet peach palette by too faced?

  30. The glue in the brush was probably sizing- a light water soluble glue that washes out really easy and is only there to keep the bristles in place during manufacturing and shipping. It was probably a mistake that it wasn't rinsed out. Sizing is used in art brushes, I assume it's used in cosmetic brushes too!

  31. Please do more tutorials with these brushes only ^_^

    Hogwarts House makeup looks would be awesome as Darcie Horton mentioned below :3

  32. Your eye makeup is BEAUTIFULLLL in this video! So unique and stunning 🙂 well you always look beautiful but you know what I mean hahah ❤️

  33. Wow behind on watching this review,but I have those brushes as well bought them not so long after the release,and I love them so much!! They are so pretty and cool,and of course they are good too :))

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