Wish App Purchase Review: Travel Makeup Bag

hello welcome back to my channel today we are going to be talking about wish .com I resisted purchasing anything from wish when it was getting really heavily promoted because you know you hear stories about people getting things that it’s like oh is dollar but it ends up being a complete junk months and months went by maybe even over a year since I had ever heard about wish when I made my first purchase on wish have you tried the wish app if you haven’t let me know in the comments like why you haven’t and if you have let me know like the best thing you ever bought on there or like the worst thing you ever got on there I would love to hear like your experiences with the wish app because so far like it’s sort of been a mixed bag for me and I just want to know what you guys think what happened was that I saw a video from Jen Luvs reviews about this really nice makeup bag and I was like uh you know was a little pricey I forget exactly how much it was there was like 50 some odd dollars and I was like pass so I’m scrolling through Facebook and not but maybe a couple hours later and I see this ad for a very similar looking product on the wish app and I had not install wish but I was curious so this case was about fifty dollars I just looked it up and I just thought that was too much money to pay for a case so when I saw it on the wish app for thirty-two dollars I decided to download the wish app and check it out and it looked to be the exact same product that had been advertised so I ordered the case that I’m gonna show you now so here is the item it has a strap which is great so if you could see this thing – this actually can go around your suitcases handles that’s actually super convenient as well and then the interior this is the first it’s a top pocket opens like this you can put brushes in here but I’ve honestly stuffed this to the brim with pallets and my brushes won’t actually even fit in there so anywho this is actually the makeup that I’m going to be bringing with me on a vacation I am going on shortly I am bringing my lorac mega pro 4 and the reason I am bringing this is honestly I just haven’t really had a chance to play with it and the shimmers are just gorgeous the second thing I’m bringing is this Jaclyn hill palette this one okay so I am definitely definitely bringing my beauty creations Elsa palette I did a review on this it actually is one of the more popular actually I think it’s the most popular video on my channel and the thumbnail is a legitimate look face that I made cuz I actually forgot to make it thumbnail when I was filming this video and it’s a legitimate face that I made during the video yeah so this palette is amazing I also purchased their Olivia palette not too long ago and I have not broken this palette in at all yet so I’m really hoping to get some use out of this one and maybe I’ll do a review on this one too since the other one that I did did so well then I am bringing the Too Faced chocolate chip palette my dragon child palette by makeup monsters oh my goodness this is just oh these colors are so unique I just love it and then finally I am bringing the soft glam palette the second area we’re gonna look at is the large interior pocket this is the main pocket and basically I’m just bringing mascara samples and some eyeliner and my ELF brow pencil which I love and then these are all a bunch of lipsticks lip insurance all my lip items primers and uh some of my Stila glitter and glow shadows along with some of this this new one that I got from Milani I’m gonna try that one out some foundations Beauty Blender type actually these are the tiny ones these are for the under the eye and then there’s like two larger ones back down there and then lashes and lash glue and what is this oh these are all a bunch more lip products I can’t decide I guess so we have a brow kit okay so then we have Mac’s wedge which is just kind of a great overall eyeshadow and a couple of concealers these are all my bronzers and highlighters and blushes this is just a face powder I got this P Louise shadow base not too long ago because I was just hearing such amazing things about it so I’m gonna give that a try and these things here are actually really cool because they they do come up you can remove them place them however you want there are some limitations but they move around there is some room for brushes on the inside as well so I’ve decided to pack all my eye on lip brushes in here and then it just closes like that there’s some velcro here and here then there’s one final pocket down here and then I just have some additional lashes in there that’s all I put in there you can sort of feel through on the other side it’s really quite packed already just from all the pellets I have and we’re ready to go so that’s what the case looks like it was $32 but they charge $12 for shipping it did not end up being as cheap as advertised in the app in the wish app it’ll say oh this is a dollar and then you end up paying like an extra three dollars for shipping or something like that so you really have to pay attention to those shipping costs when purchasing on wish but the final product I’m super pleased with it I’m sure it’s the exact same thing that they’re selling for the $50 at the other day I’m very pleased my decision to download the wish app and I’m going to be making another video about some of the things that I’ve purchased on wish and giving my opinions if you like this video if you want to hear more about things that I’ve discovered on wish.com definitely leave a like and subscribe to this channel before you leave and I will see you in the next one bye I hate like very stiff lipsticks like my lips feel like so stiff right now like I can’t even smile because I’m like this lipstick is gonna crack in half but at least I’m not gonna get any on my teeth that’s for sure

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