Hey guys welcome back to my channel. Today I’m going to do an in-depth eye makeup
tutorial. It’s gonna be really detailed and in-depth
just to show you how to get a flawless winged liner especially for hooded eyes. Like this video if you enjoy in-depth tutorials
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I hope you guys will enjoy. So since my eye is headed I always start with
the transition color, I’ve kind of started laying it down already. You want to take a fluffy brush. This is the Sigma e-40, it’s my favorite 1. To find your crease bone or your eye socket
bone just shut your eye like this, you can kind of see when I close my eyes there’s no
hollow or defined crease. You just want to feel around very gently. This is about where my bone is, right around
here. So I start to lay that crease color right
in that area just so that it creates structure to my eye. So you just go ahead you start to brush that
in and build it up gradually, go back and forth. It’s better to build it up with a couple layers
than to go in with too much just start. For me this just gives like a shadow that
creates the illusion of a more defined crease area. I’m gonna take my Mac mineralize skin finish
in dark and I’m gonna layer that on the lid. I like to use a brush like this 1, this is
the bdellium tools 778 brush. It’s really fluffy it’s like an extra fluffy
eyeshadow brush and I just use that to pat that powder on my lid. I love this brush because it allows me to
pack the powder on. And then since it’s so fluffy I can also use
it to blend that powder into the transition color I laid down. So pack it on and then just take it and blend
it so that it seamlessly blends into that transition shade. I like using this powder because it’s matte,
it’s simple, it will mattify that lid it’ll help it stand out a little bit more from the
crease shade. And that’s super important to create definition
in that crease area. So now that I’ve got that down you can see
that there’s a little bit of messiness right around my eye area where I put my transition
color. So I’m gonna take a little bit of my setting
powder, here it is, I put it in the cat this is my Sasha. I’m gonna take this awesome little tool this
is the Sigma large fluff brush. This is what I like to use with this. I just take it and I use it to clean up that
edge. I do this to accentuate the shape of my eye
so it complements my winged liner. What I like to do typically is to line my
lower lash line and I like doing this before I even go with in with my winged liner because
I feel like it helps to just add more structure to the eye. Again everything comes down to structure when
you’re doing this because it’ll help you place that liner. So I also lined the tight line because that’s
gonna help the winged liner that we do blend in with the lashes. I like a thin tip so I’ve been loving this
NYC color liquid liner. It’s less than $2 in a lot of places. And what you want to do is you want to look
at the shape of your eye and I’ve kind of begun to carve that out already. You can see how I shape to the powder to sort
of go upwards using the bottom of my eye as a guide. So you can see how my eye comes to this point
and then you want to go slightly upwards at an angle and the angle that you go really
depends on the shape of your face and everything. I like to keep the angle something like this
just so that it flows with my cheekbones and my jawline and everything just kind of goes
up in the same direction. I feel like this helps to make your face look
nice and lifted and young and make your eyes look like they angle upwards which I think
is really pretty. So you take your little brush, this is what
the tip looks like. I like to wipe off the excess product just
so that I can get a nice sharp line. Then you take it and you just draw it upwards
using the guide I showed you. I like to just draw that line first just to
help me. I feel like that makes it so much easier. For a hooded eyes it’s really important that
you keep your eyes open particularly if you’re just starting out with winged liner because
that’s going to help you know how to complete the wing. If you do it with your eyes shut you may open
your eye to find that line on the lid is too thick or that the wing doesn’t show up properly. Then another thing is if you have a hood increase
especially you could get transfer before the liner dries. So it’s easier to just keep your eye open. I’m gonna take the liner agai, dab off the
excess and I’m keeping my eye open to complete the wing. I just like to draw a triangle first to connect
it to the lid. Fill it in carefully. If you feel like you need to blink stop. So as you can see I’ve kind of drawn the wing
and I keep the line on the lid very very very thin because 1 so that my eyes look bigger
and 2 so that whatever shadow I’ve placed on my lid will show through giving the illusion
of a much larger lid than I actually have. Now you can kind of see why I put the liner
on the tight line because it just helps everything blend together more seamlessly. So before you do too much fine-tuning to the
wing definitely do the other wing so that you know what adjustments need to be made. So looking at this I can see that this has
a bigger tail so I’m just gonna try and fix the other side to match and just connect it
to the lower lash line to really give a nice shape to the eye. If you did get a little mess-up right there
that’s fine. We do want to avoid that but sometimes it’s
just not very avoidable. Take a very detailed brush with some concealer
and just clean it up. You can anchor your finger on the side of
your face. It’s best to wait until your liner has dried
to do this to avoid making a mess. Use the concealer to clean up any areas on
your liner that need to be cleaned. Then once you’ve done some cleaning up with
your concealer go back in with your liner and just touch it up 1 more time. So once you let that situated I think it helps
to set the concealer with a powder. We want to take a small shadow brush. I like to really go a little overboard on
my bottom lashes because I feel like it looks so good so that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m just taking my super sizer mascara by
Covergirl. This mascara is amazing particularly for bottom
lashes. Yeah look at those bottom lashes. It just makes them so long. So for lashes I typically go for a lash that
kind of mimics really natural looking lashes and has a fluttery area effect because I want
that liner to be accentuated but not overshadowed. As you can see they’re just super fluttery
very natural-looking. While I’m waiting for my lashes to dry I’m
gonna do the rest of my face. For blush I’m just going to use that Sun Power
already laid some down. It works really nicely as a blush on dark
skin cause of the reddish tones to. It I’m going to use peach nectar by Anastasia
Beverly Hills as my highlighter, so pretty. You want to take this tatcha luminous skin
mist and spray it over my highlight just for a little extra on the glow. So I’m just going to place those lashes. These are the eyes. I’m gonna do my lips, zoom out a little
bit, give us some space here and I’ll be right back to talk to you guys a little bit. I’m going to highlight the inner corner of
my eye. It’s so subtle, nothing dramatic but I feel
like it catches the light really nicely. On my lips I’m gonna go with flat out fabulous
and just to tame that a little bit I’m going to use a lip liner. I’m going to use candy yum yum in the center
a flat out fabulous. Then I like it to be flawless around the lip
especially with a bright color. So I’m taking my Mac setting powder and just
patting that in the lip area. So this is the finished look super easy and
simple. I hope you found it informative and helpful. Thank you so much for watching. Check the description down below, I will link
everything that I used in this video down there. Don’t forget to like this video if you like
in-depth tutorials and also subscribe so that you don’t miss any future updates from me. Thank you again for watching. I hope you did enjoy I love you so much and
I can’t wait to see you in my next video. Bye!

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