Wife Reacts: “Spaghetti and Giant Meatballs Mukbang” Foodie Beauty

Okay, I am back for spaghetti and meatballs and cheesecake mukbang, I’m pretty sure this is the same sure She’s been wearing. I’m pretty sure I Don’t know I maybe I’m getting videos mixed up I do like spaghetti so I’m very Hesitant to watch this because I might get turned off of it for a while. But let’s just see let’s just hope Hey, hey hey, oh my god. Oh Look at this amazing meal You know, I am hungry and I’m gonna Do some damage here So I’m coming to you from my nightgown. I call it my comfort cloak and So I have Eastside Mario’s again like, you know, I Just they should sponsor me So I have spaghetti meatballs The tongue sanction against to her food. It’s cold by the Their gigantic order of spaghetti and meatballs, obviously not good eating this whole thing right now But that I have their garlic clove and marscapone Marscapone a cheese cake with berry compote for a dessert and a drink is that B B’s from before she never will happen Yeah Let’s break bread together All right. Let’s see how to do this here Let’s break this in half Let it open I’ve ever had a was Anya or spaghetti sandwich not a linguist one day the sounds disgusting bunny Anya and I was at a Maybe some of you who are from Ottawa. No, it’s not It’s leaf lands Dustin cold Huh Battaglia, and they my friends They had buns Anya It was a lasagna on a bun and it was so good And they have a beer Bible. They’re like a whole Bible. It’s called beer Bible. It’s like all decorated up like an old cathedral that’s really cool, and they have a beer Bible and they also have Okay on that butter knife. I saw a hair dangling. So that was like I don’t like they stud like free bread. I use not like tuna curry bread. I call it the free bread, but it’s um What is it? It’s this like really good bread with like olive oil and vinegar so good. What’s how does their first? Let’s have a play I do too So creamy and cheesy It’s not too sweet The graham cracker has like sittings of cinnamon. Oh Okay, the fact that she ate that and now she’s going to use a fork and then just take a bite of that Spaghetti stuff makes me very uncomfortable I do not like to mix food and it is just giving me just like children. I am cringing. All right Oh my god, she’s doing it I knew it Iowa – lets get to guys my jammies. I’m so uncomfortable. I’m so uncomfortable You don’t like eating noises you don’t like, you know people being himself Then don’t watch That’s all I can say just a warning you’ll be late Girl be taking these bikes like she’s got 20 seconds to eat. All that is the thing with me. It’s like I’m not gonna be intimidated to change who I am or how I am like so every video now, we’re gonna get this Pep talk or inspiration session where she’s gonna talk about how she’s not going to be anybody but who she is like oh, come on If you don’t like it, don’t watch me again the thing bites. It doesn’t matter if it caused me sponsorships Whatever I mean if you consider this your job, you know looking sponsorships, you’re not doing very good at your job just saying Jim say That’s your thing, that’s your thing. You’re probably many that’s fine you lose sponsorships you’re a problem Oh my god If it’s negative 30 Celsius there and she’s got the window open, I don’t understand lipstick comes off Was nice knowing your lipstick So with the New Year approaching I realized I was talking to my friend that I’m seeing that me receive. I haven’t seen her in a while Disgusting – you had chunky tomato sauce ill I don’t like tomato sauce Everything she likes it’s just outside what I like. I’ve just figured this out believe it’s gonna be 2020 and exactly 20 years ago on The 21st, I mean the 31st of December Her and I went to a y2k party you guys remember y2k scare Okay, so for those of you who are just being born Y2k was Oh my I can explain this faster than her I don’t even really understand it was like apparently Everybody believed there was this widespread scare. It was on the news basically a type of fear-mongering but Everyone malaria them because they thought that whenever it hit midnight, you’re 2,000 the new millennium or whatever That Everything that like the computers weren’t set up to deal with that switch over and they would everything when to Go down And we would be left in total darkness and there would be a riots and like just apocalypse in Why she anything, like somebody wouldn’t know what that is. I don’t know I know what it is and I’m 24, I guess who believed in me? I was so paranoid. So I was oh gosh, I’m home You’re 2,000 I think that was 16 I was in high school Or Betsy we call it sophomore maybe and my friend was dating a Guy who was bad news China, but he wasn’t in school anymore But his friends were like the popular senior kids, so he wasn’t in school when he was friends with kids in high school That’s weird and he was the cool guy That’s really weird This one popular senior kid I don’t know why all the girls wanted to date him, but I guess popularity But it was like he was handling our Hannah’s house his parents were out of town It was like New Year’s Eve, right so first you want to go to the coolest party Nevernever where everyone would be When I was like she’s obsessive being cool. She always has paranoid, but hold on We’re getting ready for this party. Of course, she’s gullible enough to believe because she’s an idiot. I Made my friend. I’m not certain she graduated high school. I brought a candle Is that that like fake engagement ring she made BB say was her engagement ring that she bought herself Like Oh my god, you know like Midnight all hell is gonna break loose and I was so scared. I was like she’s so stupid Why wouldn’t they turn anything down be scary? Of course she would think that of course I know she did she for sure did So anyways The party was she’s obsessed with men wanting to be with her not very intimately Honestly, it wasn’t the baby inside of the basement the party host popular guy was in the bathroom the whole time He was so sick man. We were like concerned at one point. Like are we gonna have to call the ambulance on him? I mean maybe if he said sick, you know, what was he really? Okay, but Sure enough near the end of the night. He was back to like Mackin on her chicks, you know Yeah, at first I was like a chick magnet for some reason I don’t know I didn’t really understand I didn’t have that attraction to one bus He was good-looking but his personality That’s why she had pits in her back pocket, you know what I mean? So He was mean to me I was used to people being mean to I still I’m not trying to sound like a victim but it’s okay sure. You know what? I mean that I mean I was Then will remain to you because you are already mean all the way already like it’s not a nice person YouTube reminds me I don’t like that kind of play bully playground. There’s to get any sauce on her arm, but Owner she felt in my friend and I are like not mingling with anybody because we don’t know the bunny hyung erratically get breakfast Well, he maybe he was trying to include her and she didn’t want to leave me by I used to make fun of her She we always laughed because every time she would be with her boyfriend. Like I didn’t have like a solid boyfriend I had that French lover guy and She had these boyfriends I just did not like and I think part of it was jealousy Because of course I was always with her and like they took the attention away from me Of course, but she always had these like boyfriends I did She told us unlike any man that she couldn’t possibly get Way Jerry’s most men anyway So and I always said like her boyfriend for some reason never if he always had chocolate got perpetual chapped lips or something He always looked like he just made something with ketchup on it Oh my god She’s not picking on guys. She loves the title crap on them. I was like So I give her after She laughs. Anyway, she ended up getting sick on herself Like we’re sitting down kind of gross Lavinia, but we’re sitting down both on to like lazy boys There’s a bug bowl of party mix in the middle. She’s eaten the party mix and all the liquor nagesh Ely Burton Turned out to be more than that she’s like oh shit and like we didn’t want to look like, you know, like lightweights or like we couldn’t handle anything or I don’t know she just it just happened, you know, so we run to the bathroom and oh my god get her cleaned up and then like so midnight is rolling around and It Get a napkin, please The night’s rolling around and I got my so everyone’s like it’s almost midnight. It’s almost midnight and I’m like Oh my get the candle get the candle I’m like flipping out embarrassing my friend. She’s like chill And they have the TV on really calm down now unincluded I sorted it, but I saw that it had already been celebrated new year. I think it was in China or another country and it’s like Nothing’s happening over there. There’s plenty of light So then finally the countdown starts I Have my candle. I’m like, oh my god. I don’t have a lighter. I’m like running through the house freaking out Everyone’s looking at me like I’m crazy which I can obviously Obviously five four three two one Nothing happened. Oh man I was so like I love these little it is done. She does because it gives me a glimpse into chantels humor, and it’s not funny I told you Mm-hmm Carl chill So, yeah, I’m just like Number I’m good off the girl Oh, yeah, I’m supposed to have salmon Until you examine So maybe I shouldn’t have said not have salmon when I don’t feel like you all have some of my feeling I did then the next day. I was like Yeah, this is sober and creamy It’s still underarm the sauce so yeah y2k 20 years ago 20 I was like, it’s like 10 years ago 20 What I’ve been through in 20 years is crazy I’ve been to Katimavik. I’ve been to I’ve had two long-term, you know long-term relationships Just feels like different lives, it’s just like wow and I always like last night I had a dream that I was Back in Hanging out with a childhood friend Whose mother sadly like I knew her she was such a sweet lady. So it does she passed away um 20 years ago. She’s like 35 36 She was like 15 16 During this y2k at parties. She was drinking She did It was so weird. I Always dream about these other times in my life And I usually don’t dream about the present like ever, you know So we’re telling this story there’s a bit of a nostalgia I remember much else about the party You know those parties were very common now she was always going to really cool parties guys Don’t hate on her my friend ended up Then did a turn her best friend Me Oh God Possess might be out the party And New Year’s even I haven’t seen her in like 20 years so They ended up switching boyfriends And having kids with the switch It’s weird how that turned out My friends kids are The one kid, I remember her being pregnant for at my eighteenth birthday party there’s a teenager Got a piercing recently mean it’s like When you you don’t even realize until it’s just too late that you’re not You don’t have your youth anymore. Really? Yeah, that’s why you shouldn’t be acting this way. It’s it’s tragic because it’s and You know or say if I can only go back and redo things With the knowledge I have now you wouldn’t have the knowledge that you have now True I get that my grandmother always says the hot shoes Lipson past Sometimes she says I feel like a failure because you know I wish I was still married like she sees happen like she’s kind of old-fashioned sees her divorces me Clearing your throat, please. Basically she has were so much the same she has mental illness The same that way If you’re with a partner who doesn’t understand mental illness It can destroy her She feels like and I said grandma I said you had three amazing children You lived your life, you know like whatever you’re getting. I guess the older you get the more you kind of Reflect on any of them and it’s just like that’s what she does You’re like my angel in my life and you had three beautiful children and if it weren’t for you None of us would have life so That’s an accomplishment people always, you know Overlook that but You know what I’m saying? It’s something that I’ll never I’ll never get to do I have my cats right Sammy. Oh, you’re my big boy You guys you’re my big boy my true All right guys thanks free singing I’m spending this time with me that was very delicious that think I’m really a Depressing at the end Thanks for watching Yeah um, I guess that one was less problematic than others, but she still this is just a Sad person. I don’t know Definitely have any positive thoughts about Chantal fine Thanks for watching. Hope you liked it. Make sure to comment like and subscribe

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  1. Carbs, carbs,carbs, and MORE CARBS! Pile them carbs Chantal 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. Love that I get two for one on this!!!!! I'm new and so far love ya both! Happy Holliday you great ppl. Wish you health, wealth and happiness this next year! I also can't believe she bought special silverware. My brother would beat me up if I made noise when I ate. Lol . Funny but it worked I can eat quiet. Take care my new Brew! Love ya

  3. Well, at least she's not eating the giant mountain of spaghetti with her hands!! That is quite the mountain of simple carbs, fat, sugar and sodium!! Dam!!! She needs a shovel!! That's a lot, a lot of calories, but all of the carbs are going to overwhelm her system and be stored as fat. I only eat complex carbs, whole wheat pasta, or rice noodles, but only 1/8 of her portion, and no bread, and although I love cheesecake, I can only eat a sliver on special occasions, maybe once or twice a year! She's unbelievable!! It's so frustrating the way she eats, omfg the dang cat° nope, uh, unh!! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩🐈🐱🐈💩💩💩

  4. That plate of spaghetti would last me for like 5 meals and she ate alot.. She don't even chew her food. She is trash and she isn't embarrassed to tell her stories. 16 with a French lover that was in his 30's or 40's gross. I can't with her 😨

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