Why is a convex mirror used as a rear view mirror? | #aumsum

Topic: Convex mirror. Why is a convex mirror used as a rear-view mirror? Wow. What an amazing car. But your rear view mirror is missing. No. Don’t use a concave mirror. It will usually show you magnified images. Why don’t you listen to me? See, I was correct. Now put the convex mirror and see the result. Look. The image is much smaller, right? Do you know what the difference between the two mirrors was? If we use a concave mirror for our car, we
will not be able to see the vehicles behind us properly. This is because the concave mirror will magnify the object and we will see a very enlarged image. Thus, we require a mirror which gives us a
wider view of the vehicles behind us. In this case, a convex mirror proves to be
the right choice. This is because a convex mirror forms a highly diminished image. Thus making the traffic look much smaller. As a result, we can see a large number of
vehicles in a very small mirror.

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