Which Makeup Counter Gives The Best Custom Makeover? • Candid Competition

(upbeat music) – Ah, what a beautiful day
to compare major brands. – Hey, Zach! Who makes
the best custom muffins? – You do, Larry! – Hey, Zach, who’s got the best plants? – You do, Alice. – Yo, Zach, who’s got the
best custom dance moves? – You know you do, Patrice. – Hell, yeah! – (Dance music) – Here we go! Oh yeah! (suspenseful music) (upbeat music) (Narrator) Candid Competition! – We’ve decided to challenge
four makeup counters to find out who gives the
best custom makeovers. The catch? They don’t know they’re competing. They don’t even know
they’re in this video. We’re just going to roll up
to four different makeup spots with a wild set of instructions – I’m going for like a 3 inch cat eye – [Store Clerk] You wanna look crazy? – And find out who can turn
our gibberish into true beauty. – Is it going to be any
sort of gendered look? – You know, I just wanna look hot. In the end, we will
settle once and for all where’s the best place to beat that face. It’s Candid Competition,
and I’m feelin’ great. (upbeat music) – Our competitors today
are Mac, Estee Lauder, Sephora, and Walmart. But first, we need to
decide what hot, hot looks we’re going for. To help me on my beauty journey, please welcome professional
MUA and skin care enthusiast, Rebecca Habersberger. – Hello! – Welcome Becky, thank you for being here. Today on Candid Competition, we want to make me the most
beautiful I’ve ever been. Difficult, I understand. So what we have here to help
us out is a beautiful photo, believe it or not, historically there have been
some critiques of my looks. So I was told that I have,
I believe, lazy eyes? – Are you gonna be wearing false lashes? – Well, I won’t be wearing anything. – So what? (laughs) – It’s gonna be too hard
for me to get into make up, get out of makeup so, we’re gonna have a little
Kornbuddy crew of lookalikes. – But they’re gonna look sort of like you? – They’re gonna look exactly like me. – Today I’m going to be Zach Kornfield. – Makeup! Was that “Zach” enough? – I’m Zach Kornfeld and
today we’re gonna get our makeup done! – First things first, the eyes. – Yeah, well what you’d want
to start with is tightlining. – What’s that? – So it’s where you draw on the inner rim. – Wow, already, my eyes are popping! – I see it pops a little bit. – Wow, that’s huge. You know what? There have
been some people on Twitter who have been doing Try Guys looks. – Zach is a mixture of serious and fun, and it’s just that balance. – What do cat eyes do? – Gonna bring things up so it makes everything look really lifted. Oh boy. – And then he gets really
excited and he does a lot of movements and
they’re big movements but they only go one at a time. – Here’s what I wonder,
I want that little, that little cleft. I want the Cupid’s Bow. – The Cupid’s Bow. – Yeah. – You should tell them
that you want fuller lips, but then tell them to do the fullest lips they have ever done. – When I see Zach, I
immediately go like this, I’m all over the place with my hands. – I would love to be bronze. I’d also love to be chiseled. If we can combine the
two, I’d be thrilled. – Yeah, you want the bronzer to kind of hit the natural places
where the sun would hit. – What about like a little diamond? – [Becky] You should throw
in a beauty mark, too. – We’re both stylish, we’re both tiny, I think the only different
that I don’t wear glasses, but this is easily solved. (laughs) – So gentlemen, today you
are going to be embodying me. Hello Zachs. Sam is our PA. Sam, I had you run out and
get some glasses for the boys. – Fair warning, it’s not Halloween season. – [Jared] These were only ten bucks? – Yeah, deal. – What is this? (laughs) – It’s your little nose. It’s your cute little nose thing. – Okay, so here is the
look. Are you ready to see? Yes. – I’ve… Born. – We, today, on all
three of you gentlemen, are going to be recreating this look. (screaming and laughs) – Oh my god, hot. – We’re recreating that look on my face? – [Zach] Yeah! We’re gonna have a 3 inch cat eye, Try Guys inspired eye
shadow, brows to the max, plump lips, little green
diamonds underneath the eye, bronzer brontouring,
and last but not least, a beautiful beauty mark. No matter what size they make it, we must request that they
make it bigger, twice. – I’m very afraid someone’s
gonna tell you no. Are they gonna have a backstory? – Okay, so it’s my daughter’s prom. – Your daughter’s prom. – Is that a convincing? – My dad didn’t get his
makeup done for my prom. – [Zach] So, guys, here’s
the plan for today. We’re going to be going to
three different makeup stores. You are auditioning
for a very coveted role in the new season of American Horror Story: Beauty Bloggers. I’m gonna have each of you
follow a precise script so that we can get as close
to the same looks as possible. – [All] This character is a
beauty blogger gone crazy. – Sort of hot clown chic. You are each going to go in one at a time with your agent, Miles. You’re each going to be running lines with your agent to help
you get into the role. Daniel steps to the door
and opens it quickly. A huge scaly demon with sexy
lipstick and a perfect cat eye jumps through the door and onto Daniel. – Help! Tracy get the thing off me. – [Zach] At the end, you
will all come back here with bags over your heads. And then, we will reveal to
find out, once and for all, who is the prettiest Zach? I mean, who does the best custom makeup? – Are you Zachs ready? – Yeah, cool. – I’m feeling really good about this. Hey Rachel! – [Rachel] Hey, Zach. How’s it going? – Good. What do you know about
different makeup counters? Sephora, Mac, Estee Lauder,
just to name a couple. – [Rachel] Oh, I think of Mac
as being a millennial brand. Estee Lauder is a little
more of your middle aged mom. – Okay. – You have more solid skills from, say, an Estee Lauder or a Mac just because I think there’s more training involved. I would say Sephora you
could have maybe someone who is fucking dope, you
might have someone who has not that many makeup skills working there. – [Rachel] Wait, why are you asking me? – Uh, nevermind gotta go Rachel! Alright we are outside of Macy’s for Estee Lauder, our first location. Sam, you’re first up. You feeling ready? – Yeah, let’s do it. – Okay. Miles, you’re the agent, you feeling good? – I feel good. – Liz, you feeling good? Alright, sick. Alright, guys. Don’t fuck this up. Let’s go. (dramatic music) – (Off-screen speaker)
Are you nervous that our cover’s gonna be blown? – I’m more nervous for your guys’ cover walking around the store, just because I’m like nice to people and treat customer-service people well, I don’t think they’ll get mad at me. But, if they do, I’ll probably cry. I don’t know. – I’m just gonna try to
have fun today, honestly, like Zach is a funny person, so I think I’m gonna get
bubbly and laugh and have fun. – [Off-screen Speaker]
What are you going to do if our cover is blown? – I think I will just confess. – Alright, you ready? – Yes, I am. – Alright, cool, what’s your name? – Zach Kornfield. – That’s right, Zach Kornfield. – So this is my client here, Zach. – [Store clerk] Hi, very
nice to meet you, I’m (beep) – [Blonde clerk] Hi, are you Zach? – Yes! – Cool. – Alright, Zach, where do you wanna sit? This is my assistant, Liz. – [Blonde clerk] What are you
getting your makeup done for? – So, I’m auditioning for a role for American Horror Story, the T.V. show. – Cool, that’s awesome. – He has a big role
coming up this afternoon and they wanted like a full look. – [Brunette clerk] Do you
guys have a reference photo? – Kind of. – I know this seems silly
but it’s like the lips are kind of big, they’re
like Lisa Vanderpump lips. – So you do want it to
look a little like… – A little wild, yeah. – We would never get a request like this. – Do you need it the way it is
here, just like with pencil? – You don’t have to use
pencils, you can use like brushes and stuff like that. – I think they’re also going
for like a 3 inch cat-eye. – Okay. (laughs) – You wanna look crazy? – A little bit. – But cool. – Cool. – Yeah. And also, have fun with it. – Yeah, I can totally do that. – I trust you. You’re gonna nail it. – I’m excited to see how this is gonna go. – So it’s a foundation… – [Store clerk] Match tool. – [Clerk] You have, like, perfect skin. – Really? – [Off-screen Speaker] I feel beautiful. Already. – (Clerk) Our best-selling serum – Oh, it smells amazing. – Estee Lauder is a luxury brand. I think they have higher quality stuff and they will probably push
for a more natural coverage. Mac tends to go, I think,
like a little heavier. – [Clerk] Very dramatic. – I think that’s what
we’re going for, yeah. – I don’t know, Sephora
is king of a grab bag because everyone goes to Sephora. – [Clerk] People will come
here for auditions but they will typically just want
a super natural look, so this is fun. – [Clerk] We would never get
a request like this, ever. – Really? – Well yeah, because that’s just counters, more of the every day woman. – Open. – Not the mouth (laughs) – While you’re doing
the brows, is it cool, we should run these just so you have them before the audition. – Is it okay if we run
lines through the script while you put on makeup? – I think a couple of people are going to show up to this today
and they’re not gonna go full-force on this. I wanna go all out. – Here take that, and let’s just go from
the top of the scene just to kind of get it in your head. (suspenseful music) – Interior beauty blogger mansion morning, Daniel Fabulous, 20, with plump
lips and a sexy little face types ferociously on his Macbook Air. Sits in his bedroom surrounded
by trash and posters and empty La Croix. – Oh, wow. These people do not understand fashion. Ugly little bitches. – Ugly little bitches. – Tracy Lipstick, a beauty queen, pops her head into his bedroom door. Hey D Fabs, are you ready
to go to the Esquire prom? All the rest of the house is going. – Ugh, that trashy event? Those people are so full of botox, like their faces are
made of butt implants. – A loud scream sounds out from the closet in the bedroom. What the heck was that? Daniel steps to the door
and opens it quickly. A giant scaly demon with sexy lipstick, perfect cat eye jumps through
the door and onto Daniel. – Help! Tracy. – Get this thing off me,
it’s ruining my Chanel scarf. – I’m gonna give you a full facial. The demon stabs Daniel through the heart. – I didn’t even have time to hook up with the sexy bartender. – He dies. – I have to leave, because we have an appointment at Sephora. – What do you mean you have to leave? This is gonna get dramatically
weirder when you guys leave. – If you get nervous, just lie. – I have been. (laughs) What do you mean? – My eyelashes are stuck together. – [Clerk] And then we want the beauty mark – [Miles] Just a little
bit bigger, I think. I think a little bigger. I think just a little bit bigger. Maybe a tiny bit bigger. (laughs) – [Clerk] Oy! – Did you say “oy?” – [Clerk] Yeah, I said “oy.” (laughs) – Boom, beautiful. That’s perfect. It’s like your face is cut
out, I think it’s beautiful. – [Amro] This one looks incredible. I feel like I am Danielle
Fabulous right now. – Next up, Walmart. Excuse me, question, do you
guys have a makeup counter? Like where you do custom
makeovers and stuff? No, you don’t? Okay, thank you, appreciate it. Eliminated. Welcome back. We are done with the makeovers and have returned to the office,
ready to reveal and judge. We put the bags over their heads so that I wouldn’t see
what they look like, but I do realize now it kind
of looks like a snuff film. – Yeah, it doesn’t look great. – I have an idea. This will make it so much better. – And now it feels more playful. – [Zach] This is good, you guys look fun. – You know sometimes, you start your day just thinking I’m a normal
guy and then you finish it with a paper bag over
your head and you realize, I’m Zach Kornfeld and I am amazing. – First up, Sephora. Amro. Are you ready? – Absolutely. – Amro, are you wearing headphones? – I’m on the clock, actually. I’m actually running sound. – Oh right, that’s true, I forgot. – We couldn’t find
somebody else to run sound. – Yeah, well he’s working. Alright in three, two, one. Oh! Wow, Amro! Holy shit. Okay, the first thing my eyes are going to is the Try Guys inspired eye shadow. It’s really lovely and
it looks like she added a metallic sheen to it
that is just gorgeous. The Marilyn Monroe mark is fantastic. – It’s still a look you
could rock at a party. It’s not abrasive, it’s not too intense, it’s a bring home to daddy look. – Absolutely, daddy would approve. (laughs) You know, you’re pulling
off those eyebrows. I didn’t even realize that
they had made them thicker I was like, “where are
the thick eyebrows?” She blended them. – And (beep) really took time, you know, we had an hour scheduled and she gave us a clean hour
and a half, if not more. – I’m not getting much of the contouring but maybe it’s just so
natural that I don’t know. – [Amro] She kept
complimenting my skin tone, so. – Zach Kornfeld is pale and pasty – But I think she saw beautiful Zach and she was like, “we
don’t need to work on it.” – Wow, so you’re the Zach
I should aspire to be? – No, I didn’t say that, but you can. (laughs) – We gave her something very weird and she made something pretty fab. Next up, Mac. Now, Jared, I could hear you squealing from the other room, so I know that you are feeling confident. – [Jared] Feeling hot. Well, I don’t think it’s every day that she gets asked to do
what she did to me today. And I think I’m gonna stick out for her for years to come. – In three, two, one. (laughs) – Oh, fuck! Oh, yeah! There she is! Jared, my god. Let’s dive the fuck in. – We’ve diven. – [Zach] (laughs) Your lips! – [Jared] My lips? – It’s going down your beard. It looks like you bit
something and its blood is drenched in your face. Your beard caused a few problems. – My agent had to leave me alone. – Miles! – That is absolutely correct. – As he’s leaving, Miles says “she’s going to ask about the lips bigger, and then you say yes. And if she asks again, you say yes again.” – I just wanna clarify, I
actually did not say that. I said to make the beauty mark bigger. – Totally misheard that. Yeah, totally misheard that. – You know, and then there
was a moment, I think, where I did start touching my face. Your face gets itchy and I don’t, when women put makeup on,
how do you itch your face? – [Zach] It’s a great point. You’ve got a nice Victorian
pale in the front, augmented with a darker forehead. Now, it almost looks like you’re wearing someone else’s face. – [Zach] (laughs) It does! – When I stood up and
had to leave the mall by myself and walk out. Through the whole mall, I had to leave the whole mall like this. And I’ll tell you, I think everybody kind of
picked up on the two-tone face. (laughs) – You have a more shocking look, but I do think that is correct. We were asking for a shocking look. Emotionally and spiritually,
this is achieving that. And finally, Estee Lauder. Samuel, how do you feel
about your performance today? – I think I kind of sold it. – Okay, well I’m kind of
convinced by that answer. (laughs) Right on. And it is time to reveal the final look. In three, two, one. Oh! – [Miles] Wow! – [Zach] Take those glasses off. (laughs) – That’s so good. (laughs) – Wow, Sam. You’re looking great and, let me tell you, you’re selling it. There’s a beauty here that I don’t think any of us quite realized. She did a contouring that
is actually very lovely. This is a nice naturalistic contouring. It brings out the… I don’t know anything about makeup. – It brings out the chin. And I think the lips on this look are some of the best lips I’ve seen. I mean, in life, in ever. I think that they’re
subtle but they’re plump. – I’m kind of looking at Sam and I kind of forget what he looks like. To me this is just what he looks like and I guess that is what good
makeup is supposed to do. I think we can all agree
that you look amazing. But it’s almost such a naturalistic look, that it’s not giving me
that punch in the gut. (Bell dings) So it seems like we had three
very different Zachs today. – Absolutely. – [Zach] Estee Lauder
provided a beautiful, naturalistic interpretation
but some of the horror vibe that we were going for
is, admittedly, missing. And Mac, with a look that nailed the vibe almost leaping off Jared’s face, but when we look at some of
the finer details they are, unfortunately, askew. And Sephora, with the
perfect execution of some of the details, but in a historic first, could we really give the victory to someone who didn’t do bronzetouring? (dramatic music) Before I announce the winner, I just wanna say Zachs,
you all did an amazing job. And to our makeup artists,
y’all really crushed it. And the winner of the Candid Competition makeup face race is… Zachs can I get a drum-roll please? (drum roll) – At the end of the day, it’s
not about the makeup counters, but the people who work there. Beautiful souls who are
there to beat your face and help you express your truest self, whatever Zach that may look like. Also, I’m really sorry if
any of the makeup artists were excited for the new season
of American Horror Story, I hope this video is a good consolation. Thank you for showing me that
true beauty is on the inside. Represented via makeup on the outside. ♪ It’s a beautiful day ♪ – Rah-rah, ooh-la-la,
congratulations Sephora! (screaming and applause) – Congratulations, Amro. You get to keep that. Actually, we need this for production, but we’ll text you a copy. And at the end of the summer,
the world hadn’t changed. My face had changed. Hey guys, great work today. See ya guys! (suspicious music) ♪ I’m sorry ♪ ♪ So sorry ♪ (upbeat music) – To be fair, though, Estee Lauder is not a glam company. – Well then, to be fair, they’re not winning my competish. – To be fair, I would like
to not blame it on her. – I’d like to blame mine definitely on her I didn’t come here to be friends, I came here to be
America’s Next Top Model.

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