What’s Up in Makeup NEWS! Sephora Sued! Makeup From Ebay is NASTY! Hourglass Goes Vegan!

Hourglass plans to go vegan,
The real dangers of shopping for makeup on Ebay,
And can you really catch an STD from a tester? I’m Jen from Jen Luvs Reviews and What’s Up
in Makeup Starts Now Welcome to What’s Up in Makeup for November
5, 2017. Let’s get started with the Top Industry News
Hourglass Cosmetics announced that it is going fully vegan, and that it will revamp its ingredients
list by 2020. The brand already sells predominantly vegan
products that are not tested on animals, but plans are to eliminate animal-derived ingredients,
including beeswax, lanolin and carmine. They are asking experts in bio-tech to find
new ingredients that don’t sacrifice quality. The price range of $18 to $350 will not change
as the brand evolves. Hourglass will sell a limited-edition vegan
leather makeup bag online, contributing all of the profits to animal rights. A recent report by Market Research Future
expects “cruelty-free” products to grow about 6.1 percent by 2023. Google’s latest report on skin-care trends
found that searches for vegan products have grown 83 percent year over year since 2010. Shiseido has announced it will close nearly
half of the 209 bareMinerals stores in the U.S., according to WWD. Launched in 1995, the bareMinerals parent
company Bare Escentuals was acquired by Shiseido in 2010. Famous for its mineral foundation, the brand
has struggled in recent years in an increasingly more competitive market, though the company
claims that “a full 30 percent of American women use the brand.” Shiseido affirms that it will continue to
invest in the brand. In contrast, the Estee Lauder Companies issued
a forecast of holiday-quarter sales well ahead of market expectations, apparently thanks
to those acquisitions of brands aimed at attracting millennials such as Too Faced and BECCA. The company also credits having signed on
influencers and celebrities to promote its products. The strong forecast followed better-than-expected
sales and profit in the first quarter, as sales in the Asia Pacific region and Europe
soared. “We benefitted from a continued acceleration
in China, Hong Kong, travel retail and global online,” Chief Executive Fabrizio Freda said. In the United States, though brick-and-mortar
sales have been falling, the company’s greater use of cosmetic retailers Ulta and Sephora
have helped it offset any hit to profits. Disney fans, we know you’ve been waiting for
this one: the Besamé Cosmetics Snow White 1937 Collection launches this Month! You know Besamé for throwback style and classic
formulas. Snow White’s creamy skin and dark rouged
lips are a hallmark of vintage makeup looks. The colors in the collection are based on
the original Disney cel and background colors specifically created for the film, all universally
flattering for a polished look. Here are the highlights:
The 1937 Storybook Palette – $68 – with 20 shadows
With a Smile and a Song Cream Rouge – $20 – or With a Smile and a Song Eyeshadow Palette
– $43 – in two colorways Classic Color Lipsticks – $24 – in four shades
Seven Dwarfs Mini Lipstick Set – $35 Snow White Travel Bag – $35 – or Book-Motif
Makeup Bag – $15 The Fairest Vanity Mirror – $40 – and more
The collection will arrive at Besamé’s flagship store in Burbank, California and
will also be available online at Besamé, Modcloth, and Sephora, as well as the Disney
Family Museum in San Francisco. But if you prefer your princesses more on
the modern side, Mally Beauty’s new “Frozen” makeup collection just launched on QVC. This holiday line features shadows, liners,
mascaras, lip glosses, and blushes in two gorgeously-packaged kits; one for Elsa, and
one for Anna. $49.98 each. There’s plenty of makeup that claims to give
you a “glow to the heavens”…but what about “glow-in-the-dark?” Some brands are taking that idea to a level
that requires you to turn off the lights. But safety questions are popping up about
these highlighters. The FDA, which only tests the color additives
used, has pinpointed luminescent zinc sulfide as the only FDA-approved compound used to
create the glow-in-the-dark effect. While it can be used on skin, it should not
be used every day, and nowhere near the eyes. Experts recommend you perform a patch test,
and not hesitate to remove the product if there is any redness, burning, or stinging. And it’s not only about putting it on…it’s
how you take it off. Check the labels for any removal instructions,
be extra careful around your eyes, then use both an oil-based cleanser followed by a foaming
cleanser to completely remove the chemicals. That’s a lot just for a few hours glowing
in the dark… Reporters at Florida’s NBC2 News recently
wanted the answer to the question…are counterfeit cosmetics really harmful to humans? And you will not like what they found. The products in question came from sellers
on Ebay, and claimed to be discounted versions of designer products. The products arrived in small black bags labeled
“clothing.”…suspicious. The news team then brought them to Princeton
Consumer Research in St. Petersburg for analysis, where differences in color, application, and
texture were noted. They were then sent to that company’s labs
in the UK, where the real trouble started. All of the counterfeit products contained
“significant quantities” of lead and aluminum traces along with rat droppings. Yes, they contained rat droppings. One fake also had traces of mercury. Barrie Drewitt, PCR Technical Director, noted,
“The biggest problem is banned substances can penetrate through the skin and go into
the bloodstream. The last thing we want is for someone to become
ill because of a fake product.” For example, Lead poisoning can cause memory
loss, muscle pains and headaches. Aluminum can accumulate in the brain and tissues,
causing memory loss and dementia over a period of time. Exposure to mercury In eye makeup, can damage
your vision permanently, as well as damage to the heart, kidneys, lungs and brain. Bacteria-infested fake makeup can lead to
serious skin rashes, and as for rat droppings…among other things, they’re just gross. So, yeah, when you see a Modern Renaissance
palette for $5 on Ebay, you might want to skip it. This week, we heard TMZ report that a woman
in California is suing Sephora, after claiming a tester from the store gave her herpes, in
“exact alignment” with a 2015 visit. This was later diagnosed by a doctor as “oral
herpes.” The unnamed customer bases her claim on never
having had a cold sore or herpes prior to the visit. She is suing the chain for strict liability,
negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligent infliction of emotional
distress, and believes the company should have warned customers about the risk of contracting
an infection. According to the CDC, “oral herpes” is most
usually caused by HSV-1 and may result in fever blisters or cold sores in or around
the mouth. But…can you catch it from a tester? To quote an article in Popular Science…”Calm
down.” Herpes is primarily spread via skin-to-skin
contact, or saliva. If someone with HSV is experiencing symptoms
like cold sores, they go through “viral shedding,” which is just what it sounds
like. According to the article, “Herpes can’t survive
long outside of the body, but it’s technically possible that it could hold on just long enough
to infect a new host if two people used the same lipstick in very quick succession, especially
if the second user had open wounds on their lips.” Think, chapped lips. It’s a horrifying prospect. But, how horrified should you be? Again, the article cites a 2015 study by the
World Health Organization which found that 2 out of 3 people under the age of 50 have
HSV-1, a.k.a. Oral Herpes. Plus, some 90 percent of people who are diagnosed
with herpes by way of a blood test have never had symptoms and had no idea they had it. Which brings us back to product hygiene. Many stores have their policies and spritzers,
but even if they mounted huge flashing signs or programmed robots to remind customers about
best practices…you must remember this…Ultimately, the responsibility is on you. Do not apply the contents of any testers directly
to any area of your face. Even if it is brand new, completely pristine
and free of bacteria and viruses…you could contaminate it with your own. So be a good human and think of the next person. We don’t know what will happen with this lawsuit,
and will keep you posted of what changes it may bring. Until then…protect yourself. But there are good things going on at Sephora
as well. Their holiday “Reach Out and Gift” campaign,
which encourages people to connect with others through beauty gifts, includes a diverse group
of their own employees. Over 1,000 cast members applied to be a part
of the campaign with a video talking about what beauty means to them, and 10 were selected
from across the US and Canada for the campaign based upon celebrating different perspectives
and a diverse sense of beauty. Chosen were Chaimae Boulayad, a hijab-wearing
Moroccan employee…Joanna Samano, who suffers from alopecia…and Terrel Britten, an esthetician
who works at Sephora in Beverly Hills. Diversity in beauty…it’s beautiful to see.
in EVENTS news this week, BeautyCon London is on December 2 at Olympia
London. Tickets range from £30.00 – £120.00 + fees. IMATS New York Tickets are now on sale! Pier 94. April 13 -15. Friday Pro-Day $40. General Admission Saturday and Sunday, $65
per day. and in who-ate-all-the-candy-corn DEALS
Save up to 60% off on House of Lashes lashes and storage cases at their site now!
at Nordstrom – Jouer – Fête Fabulous Set – with an Eyeshadow Duo, Bronzer, Eyeshadow
Crayon, Cheek Tint and Lip Gloss – Was $54, now $27.00
at HAUTELOOK Crown Brush is up to 60% off
Japonesque cosmetics are up to 62% off Let’s get into the product reports, starting
with Sephora Don’t forget, Sephora’s semi-annual sale is
going on right now. Rouge’s get 20% off from November 3rd to 6th
and again from November 10th to 15th with the code 20FORROUGE. VIBs get 20% off from November 10th to 15th
with code 20FORVIB. And Beauty Insiders get 15% off from November
10th to 15th with code INSIDER15. And ColourPop is now at Sephora! Here are some highlights:
the Golden State Of Mind Shadow Palette – $26 Semi Precious Shadow Palette – $26 as well
Super Shock Shadows – $5 Legit AF Super Shock Highlighter Trio – $24
You’re A Gem Lip Trio – $18 Amber Crystal Collection Bundle – $20
This week from Huda Beauty Contour & Strobe Lip Set – $25
create Huda’s signature contoured lip look. in five colorways
Winter Solstice Mini Lip Strobe Collection – $33
four frosted mini strobing metallic lip glosses Highlighter Palette – Winter Solstice Palette
– $45 Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette – $27
And from Wander Beauty – Eye-Conic Kit – $45 A five piece kit with full-size must-haves
Lancôme released the Glow For It Highlighter Palette – $39
neutral shades for cheeks, eyes, and lips on all skin tones.
and these items are available Online Only From Hourglass – Confession Lipstick Archive
– $650 30 Confession Ultra Slim Refills and 2 gold
applicators CLINIQUE – Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation
+ Concealer – $28 – in 15 Shades from Christian Louboutin
Rouge Louboutin – Metalissime Loubilaque Lip Lacquer – $90
or – Rouge Louboutin Metalissime Silky Satin Lip Colour – $90
I think they made those names up. I don’t think those are real, but more power
to ya. It’s your line, call it what you want. Both in the color Rouge Louboutin – metallic
red L’Occitane – Advent Calendar – $69 – 24
irresistible surprises including many customer favorites
Bite Beauty – Mauvember Collection – $24 support Movember with this Limited Edition
shade for 2017, Mauvember, available as either a Multistick or Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick. T
And finally, this week’s edition of the Weekly Wow features items from Tarte, Smashbox, Cover
FX, Perricone MD, and T3! With Savings up to 50% off! At Ulta this week,
the new Ulta-exclusive Maybelline x Gigi Hadid Coast to Coast Collections are in stores TODAY! East Coast Glam Matte Lipstick – in 3 shades
– or West Coast Glow Matte Lipstick – also in 3 shades – $8.99 each
East Coast Glam Lipstick and Lip Liner Kit – or – West Coast Glow Lipstick and Lip Liner
Kit – $16.99 each East Coast Glam Eye Contour Palette – or – West
Coast Glow Eyeshadow Palette – in 2 colorways each – $14.99 each
I’m sensing a trend here. East Coast Glam Tinted Primer – for light
tones – or – West Coast Glow Tinted Primer – for deeper tones – $11.99 each
…the collections also include makeup brushes and more to get that effortless chic Gigi
Hadid look. from the Ulta brand this week,
Love Makeup 72 Pc Collection – $24.99 a reusable train case – available in Green
or pink – filled with cosmetics Beauty Treasures 73 Pc Collection – $29.99
a jewelry box style case – with drawers filled with cosmetics
from Bareminerals bareSensuals READY Eyeshadow Palette – $45.00
with 14 sensual shades Beauty Icon – $12.00
a three-piece set with Blush, Gloss, and a Brush
Dose of Colors – Hidden Treasure Palette at Ulta $50.00
a mix of shimmers, foil metallics, and mattes from Urban Decay
Naked 4-Some – $185.00 a vault with Naked, Naked2, Naked3 and Naked
Heat eyeshadow palettes Naked Vault Volume Four – $195.00
Naked, Naked2 and Naked3, with 9 lip shades and 3 Lip Pencils
Julep – “Matte Lips Don’t Lie” Special Edition Lip Mousse Vault – $249.00 – an ultimate collector
set of 25 matte lips from Tarte
Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette – $46.00 4 matte bronzing powders and 2 matte highlighters
Lash Flash Eye Set – $22.00 Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paints in new
shades – $20.00 Chrome Paint Shadow Pot – $22.00 – in 3 shades
Tarteist Lip Trio – $15.00 Lancôme – Color Design Lip Kit – $29.50
4 Full Size lipsticks in must-have shades and textures
Eyeko – Brow Game Strong – $25.00 – in 2 shades creamy powder in one end, angled brush on
the other And these items are available Online Only,
Stila – Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow – $24.00 in 8 shades – Online Now and in stores January
4 Pérsona – Identity Eyeshadow Palette – $32.00
twelve wearable shades – Only at ULTA! Lime Crime is new to Ulta this week. vegan & cruelty free brand available ONLINE
ONLY! Venus Pressed Powder Palette – or – Venus
II Pressed Powder Palette – $34.00 each Matte Velvetine Lipstick – available in 37
shades – or – Metallic Velvetine Lipstick – in 11 shades – $20.00 each
Bubblegum Pocket Candy Pressed Powder Palette – or – Pink Lemonade Pocket Candy Pressed
Powder Palette – or – Sugar Plum Pocket Candy Pressed Powder Palette – $34.00 each
Unicorn Hi-Lite Palette – or – Mermaids Hi-Lite Palette – or – Opals Hi-Lite Palette – $38.00
each Diamond Crusher Lip Topper – $18.00 – in 18
shades Diamond Crusher Cracker Box – $25.00 – in
3 colorways In High End news this week,
at Saks Fifth Avenue Trish McEvoy – Eye Palette 3 – $59.00
Set includes: 3 Eye Shadows, 2 Glaze Eye Shadows, Shimmer Eye Shadow and 3 Eye Definers
Gucci – Illuminating Powder in Sunstone – $53 gives an iridescent effect to the skin
at the Tom Ford website Winter Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette – $155
A reflective clutch with four shadows, highlighter and blush
Orchid Soleil Lip Color – $54 an Ultra creamy lip that matches its namesake
fragrance bottle Soleil Nightbloom Powder – $80
in the shade Soleil Bloom, also inspired by the Orchid fragrance
at the Sisley Paris site – PHYTO-BLUSH TWIST – $68
a Long-lasting cream-to-powder blush at the MAC website – Velvet Mattes – $17.50
nine New blackened mattes in the deepest, darkest tones
– $32 Comes in 2 shades Rose Lancome and Rouge Caprice
and their holiday blockbuster, LE PARISIAN HOLIDAY CASE – GLAM SET BEAUTY
BOX – $63.50 WITH ANY LANCÔME PURCHASE Includes: Full sizes of Monsieur Big Mascara,
two Color Design Eye Shadow & Blush Subtil Palettes, two Lipsticks, two Lip Glosses,
four more products, plus a Cosmetics Case & Train Case. In Drugstore news,
from Revlon ColorStay Brow Kit – $12.99 – in four shades
ColorStay Brow Mousse – $11.99 – in Five shades ColorStay Eyeshadow Primer – $8.99
PhotoReady “Galaxy Dream” Holographic Palette – or – PhotoReady Sunlite Dream Highlighting
Palette – $14.99 each from Elf
Lip Parade Lip Balm Set – $5.00 Little Brow Book Eyebrow Kit – $10.00
Desk to Dinner Look du Jour – $5.00 no budge shadow stick – $4.00 – in Five shades
color correcting liquid primer – $8.00 – in three shades
holographic highlighting duo – $8.00 – in 3 combos
holographic eyeliner pencil – $1.00 holographic highlighting stick – $4.00
correct & set under eye powder – $4.00 – in 3 shades
Real Techniques – Color Correcting Set – $19.99 The colors of the brushes and sponges coordinate
with key correcting colors from Covergirl
Peacock Flare Mascara – $8.99 TruNaked Eyeshadow and LashBlast Mascara Holiday
Gift Set – $11.99 Wet n Wild – MegaGlo Highlighting Palette
– $14.99 with 4 new vegan limited edition shades
from J Cat Beauty – Matte and Shimmer Lip Vault – or – Holographic Metal Eye Vault – $19.99
from Essence “and the lovely little things” eyeshadow palette
– $5.49 – in 3 colorways “and the lovely little things” face palette
– $5.49 two highlighters, two blushes and two contouring
colors my must haves palette – $3.49 – a customizable
palette in four- or eight-color sizes – fill it with your choice of these:
eyeshadow – in 21 shades…satin blush – in three shades…bronzing powder, or highlighter
powder, or fixing powder, each in one shade – $1.99 per shade
at QVC, where leftover candy is the ideal companion to $3 shipping,
from bareMinerals Box of Wonders 24 Days of Surprises – $71.84
A 24-piece surprise kit with face, skin, eye, and lip delights
Gen Nude 4-pc Radiant Lip Collection – $34.00 The Brush Hour 3-pc Brush Collection & Brush
Roll – $39.96 Kristofer Buckle – 5-piece Vanity Kit Volume
2 – $49.96 Foundation Stick, Mascara, Eyeliner, Lipstick
and Setting Powder in your Choice of 8 colorways NUDESTIX – Influencer 8-piece Mini Lip Collection
– $59.00 featuring Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm sticks
Doll 10 – 5-piece High Shine Liquid Lip Collection – $41.78
infused with avocado oil, camellia oil, and vitamin E
Julep – “Matte Lips Don’t Lie” It’s Whipped LipVault – $249.00
at QVC 25 lip shades, again, what more could you want? Guerlain – Meteorites Pearls Illuminating
Powder with Brush – $68.15 – Choice of Fair, Medium or Deep
EVE PEARL – Flawless Face 4-Piece Collection – $54.86
Foundation, Concealer, palette and lipstick – in 5 shades
from QVC Beauty Color Cosmetics 6-piece Collection – $16.86
a multibranded collection anyone would love to receive
Christmas Advent Calendar 24-piece Kit – $63.96 Countdown each day with brands you know in
this colorful collection of makeup, skin care, fragrance, and more. from Laura Geller at QVC
The Starlet Collection Set of 5 Shadow Palettes – $109.98
named for Audrey, Bette, Grace, Marilyn, and Sophia
Beauty Canvas 6-piece Artistry Collection – $54.98 – in 5 shades
Mally – Disney’s Frozen 7-pc Collection – $49.98 – Elsa or Anna for that price. Each kit features a selection of Mally’s favorite
products in shades that invoke the amazing spirits of these two characters
And then finally, one more thing we’ve got for you at QVC, there is going to be one,
not two. I just did that. That was two. One TSV this week on November 11, IT Cosmetics
– IT’s Your Top 5 Superstars & More – $59.95 + FREE shipping – in your Choice of 7 shades
In Indie and Cruelty-Free news this week, Beauty Escape Cosmetics launched “Stranger
Things” inspired color-shifting products on Halloween:
Demogorgan- a teal, blue, and purple shadow Thessalhydra- a green, black, and rose gold
shadow Eleven- peach, teal, green, and pink shadow
– $6.50 each and The Upside Down- a purple, green, and
pink shifting metallic lipgloss – $14 Colourpop released new Supernova liquid shadows
in five metallic colors. They can be used as a base, topper, or alone. $7 each
and, as you know, Colourpop is now available online on Sephora.com and in select stores. You can purchase Sephora-exclusive eyeshadow
palettes, supershock shadow bundles, and lip bundles! Rewind to the Sephora section for more information
on that. Ffrosty shadows has released their Snow Castle
Holiday 2017 Collection featuring loose glitters, loose highlighters, and a pressed highlighter. Prices start at $4.50 for glitters, or get
the whole collection for $55. One of my favorite brands, Geek chic cosmetics
dropped a spectral light eyeshadow set. These six blue-toned eyeshadow shades are
available individually for $5.99 or in a collector’s tin for $20. Give Me Glow cosmetics now has the “Sepia
Rose Garden” Beauty Box as part of their new monthly box releases. Each box will contain 6 brand-new full-sized
products in the Sepia Rose theme at a 30% off total value. – $44.25
Glamierre, I hope I said that right, released their color splash palette featuring 35 colorful
shades in varying formulas. Get yours on sale now for $27 before the price
goes back to $42! The Karity holiday 2017 shop is now open! Visit their website to find a wide array of
stocking stuffers and gifts including palettes, brushes, and bundles. $12.00 to $74.00 for each product. The Kitten Empire Cosmetics “venom bundle”
contains an eyeshadow and highlighter that share a name. Get yours now for $10. Kiss My Sass Cosmetics launched their limited
edition color of the month for November– Sweater Weather Lipstick. The color is described as a beautiful berry
with a berry muffin scent. It is vegan and dye free, available for $8
on their website. Krisanna Ann Cosmetics released eyebrow pomade,
available at their Website for $12. The formula is waterproof, smudge-proof and
comes in 7 shades including a redhead-friendly auburn. A holiday eyeshadow collection has released
on Pretties For Your Face’s website. Colors include celebration, enchanted forest,
evergreen, holly jolly, and sleigh bells. Singles are available for $5 or you can purchase
the set for $20. Pretty Zombie cosmetics released two new Blackened
liquid lipstick shades: Alone – purple metallic, and Utterly Alone – metallic blue – $13 each
Strobe cosmetics launched 6 new eyeshadows, available in a bundle for $35 to give you
a bright rainbow of colors! Sugarpill released four new eyeshadow shades
that double as blush, highlighter, and countour. Colors include text me (matte brown) – $13
, or Kiss Kiss (red), SWAK (pink), and Wink (pink champagne) – $16 each
The Balm introduced a new member of the Lou Manizer family this week. Bonnie-Lou Manizer is a gold-toned highlighter
and eyeshadow shade for $24. The Balm also released the Foiled Again eyeshadow
palette for $34. Embrace your alter ego by wearing these twelve
shades wet or dry! Violet Voss is now available on sephora.com
and in select stores. 5 palettes are available, including their
newest “Taupe Notch.” The ZOEVA Offline Collection was created to
take you to a place where you can recharge your batteries and create charismatic makeup
looks with a picturesque eyeshadow palette, an expressive blush palette and a stunning
brush set. Visit their website for prices! Storybook Cosmetics released their Mean Girls
Burn Book Storybook Palette on Thursday for $55. The palette features 12 carb-free, cruelty-free
shades and a full-sized mirror so you can see you’re, like, really pretty.
and that takes us right into the sneak peeks LIGHTNING ROUND! in 3…2…1… Storybook cosmetics also teased the launch
of Star Wars products, coming in 2018. ACE Beaute is planning a sister palette to
their Quintessential palette. Sign up on their site for updates! A.R.T Cosmetics’ next lipstick will come in
candy-shaped packaging. Release date coming soon! Caked makeup teases their holiday lip fondant
shades in Hotter Than Wasabi, Bae Area, and Shot Caller. Juvia’s place teases two new releases on
instagram– the Douce palette and the Festival palette. Klarity Kosmetics announced the re-release
of their “glitter fusionz” and a new lip elixir, set to release on Black Friday, November 24
Klarity also sent a peek of two upcoming pressed pigments! Yeah! Woooh! Here’s some Late Breaking news we thought
you’d want to know… Kylie Cosmetics is set to open pop-up shops
in seven Topshop locations around the country! Is one near you? Hey look, it’s Jeffree Star on Twitter, teasing
his next eyeshadow palette launching in February….and focus on the handheld mirror here. It’s coming as part of the Holiday Collection
very soon! Becca sends a teaser of a new product which
apparently will be known as “Lightwaves.” To be revealed early next week! “Sex Kitten” is the name of this festive collection
from Marc Jacobs, a holiday duo of lipstick and mascara contained in a cracker – $19 Speaking of holiday, take a look at the Jouer
holiday collection, set to launch November 10 on their website! These swatches are from the “Best of Lip Toppers”
with five favorites and two new shades, $33 Laniege holiday kits are hitting stores now Geek Chic cosmetics announces three Colors
of the Month for November Coastal Scents is having a great sale on their
Eclipse Palette, now just $4.98 and take a look at these adorable lip balms
from Firebox, it’s Beauty and the Beast’s Mrs. Potts with strawberry balm and Chip with
grape, sold as a set for $11.79. Be our guest! And that’s it for What’s Up in Makeup this
week. Thank you so much for watching and thank you
as always to the fabulous and talented official What’s Up in Makeup reporting team. Their faces are scrolling next to me. They are amazing! Thank you also to the What’s Up in Makeup
Facebook Hunters. Their names are scrolling right here. Thank you all for your submissions this week. We would not have a show without you. And thank you to Tabitha B for putting it
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week so that we can have an excellent show. So thank you so much, Tabitha, for all of
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