100 thoughts on “What’s the best HOLO top coat?! (click if holosexual)

  1. i'm new to holo nail polish. so I have a question. with any holo glitter nail polish, do you put the first coat down and then dab it on with a sponge to make the sparkle better? or just paint in on for each layer?

  2. so after i watched your video i searched up does china glaze own salon perfects and theses were its results

    salon Perfect and China Glaze are made by the same company, with the Salon Perfect formula lacking the hardners found in the China Glaze formula.

    so i hope this answers your questioned and i really do hope you see this and reply

    how i found your Chanel i was watching nail art and how to grow them strong and fast and i came across one of your videos and every since that i haven't stop watching and i'v watched about 20 today because i'm home from school because i am sick and they really make me what to do my nails but i cant because i'm bad at it and but i think your videos are really helping me so i want to really say thank you and your amazing

  3. WHAT IS THE BEST QUICK DRY GLOSSY TACO PLEASE!!!! holotaco is amazing but it needs a glossy taco that is worthy

  4. Me – sees iridescent polish
    Also me – “what the heck is that that”😑
    Cristine-*explains that it’s not holo and it was a trick *
    Me- *feels good that I knew * 😂

  5. Ive lived my whole life in America but for some reason I always wrote the words color favorite and armor with u's and I would always get corrected by my teachers and I was so confused why I was wrong. then my mom told me ppl overseas write it like that and I was confused in how I started writing that way 😂

  6. HEY! I'VE GOT A WARNING FOR YALL! Don't use hard as nails top coat. It literally shatters. I thought it was my nail and what I was doing, but I used it in a craft on a flat surface and when it dries it just shatters like glass.

  7. I’m getting a manicure with the lesbian flag colors, and bc of Christine I’ll be asking for a holo top coat! I’ve fallen in love with holo 💖

  8. Christin: yes I'm Canadian that's why I say………..

    Me: yes I'm Germany that's why I say HURENSOHN Sometimes 🙂

  9. "Salon Perfect and China Glaze are made by the same company, with the Salon Perfect formula lacking the hardeners found in the China Glaze formula." Found it from Reddit

  10. I just got the norther lights one! Great for low profile every day (but still holo!) 🙂 it also dries in 1 minute

  11. here i am Oct 2019 and the best holo top coat is now HoloTaco 🙂 but i love the over talking… Cristine you are still amazing!! 🙂

  12. wait I was watching this video and I think this is some tea to spill butt it might not be but I believe that unicorns are holosexual !

  13. You should do an updated version of this video since it's been 3 years!! But include your collection too 😍 Ahh I miss this kinda shit. But I'm so proud of how far you've come! I'm in St Thomas Ontario (near London) and it makes me so happy to see a fellow Canadian doing something really different from other channels. I promote the hell out of you haha so many of my friends love your channel now too. They understand my holobsession, finally💿🌈😍

  14. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s this new brand called “Holo Taco” and they sell Scattered, Flakie and Linear Holo Top Coats. They’re amazing…… you should try it! 😏

  15. I’m 100% a holo sexual I even tried making my own I just haven’t come out yet 😍😍😍🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  16. so weird that 3 years later she could redo this video but with only nail polishes she's made… she's literally come so far i'm so proud 🙁

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