What’s inside my makeup pouch!?|あおちゃんの化粧ポーチ紹介

Hello everyone, I’m Aochan I’m showing you what’s inside my cosmetic pouch This if for in-house This one stays at home and never leaves it. That’s why it’s a bit big I was looking for somewhere to stash everything, and ran into this at Forever 21 in this size, and thought this was good It doesn’t have any pockets for brushes, and it’s just a pouch It’s big, and you can carry it and it’s sturdy so I’ve been using it for 2years now Maybe they are still selling it. I’ve seen it in storefront Try it out if you see one Inside we have the base, or foundation…things that are not used for adjustment. Things you only use at home Skin cosmetics are all in here Shading is here as well Almost all the brush are in here as well When I want to change something, KATE’s brown shade eyes I’ve used up all the color in here I’ve used it all It works really well on making bottom eyebags And this one. Canmake loose cheek It’s a bit of a strange blush. A normal blush would be something like this This one is a bit different in a sense that there is a cotton puff here, It’s like this. Like a face powder You take it out and use it The colors is like the shading and the blush combined. It’s a brown mixed with orange so you can use it like a sun tanned skin When doing the sun tanned makeup I’ll use it all over here over the nose So when I want to change my looks or on a hot sunny day, I will use something like this And this one. I bought this at Ales Shop where they sell wigs and stuff It can be used as mascara, or if you take it on a brush, it can become an eyeliner as well There are 2 colors, like this These actually shine under the UV light If you go to clubs or festivals and when you go to dark places, it shines under the UV light so when I want to go flashy, I use them After I had added the bottom lashes and adding this to the lashes will make it really stand out and cute This is the carrying around pouch I used to work in a store called ANAP, and that’s where I bought it ANAP has different names based on their concept ANAP, Mimpi, Cruce,Sandi….all divided into different brands This is the small accessories brand Cruce I have many of this series in bags, ear rings and small goods It’s really cute and I bought it because I like the really flashy pink In here are the goods to adjust the makeup Tissue paper Pocket tissue paper and face powder My order of adjusting the makeup is, Open the mirror and take away extra oil with the tissue paper Use the powder and nose shadow. Only once If you do more, it will be too dark so just once. That’s it for the adjustment For this adjustment, what really needs to be added again is This one. If I forget this, I will feel down all day After meals or when I see the makeup coming off I use it I would probably use this 6…5 or 6 times I’m using this per day It’s really cute color so it’s good You can buy it for around 3000 yen And this one. It’s a cotton swab This side is for taking off makeup. This has skin lotion in it This side is the normal cotton swab When you watch a movie and cry and under your eyes become black, Take the dark color off with this side, and wipe it off with this side will enable you to do a clean makeup from start They also sell this type in the 100yen store so try it out That is it for what’s inside my cosmetic pouch There are other videos as well so please check it out Bye bye Hello everyone, I’m Aochan I did the devil makeup today Halloween is coming up very soon so you can use it Please check it out. Start The base This is the Sofina Prima Vista anti sebum base I have repeatively bought this since it’s really strong against sweat and sebum It’s good for summer which is about to end, but good all year around It’s not heavy, and light, like water Adding this will not feel like thick makeup. Please try it out

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