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This bag actually was the first bag that my husband got for me. It’s a good Celine bag. That’s why he’s my husband. Hi guys, I’m Shanina Shaik and I’m ready to Spill It. And here we go. Okay. My favorite book at the moment, You Are A Badass. Matches my top. It’s about creating a good universe around yourself and gravitating towards what you want to be It’s a really, really good read. I’d suggest everyone read it My passport. Don’t leave without my passport. Australian! This is what an Australian passport looks like That’s what kept me here, guys Sunglasses. I love these sunglasses. Bright Eye foam mask. Sometimes I’ll travel and get off the plane and go straight to set Not my favorite, but I have to look good so these really come in handy My phone. People lose their phones all the time because they pick up the wrong phone, and with my phone being placed down I always know which one is mine. This– lotion. SPF 30+, really important. Even in the plane you can get sunburnt, they say. Vitamins. Hum vitamins. They’ve been working for me, so. I love this. This is the Kora Organics, it’s eye oil. And what I love about this, instead of putting cream on your fingers you don’t make a mess, you just roll it on It’s really very smart Doggie baggies. I have a black French bulldog, his name is Chopper. I hate people that have dogs and just like, leave their mess on the street. You gotta do your part, guys. And so, this comes with me everywhere. I don’t have a wallet, it’s really weird. I don’t have a wallet, I should have cash but I don’t hold a lot of cash I like it. It’s Gucci, it’s cool. I like it. KKW concealer, I really love Kim’s new concealer line. With summer right now my skin is like, I would say fluctuating in skin colors – it’s really bad So she has so many colors and right now I’m a number 8 in KKW, so This really flashy pen. From Swarovski. Traveling I have to fill out immigration forms. I don’t like asking people for pens or like the flight attendants all the time so This is my pen, my lucky pen. This deodorant, I’m obsessed with. It’s a coconut oil deodorant. It smells so good, guys, it smells like a candle. Like coconut in your armpits, it’s… it’s really good. Do you wanna try? This perfume. This is like woodsy, and vanilla. I like woodsy flavors, so. Maybelline mascara. I’ve always used Maybelline mascara, since I was a teenager Powder. Can’t leave your house without powder. My husband is a DJ, so with that is really loud speakers around me, and I had to go to this place and get my own custom, like, earbuds. So this is what it looks like. And that’s it, guys. That’s all in my bag. I can fit more. But that’s all I had today. Thank you for watching my Refinery29 video, guys! To watch more videos, please click here, and to subscribe, please click here

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