What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag?

– Today on “eleventhgorgeous” – Stay fabulicious. – Fabulicious? That’s my jam. That’s your jam. – It’s my jam. – [Both] Hey guys. – I feel like I yelled at them. So, I think it’s been a minute since we’ve done this, maybe. – And we’re about to go on a trip again, so we’re like, hey! We’ll show you what’s in our travel make-up bag. – We’re actually like a day out, so glad it’s already packed,
cause, nothing else is. – So, this is my makeup bag. – Mine’s unzipped because I just opened it to get something out. This is my makeup bag, and then I have one for my brushes, right here. – And this one I think was tart, and it just came with some
products inside of it, and I was like, “Hey, that
makes a pretty good makeup bag”. – I don’t know where we got these, but we both got it I feel like. – [Tracy] That?
– [Stefanie] Yeah. – [Tracy] I don’t have that.
– [Stefanie] Maybe you don’t. I think I got it when I was really loving Victoria Secret stuff over the holidays getting like, the long shirts. – Oh, yeah. I’ve got two Covergirl
outlasting fabulicious… – Fabulicious? – Maybe. I meant, two different
shades and my booty blender. – I got my booty blender
and Revlon Color Stain 240. And usually I have a colorgirl. Colorgirl? Covergirl, whenever I hang out at the beach, beach. – Alright, I always have a concealer, and my Maybelline Instant
Age Rewind is a favorite. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
is one favorite of mine. Lots of priciness there, but I do like it. – And always have a paint pot. – Paint pots are a must. You have Soft Ochre, and I have Painterly. – I need a new one. It’s getting kind of like,
dry, dragging on my eye. – I like to have eye-shadow pallets. I have my MAC one that I just got, a two-faced one, and a LORAC PRO to Go. As you can tell, travels with me, a lot. It’s my main source of eye-shadow. – I’ve got a Z Pallete with all of my MAC eye-shadows and I
think a couple of others are not MAC eye-shadows,
like I want to say that I have some Makeup Geek eyeshadow. Yeah, that’s Makeup Geek. I think that’s Makeup Geek. Which I like Makeup Geek. Oh, I just realized! She calls her boyfriend cocoa bear, and that’s cocoa bear! That’s so funny!
– [Stefanie] Oh. – I’m pretty sure, I’m pretty sure, it’s really funny. anyway, I want some more, but yeah. That is, that was in my
backpack from last trip. And then, I’m thinking
this is a good one to take, because… – It’s like Naked 1
and Naked 2 all in one. – Yeah. And I won’t
worry about breaking it, because it’s not super expensive, so it’s the Coastal
Scents: Revealed Palette. – Yep. I got a couple blushes, I’ve got Dallas, which my
LORAC PRO to Go has two in it, but two blushes, Dallas and Royal Blush. – You guys, look. Holly Toledo.
– [Stephanie] Yours is getting down there. Mine’s not bad. – Mine is seriously loved. – Just look at mine. – Maybe it’s because I use it to much. – [Stefanie] That’s crazy.
– [Tracy] I don’t know. – Dallas and L’Oreal True
Match in baby blossom. – My other ones, I have
Sonia Kashuk in pink, and this is Milani Luminoso. I also have a highlight that I got in that award sample box. What is it called? Sample Society, and it’s
Laura Mercier Highlight 01. – Nice, I’ve got a Too
Faced Candlelight highlight. It’s a duo. Love it. – And I usually have a moisturizer, this one’s been traveling
with me as you can tell, It’s got nail polish spilled all over it, but it’s the purlisse
hydra-balance moisturizer and this came in a sample box. – I think I usually take my
First Aid Beauty one with me. I’ve got bronzer, I’ve got the
Chocolate Soleil, Too Faced. Love it! – And I use my Benefit
Dallas as my contour. And I also use this L’Oreal
True Match concealer sometimes, as a contour as well. – That’s a good one. Got eyebrow pencil. (mumbling) – I think mine is in the other room. – I’ve got an empty one, too. – But I’ve got a couple I’ve
been using as well for backups. I’ve got the SEPHORA Waterproof
brow pencil in Honey Blonde and then the Your Best
Friend, YBF, Universal Taupe. Options! Stefanie- I have eye liners, but I don’t typically use eye liners
like, creamy eye liners. This is the Too Faced
Perfect Black waterproof, and it’s pretty good. – I have the stila Smudge Stick in Damsel. – What else, what else, what else. Tracy- Mascara! These are two I’ve been loving. – Covergirl, Lash Blast Volume is my jam. – And then Molly, Mally B
also got it in a Birchbox. You guys, I just am realizing how many products I
like take from my sample boxes and incorporate into my collection. That’s really cool. – Speaking about brows, I’ve
got a gimme brow by Benefit which I like to set my brows with. – Speaking of brows, tweezers, always a good thing to have. And got liquid eye liner right? – Yeah. Liquid eyeliner! Tracy- I have the Smashbox
Limitless Liquid Eye Liner pen in dark brown, been loving that one. – Kat Von D Tattoo Liner,
it’s my new favorite next next to the Tarte one now. – I have a mix of makeup brushes from Sedona Lace, to a Coastal
Scents, to Sigma, to Real Techniques, to Revlon, and then these are Sigma, so. I have a mix of brushes. – I’ve for SEPHORA, Sigma,
and Real Techniques! Cause I got the SEPHORA in a kit. I’ve got some ARDELL
LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive. Because sometimes we
wear lashes and you know, that’s the only thing
like, I don’t want to have to buy new eyelash glue,
whenever I buy lashes, so I try to travel with some. – Yes. I’ve got lots of Lippies, These are just Lippies
that stay in my travel bag. I usually change it
out a lot, so these are not Lippies that travel
with my every time, I’ll just exchange them so … Just some lip glosses and some lipstick. – Yeah, I try to pare
mine down because I know that I have a hard time zippering this so much…
– ’cause they break. – Yeah. So I leave two
right now, which is … Coralberry is like … – [Stefanie] It’s your jam.
– [Tracy] It’s my jam. – That one’s also your jam. – This is a nice new like nudey one. – Oh yeah, you have a darker one of that. – Yeah. I like the darker one more. – What about the Milani one? Do you travel with that one? – [Tracy] The Power Pip one?
– [Stefanie] Yeah. – No, I actually, when I travel, I don’t bring a lot of
super hard core Lippies. If I’m being honest, one of my favorites to travel with is my COVERGIRL… – The Smoochies? – Yeah, the Smoochies.
Those are my favorite. Especially the hashtag love you? – Hashtag love you? Yeah.
– [Tracy] Yeah. That’s my favorite one. – I like to have a good pink lip, a good corally lip,
and a good neutral lip. If I can at least cover those, you know, then I’m pretty good to go. So that’s everything that’s in our travel makeup bags. – We want to know what your essentials are for when you go traveling. Like what is your must have–
– [Stefanie] Can’t live without it. – blush, eye-shadow, mascara, eye liner, like just tell us some of
your super favorite items. – Yeah and any tips or
tricks to travel with makeup. Kind of like my LORAC PRO
to Go, that’s my travel tip because it’s got like
blush, and eye shadow and everything you need, so if you have anything like that, that’s like one stop shop, we want to know. – And give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed seeing what was in our travel makeup bags. – Don’t forget to subscribe, and click all of the videos around here. – And we’ll have like a,
“What’s in my bag” playlist down below, where it’s not just
like what’s in my purse, but all kinds of “what’s
in my” type videos. – Yes. And we’ll talk to all
of you guys in our next video. – We sure will! – [Both] Bye guys!

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