What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?!?| Lia Lavon

Hey Youtube fam! It’s ya girl Lia back again
with another video and today’s video as you can see from the title is a what’s
in my travel makeup bag video. Now for the next five weeks I will be
traveling non-stop by air, by car. For the next five weeks a hotel is gonna
be my new place of residence. Although I just moved recently you can see a
different background. It was for not because I won’t be able to enjoy this
place until pretty much October. But I wanted to show you guys what were some
important things for me to bring with me while I travel. When you travel of course
you know you can’t bring the whole container. My whole beauty room cannot go with me. Although while you’re traveling you still want to look good. Now I’m
traveling for work but the majority of this is things that I would take even if
I was traveling for persona. The only thing I do differently typically when
I’m traveling for personal is putting some lashes on because if you guys know I
don’t have any lashes. But I wanted to show you kind of what I take with me
because you’re traveling you really want to have your favorites. So this is really
about my pint-sized favorite products that I feel like are going to be my must
packs for my travels. So I got my suitcase over here beside me because I
literally leave Tuesday of this week and I needed a bag that was gonna fit really
well. Now this has been my travel makeup bag for the longest. I like it it’s very
colorful though. I wanted something a little bit more demure. They’re both from
Sonia Kashuk. A majority of my travel bags are Sonia Kashuk. The one before this was
Sonia Kashuk. Sonia Kashuk just makes some really good travel bags
and of course you can get this from Target. This is the black one I really
wanted gray. If you guys can see a theme kind of going on with me more recently.
Gray has become like my new favorite color but I just picked this bag up
yesterday and I’m literally taking this stuff out now and I have the items
beside me that I’m gonna show you that I’m gonna pack with me on my upcoming
trip. Now first for skincare. I don’t the whole regimen. You guys know I love my ponds dry skin cream. For travel I just can’t
bring that big container. So you want to keep things very pint-sized. So I got to
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and this is what that looks like. It’s of
course under that three ounces that works well for travel. So I like to use
that and of course the washcloths that come in the room as well as the
Neutrogena makeup remover wipes the travels size. So I always kind of keep
this with me when I am traveling. Now my travel-size deodorants and lotions
that’s in my normal suitcase but today we’re focusing on more my travel makeup
related products. So the Neutrogena wipes work really good in that travel size.
The Cetaphil cleanser it’s not my Cerave. You guys know I love my Cerave
hydrating cleanser. When I’m on the road I just really need something that small.
So next the question is what do I bring if I don’t bring my ponds dry skin cream. Now I bring this mini mini size of this MAC strobe cream. This is very mini sized. You
guys know if you ever checked out online from Mac they give you the option of
getting one complimentary free product. I always get the strobe cream because it’s
easy to travel with. Like I literally always choose that. You can do like the
mini mascaras and all that. I really just like the strobe cream as my moisturizer.
So after I get done cleansing my face and washing it in the morning with that
cetaphil cleanser. Then I go in with my strobe cream that works as my
moisturizer. It’s really a good primer but it has that feel that it works
really well as a moisturizer. Gonna put the bag right here. Now I’m gonna pack the rest of the stuff in the order in which I do my makeup
typically. So first I typically always do my brows. Of course it’s going to be the
NYX brow pencil in chocolate. Why would I not. I use this in my regular life. It’s
compact enough to come with me in my travel life. I mean this is the pencil
of all pencils. I used to spend that $17 on that Anastasia why when you can
spend $9.99 and get the same exact thing. The spoolie on the end. For me my brows
are more so about taming I’ve always said that. The hairs are pretty much there.
They just like to be everywhere. This comb tames those. So that’s why I
love the NYX in the chocolate. I do fill in my brows a little bit. You guys have
seen me do that in my brows tutorial video but this pencil is everything.
Along with my mac studio finish concealer. That’s what I like to use for
cleaning up my brows. I use this as a lighter shade and then go in with my
foundation as a darker shade to kind of make it all blend so my brows aren’t
stark bright. I think this works really well. I’ve used the mac studio finish
concealer forever as my brow clean up. Don’t use this as a real concealer
though because it is too heavy for me. It’s way too much for me. Now again like
I said my brows like to be unruly so it’s more so about holding things in
place. Maybelline Great Lash the clear lash
gel has been my last gel of life since I don’t know early college. Maybe even high school. This keeps my brows in place but then I top it with a wax. The
elf wax pencil. A lot of things I’m saying are super affordable. I mean this
is under $6. The elf pencil is under $4. So again very cheap products but this is
the elf brow wax. It’s super dirty because I typically put it on the top of
my brows after I’ve done my concealer so it gets kind of dirty. But again these
two together really love them for really holding their brows in place so they go
with me period. When I’m traveling it feels like when my
brows want to act up the absolute most. Now when I travel for work it’s about
50/50 if I do my eye makeup. I don’t really require a golden eye. When I
travel for work but sometimes you do want to kind of look jazzy say you’re
going out say there’s a special occasion that night. Say it’s a career fair and
then that career event there’s a dinner or something going on. I work in
recruiting if you guys don’t know and recruiting is about you know being
presentable and really selling your company. And when you’re sell your company it’s about 50/50 on if I need all that eye makeup on. But if I do travel and this
is period whether it’s for work or personal this Huda Beauty palette has
been my go-to. It has been the win. It’s the goat really of all palettes. It’s everything in one. I mean I love a gold eye. I keep it very basic with my eye look. You can call me a basic Betty
and I won’t be mad at you because I do keep it the same. I just did the DMX
challenge here on Instagram as I’m filming this it’s August. As you’re
watching this hopefully it’s not too late in the year. I’m filming this before
I leave on my travels but who knows if I’m gonna be able to edit during my
travels like that. But I realize I do a lot of the same makeup look. So I did the
DMX challenge. I realized I wear a lot of color 2 hairs and I need to stop that
and I do a lot of the same makeup look but what’s wrong with doing what you
know. And what I know is a good golden eye. This palette has my crease color I need.
It has my transition color. Has the lid shades all in one when. When I travel it’s
really not time for experimentation either. It’s not time to bring my newest
kind of product. My newest kind of product that I just recently bought is the
Jackie Aina palette. Oh my gos. I really like this palette. This is what I
used on my eyes today. My first time using it. I did create like a golden look and I
know she has a lot of purples in here and a lot of you know experimental
colors. I like this and I think this would work so well for somebody for
traveling and all that. But for me it’s just missing a transition color. That’s
the one thing I wish it kind of had. This I tried to put right here today and it
was just a little too dark for me. I do like the soft glow palette by Anastasia though. You guys can notice I killed this palette. If it had burnt
orange in here I think it would change the game for me. If this palette had burnt
orange because I love the lid shade on it. This it would probably be my go to
travel if I needed a larger palette. Right now
I couldn’t probably travel solely with this palette just because it just
doesn’t have that transition color for me. But I think if you’re like two
octane’s a little bit darker than me then I think ginger is gonna be your
go-to transition color. If you’re kind of a little bit darker skin than me you’re
gonna love this palette. But I love palate and it’s gonna be my go-to
at-home palate. For now I’m just gonna have to use burnt orange from the soft
glam palette to kind of work with this. But this isn’t about that palette. This
is just to say palettes like these work really well for travel but it’s not time
to experiment. Like that’s why I’m not packing Jackie Aina. I haven’t had time to
play around with the Jackie Aina palette. I had a plenty of time to play around
with the huda beauty palette and I know it works really well for me and traveling.
So the next thing is mascara of course. I love travel-size mascaras. I have the Too
Faced better than sex travel size and the benefit roller lash in travel size.
Both of these are coming with me because one of them is running low. Don’t
know which one is which and I don’t want to be surprised on the journey because
again I have no lashes. So mascara is really gonna be my go-to thing. Now
typically if I’m traveling for personal I do pack lashes with me. Lashes and lash glue are always a go-to. Typically I re-use a lot of my lashes too when traveling. So I can get away with maybe two pairs on a four day type of a trip
situation. So again lashes aren’t going with me specifically for this trip so
I’ll leave it in this bag. But again I would have lashes as my next step when I
am traveling for personal. Next I move on to foundation. Foundation you guys know this has been my favorite foundation probably of the year. If I do a favorites
end of year video NARS natural radiant longwear foundation gonna be on the
list. Love this foundation to death. Probably talked about this in my last
three makeup related videos because it just deserves it. There’s no other
foundations going with me. It’s just this foundation. There’s no reason for
any other competition. As well as concealer for this trip is going to be
the MAC 24 hour studio fix smooth wear concealer. I have been loving this. I
don’t know if I’ve talked about this in a video but this is all I’ve been using.
I actually have it in two shades. I bought it in NC 42 at first. It was way
too light for me surprisingly. So I bought it in NC 44. Love this concealer.
It’s what I have on today. Most everything I’m talking about today is
what I have on other than the eyeshadow. The eyeshadow pallete I
did use today is Jackie Aina. Didn’t use this today but again pretty much
everything I’m talking about is what I have on today. As well as the next phase
of the process which is my fenty beauty contour stick. This is this contour stick
I use. I love this for contouring. I am in the shade truffle for contouring with
this stick. And I also like to go over it with a powder just to set it to make
sure everything is tight and held together. If it’s a long day I don’t like
to just use a cream even though I’m dry skin. I am a dry skin person so a lot of
products don’t move around on my face. That’s why you won’t see a setting
powder in this video but I do need to set some of my cream contours just in
case it’s a super hot day. We don’t know what’s gonna happen. It’s some movements that can happen. I love the Anastasia Powder bronzer in cappuccino. Now I just talked
about not needing a powder but I forgot about my under-eye powder. I do like to
use the Laura Mercier translucent powder. This is the mini version of it. Of
course you guys know the bigger rounder version that they have. This is the mini
travel size version of this and of course I do like to use this for
traveling. My next thing is my blush palette. With blushes I like to have
options when I travel. So palettes work best. This elf palette is what under
seven dollars. I believe it’s six dollars. You get a lot of shades. This is the dark
version. I do have the light and dark. I tend to go for the dark more because I
think the light is of course made for more fair skin tones.
Whereas dark works well for us and especially good for fall as we enter
into the fall season. Next for highlight I don’t really take a palette for
highlight. I like to take a single highlighter. This is Mac oh darling
highlighter. Really like this as well. I have it on today and it’s not blinding.
When I travel for work you know you don’t need to be blinding them with the
highlight. You don’t need to do all that. Just keep it demure and that’s what
I like about this. This is a very demure. So Mac oh darling. Also for travel times
I always use a mini size of the MAC fix+. It’s been a staple pretty much the whole YouTube game for the last few years.
Love this. This is the fix plus. I sometimes use this too as a primer since
I’m not packing really a primer. I can use the strobe cream and then spray
afterwards and then sprayed on at the end to finish the whole look. Then lastly
we have lips. It’s the same combo I use here. Again I don’t like to be
experimental with my makeup. I like to kind of use what works best for me
in a normal day-to-day life. I’m not wearing purple lipstick day to day so
why am I gonna pack purple lipstick. Gonna bring MAC chestnut lip liner. Have used
this for years. Love this lip liner. I’m gonna bring Anastasia Sepia. You guys
get tired of me saying this. I own probably a 100 lipsticks total use this
all the time. Have it on today. It’s what I love. It’s what works best for me. It’s
natural-looking. I’m going for a natural look. Like I have my French nails done
right now because I’m trying to look very much so you know natural and
professional. That’s the look I’m trying to go for for these next five weeks. So
this is gonna go with me. Should have bought another one during the Sephora
VIB surprise sale they had but didn’t what I’ve been loving recently with it
though is putting a lipstick in the middle of it too to kind of tone it down
and it’s a very fall kind of color so sometimes you need to kind of tone it
down just a wee bit so it’s not you know wow it’s not screaming at you and I like
to use NYX lipstick and blush or the Maybelline truffle tease they’re both
kind of lighter shade lipsticks they’re just light enough you kind of see
they’re kind of skin tone just enough to kind of lighten up the look a little bit
I also bring brushes but not as many brushes as I have at the home you know I
would need a little brush for carving out my brows my my crease brush a basic
blush brush this is from morphe sigma a lot of these my highlighter brushes from
sigma my contour brush is from sigma these are some elf brushes this is
Ecotools for my Laura Mercier product but the real product the real superstar
I wanted to talk about is another product I picked up from Tarte I
actually own a couple of these in the house but I wanted to have some that go
with me on the road as well and they are the Sonia Kashuk makeup blenders these
are amazing these I don’t I don’t know what made me buy them like a couple
months ago I actually saw them in stores I was like oh that’s and they let me
give them I used to be a so you catch the brush fan I’m really haven’t been in
a while just cuz they were sooo but these blenders were $5 for
individuals there I believe seven to $18 for two a two together pack like that
don’t know why I didn’t buy a two together pack I think because they had a
gray and they didn’t have a gray in the solo package so like let me just get the
gray one so again these brushes don’t you catch it to me better than a beauty
blender better than the beauty blender which is
17 to 18 dollars it’s better than the Real Techniques sponge so you can shake
put her foot she did some with this she went off with these makeup blender so
I’m gonna pack these with me and for this isn’t the one-stop shop you can put
your foundation your concealer and your contour on with one product that’s why I
don’t have as many brushes and I don’t have to take as many brushes as if you
have a foundation brush a separate concealer brush and all that it’s kind
of one-stop shop and that is my travel makeup bag I’m not trying to do too much
I’m trying to steal look like myself while looking a little better than my
normal self if you guys watch my most recent vlog I think my travel blog where
I was going for a place to place at work you kind of saw my makeup routine but if
you ever want to see me sitting down and do my makeup routine here let me know
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