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Hey everybody and welcome back to my channel. So today I thought I would do a What Is In
My Travel Makeup Bag video. Because I haven’t done one of these before, and I’m going away
at the end of this week. I’m going away from Thursday till Sunday for a Scope event. I’ve
been invited to do a training session for the Scope For Change campaign, along with
a lot of other amazing people as well. So I’m going up to Loughborough
for a few days. I am gonna need makeup with me! So I thought
this was a prime opportunity to film a What’s In My Makeup Bag video whilst I’ve got everything
packed. I’m pretty much wearing everything I’ve got on today, so it’s kind of what I’m
wearing on my face at the moment. So I thought I would show you guys what I
will take with me, if I was going away somewhere like holiday, or if I was going away for a
few days, and hopefully give you guys some inspiration. Because I love watching these
videos, so I’m quite excited to be doing one myself. This is the makeup bag in question. It’s quite
big. It opens up quite big. And it was from TK Maxx. I don’t know if you can see, but
it’s got a picture of a redhead cartoon girl on it, and it’s set in London. You’ve got
a little London bus, and she’s got her shopping, and she’s walking by The Gherkin. And it’s
just really, really cute. It’s basically a redhead girl in London. I was like
“Oh my gosh, this is me.” I got it from TK Maxx, and I think it was
£12 something, and I love it. It’s really handy and it’s quite big. It’s quite deceiving.
I call it my Mary Poppins bag, because look. You can fit loads in it. It was really hard to pick out of all my makeup,
because this dressing table behind me has got completely… all the drawers in it are
full up with makeup. Every single drawer, all barring one at the moment which is my
hair drawer, has got makeup in it. So you can imagine how it was rooting through all
my stuff, trying to pick what I wanted to take. But I’ve narrowed it down
to some of my favourites. I’m gonna delve in and just gonna pick things
out at random. I’m not gonna go in any particular order, so that’s just how I’m gonna roll. The first thing I’ve just picked out is the
Soap & Glory Glow All Out Powder, which I mentioned in my favourites video. This is
a really beautiful pink powder. It’s a luminous powder, so it gives a little bit of a glow
to the skin. It’s great for me because I am a bit of a pink toned skin colour. So it just really looks nice, and it complements
my skin, it looks really lovely. It does leave your skin feeling nice and powdered, but it
does give you a bit of luminosity. It doesn’t make you look really cakey, and it blends
in easily. And it’s got that traditional Soap & Glory scent as well, which I love. So I really like this, and it’s a great powder,
and I’ve been using it a lot recently. So I’m gonna take this with me, and the
mirror’s quite generous as well inside. So that’s the first thing. The second thing I’ve pulled out is my Nars
Radiant Creamy Concealer, which I’ve recently purchased, because I’ve seen lots of people
talking about this one, and I wanted to try it myself. I love this concealer. It’s absolutely
amazing. It gives a nice luminosity to the skin, but it’s not too oily. It does have very good
coverage as well. I use it under my eyes and on my problem areas. The next thing I’m gonna be taking is my foundation.
Now recently, I’ve done a few videos and a few of you guys have been like “Oh my god
Emily, what are you wearing on your skin?” And it’s been this. It’s been the YSL Touche
Éclat Foundation. And I am in the shade BR10 if you wanna know. It’s dewy without being too oily. It gives
a lovely fresh look to the skin. It’s got very good coverage. It’s medium to high coverage,
depending on how much you wanna put on. I personally usually go about 2 pumps. And I
just absolutely love the finish it gives. It’s just such a nice foundation. My mum’s
also got it as well and she loves it too. And it’s just been working really well for
me so far. So this is the one I’m gonna be taking with
me, because I just know that it’ll work for me, and it’s just great for an everyday thing.
But equally, if I wanted a bit more of a heavy finished look for the evening, I could add
a little bit more of this week and it would look really nice. So that’s what I’m taking
with me. YSL Touche Éclat, absolute fave at the moment. I am also gonna be taking with me a little
miniature of the Benefit Hoola Bronzer, which is a really nice matte bronzer. With any little
miniature things I get, so sample sizes or travel sizes or little things I get from my
beauty advent calendar, or any kind of thing like that, or little Benefit sets or anything,
I always save the miniatures and keep them for when I’m going away. Because I don’t wanna
have to take the big massive sizes, because I just don’t wanna have to do that. Because
you have to have more room for stuff, and it just gets more of a fiasco. So I always
keep the little miniatures for when I’m travelling. So this is why I’ve kept this little miniature
one, which was in my Do The Hoola set, and I love this bronzer. It’s my favourite,
I think my second favourite next to the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. Quite
similar in colour. A little tiny bit darker. But, like I said, because this is a smaller one,
I want this one because it’s nice and compact. For brows I’m gonna be taking with me the
Urban Decay Brow Pencil in Taupe. And it’s got a little pencil on one side, which I love,
it’s a really great colour for my brows. And then it’s got a little brush, which I can use to
maintain my brows and keep them in place. I really like the way it makes my brows look.
I can have a really nice, full natural brow, without them looking
too fake or synthetic. And I’ve just got used to using a brow pencil.
I used to hate using brow pencils, but now I love it. And this is just my all time favourite
brow product above anything I’ve ever used before. So I’m gonna be taking this with me
for just doing my brows of the daytime. Next up is the Urban Decay Primer Potion,
and it’s their original one, just their classic one that I’ve used before. And it’s a little
baby size. I mean, it’s so cute, look how tiny it is. I really like this primer potion,
it’s great. It’s just a very natural look, it doesn’t have any shimmer or anything in
it like the Eden one does. But this is just great if you just want to make sure your eyeshadow
stays in place. I really like it, it doesn’t make my eyeshadow crease. And I’ve just used
it for ages now, so I’m gonna be taking this with me, because again
it’s a little miniature one. We have a little miniature of the High Beam
Highlighter by Benefit. Again because it’s a little miniature size that I got in a set,
I’m taking this with me. I love this highlighter, I’m actually wearing it today. It’s just a
really beautiful pink colour. And it’s got a bit of a pearly undertone to it. It’s not
too shimmery, it’s just such a pretty colour. I use it on the brow bone
and on the cheek bones. And because this is a liquid highlighter,
it will be easier for me to use. I can use it with my fingers, and I won’t have to take
extra brushes for it, which is why I’m taking it with me. I really like the way it looks,
and I’ve used it for years. I think this is one of the first Benefit products
I ever tried and I love it. Another Benefit product, and it is the They’re
Real Mascara, and it’s a little tiny size again. I love this mascara, I’ve used it for
years now. I really like the way it makes my lashes look. It gives a lot of definition
and length to them. I mean, my lashes are quite long anyway, but it’s nice to have a
little bit of extra length. It’s a tried and trusted product, I’ve used
it so many times in looks and stuff, and I just still like it to this day. It’s by far
my all time favourite one, out of all the ones I’ve tried. And I’ve tried a lot in my
time. So Benefit’s They’re Real, absolute favourite, love it. I’m also gonna be taking with me a lip oil.
Now, the reason I’m taking this with me is because I have also got a few lip tints. And
if I want to add a little bit of a gloss or a little bit of a sheen to my lips,
I can add this on. And this is the Clarins Lip Oil, and it’s
their Honey one. And I just really like this. It’s very conditioning, it adds a really nice
gloss to the lips, and you can also use it as a lip oil in the evening to give your lips
a bit of conditioning. I got it in December and I’ve been using it a lot recently. And I just think it’s a great thing to have
if you’re just having a bit of a lip liner, but then you also wanna add something to make
it look more like a gloss, you could do that, which is why I’m using this one. Also, another thing to mention is that a lot
of hotels have air-con. So when you’re in your hotel room, you might end up with chapped
lips. So I’m taking this because I don’t want my lips to get all chapped and nasty. And
this is my favourite one because it’s got honey in it, so it’s very conditioning for
the lips, and it’s really good. And also I’m gonna be going swimming a lot
of the time, because there’s a big pool in the hotel. So the chlorine can dry out my
lips a little bit, so I don’t want that to happen. So again, this is why I’m taking that. I’m also going to be taking with me the Urban
Decay Stag Eyeliner, which is a very dark brown colour. It’s like a coffee brown, I’d
have said, and it’s matte. And I really like this eyeliner, because it’s not too dark.
I don’t always like using black eyeliners, especially when I’m away from home, when my
mum can’t check whether I’ve done it ok. The Urban Decay eyeliner’s are great, you
can correct them easily, they’re quite easy to apply. They’re more like a pencil, but
they’re quite creamy. And I just really like this colour. So I’m gonna be taking this one
with me in case I wanna add a bit of eyeliner. I’m also gonna be taking with me the Urban
Decay Brow Gel in Neutral Brown. This is a tinted brow gel. I don’t always use tinted
brow gels. But because I haven’t had my eyebrows tinted in a little bit of a while, I’ve not had
them done in about 4 weeks, they’re starting to get a little bit more of a pale colour.
So if I want to make them look a little bit more darker, then I would use this. But I
don’t know if I’m necessarily gonna use this. If I want to add something extra for the evening,
then this is what I would use. So I am gonna be taking this with me as well. Next I have a quad, and it is the Charlotte
Tilbury Golden Goddess Quad. And, oh my gosh, I love this quad. I got it for my birthday
last year and I have used it a lot. So this has got a nice mixture of different shimmery
golden bronzy tone colours. And I like this quad because if I’m having a really uninspired
day and I don’t know what to put on my eyes, or I just want something quite easy to use,
I will reach for this. Because I love Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadows,
they’re such an easy thing to blend. They look amazing, and I just really like the way
they look. I’ve got them on today at the moment actually. I’ve got one of the shades on my
crease, and I’ve also got the lighter shade on my brow bone. And I love this. And I just
really like the colours. And it’s just great for either an evening look or a daytime look.
It’s quite a versatile little quad, and I really like it. Sticking with eyeshadows, another eyeshadow
I’m gonna be taking with me is the Charlotte Tilbury Bette Eyes To Mesmerise Eyeshadow.
So I’ve mentioned one of these in my last video, and they’re basically a water-based
cream eyeshadow. They are such a creamy product to put on, they’re so easy to blend, and they’re
just such a nice thing to have for a daytime look. So if I haven’t got a lot of time in the morning,
maybe I’ve slept in or something, then this is a great product to use, because you can
just have a little sweep of colour on the lid, blend it out a little bit, and you’re pretty
much good to go, which is why I like it. And Bette is a really pretty gold colour.
It’s got nice amber tones running through it as well, but it’s such a lovely colour. One more Charlotte Tilbury product for eyes
I have to show you is the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon, and it’s in the colour Champagne
Diamonds. So, I’m sure some of you guys know about Colour Chameleons. They’re basically
eyeshadow cream sticks. And they’re like pencils, you can sharpen them. And you basically put
them on as and where you want to. They’re made to match or complement your eye
colour. So Champagne Diamonds is meant for blue eyes, and it’s just a nice really shimmery
champagne colour. So this I probably would use just all over the lid or in the inner
corner, and then with a bit of the Bette as well over the top. Just because I really like
the colour, and I just love the way it looks, and it’s such a shimmery colour, and it’s
really pretty for the spring. For blusher, I have 2 that I’m gonna be taking
with me. It was really hard to pick with blusher, because I’ve got so many that I love. But
these are the 2 that I use a lot, and that I know are really nice and complementary to
my skin tone. The first one I’m gonna be taking with me
is the Milani Luminoso. And it’s just a really pretty peachy pink colour, but it’s also got
gold tones running through it. It’s a shimmery kind of colour, so it is very highlighting,
but it’s just such a beautiful colour for the daytime. And then the other one I’m taking with me
is the Nars Orgasm Blusher. Now, this is slightly similar to Luminoso, but this one’s got a
bit more of a pink tone to it. This one’s more peach. So this is just nice if you want
a bit more of a cooler tone look. But it has still got gold tones running through it, so
it’s still shimmery, and it’s still a good tone if you’ve got light skin. But they’re just 2 different shades of blush.
One’s more peach, one’s more pink. So I’m gonna be taking these 2 with me, and I really
like these blushers. They’re 2 of my favourite ones at the moment. I’m also gonna be taking with me 2 of the
miniature Benefit tints. I got these in a set and I really like these 2 colours. One of them
is in Posietint, which I love, and the other one is in Chachatint, which I’ve recently
started to use. Now, Posietint is more of a pink colour. I’d say it’s more of a slightly
peachy tone pink. It’s really pretty, it’s lovely for the spring. And then Chachatint,
it’s more of a coral tone pink. So it’s got more of a warmer corally orangey undertone
to it. And I was dubious of this at first, but I put it on and I was like “Oh my god,
this is beautiful.” It’s lovely for pale skin. So I really like these, and they’re really
small, so they don’t take up a lot of room. You can either use them as a blusher, or you
can use them on the lips as a lip tint. It depends what you want. You can use them as
both. And they’re really versatile, and I love the colours. So these are the 2 that
I’m gonna be taking with me. Another highlight I’m gonna be taking with
me is the Benefit Watts Up Highlighter, and it’s again a miniature one. Now, I love this
highlighter. It’s more of a champagne colour. So I’d say this is nicer for the evening,
I think, because it’s just got that really beautiful elegant look to it, and it’s got
that shimmer running through it. And I really like it. And because it’s a little miniature,
it again doesn’t take up a lot of room. But I have the full size one and I really
like this. It’s one of my favourite highlighters. So I’m gonna be taking this with me, and probably
using it as an evening kind of thing. Or maybe if I just am using a gold tone eye, then I
would probably add this as well. For primer, I’m gonna be taking with me the
Benefit That Gal Primer. This is more like a brightening primer. So I’d say this is nice
for the springtime. And it’s just really dewy looking, it gives a lovely glowy finish to the
skin. It’s got a pink tone running through it. So it’s just nice if you want something
to brighten your skin up. So another thing I’m gonna be taking with
me is the Urban Decay Setting Spray, and this is the one which is for Long Lasting Makeup.
Now, I have used the setting spray before, I’ve got the big size one of the Chill one,
which I love. But this one is nice as well, just because if you want to fix your makeup
in place. It does work. You have to put a few squirts of it on your face, it will feel
a little bit wet or damp, and then you just wait for it to dry, and it will keep your
makeup in place. I would say use this before you’re gonna put
on your mascara, because if you don’t it might run a little bit. I found this personally
anyway. Or you can wait until your mascara dries completely. But I personally put it
on before I put mascara on, and then finish up with mascara. Now, for contour and highlight, I’ve got this
beautiful palette which I’ve been loving. And it is by Charlotte Tilbury, and it’s the
Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow. So I’ve mentioned this in my makeup look that I did recently,
my spring one. It’s got a lovely matte contour, and it’s got a nice highlight this side. I absolutely love this. It’s such a nice colour
for pale skin tones. And they’ve got a variety of different shades. I think this is the lightest
one though, and it’s really, really pretty. And I just absolutely love the finish
it gives, and it’s such a nice contour. So I’m gonna be taking
that with me as well. We’re getting to the bottom of the makeup
bag now, and I’ve just got a few more things to show you from the makeup bag.
And I’ve got some lip products. So first of all I just wanna mention the lip
liner I’m taking. I am gonna be taking the Naked2 Lip Liner by Urban Decay. And this
is just a really pretty, very slightly brown tone pink. So it’s good for a nude lip, or
if you just want something quite simple, but then you wanna add
a lip gloss over the top. And then lastly for lips I’ve got these 2
lip products here. The first one is the Lancôme Juicy Shaker in the shade Vanilla Pop. Again,
I mentioned this in my last video. I love this colour. It’s a beautiful brown tone red,
it’s slightly burgundy looking. And it’s so pretty for this time of the year. And also
because it’s sheer, it’s a lovely daytime lip colour, because it’s a nice plumping,
moisturising lip colour. But it’s quite a sheer finish,
it’s not too heavy. The other one I’m gonna be taking with me
is the Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose Lipstick. Now, this is a slightly reddish pink tone
brown colour. It’s really pretty, and it’s nice for an everyday look. It’s a beautiful
finish. I love Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, they’re such a creamy finish. They feel lovely
on the lips, they smell amazing. They don’t wear patchy, which is why I like them.
I think they’re really good quality. So these are the two I’m
gonna be taking with me. So I just also wanna mention some brushes
I’m gonna be taking with me. As you can see by my pots there, I have a lot of brushes.
But I’m trying to be quite sensible about what brushes I’m taking with me, and only
pick ones that I use on a daily basis. Because I don’t wanna have to take loads of things
with me when I’m gonna be travelling. And the first one I’ve got is the Real Techniques
Powder Brush. It’s big, it’s fluffy, it’s got a nice, slightly rounded top. It’s great
for powder, it’s great for bronzer, it’s great for blending and buffing things in. Another one I’m gonna be taking with me is
the MAC 168 Brush. Now, this is a slanted fluffy brush. It’s good for contour, it’s
good for highlight, and it’s good for blusher. So it’s quite a versatile brush to use. So
I just like this one because I’m gonna be using contour and blush, and they’re all powders.
So I think something like this would be quite a useful brush to have. Another one I’ll be taking with me is the
ZOEVA Silk Finish Brush. This is great to have a nice airbrushed finish to the skin.
It’s good for either foundation or concealer, so I’m gonna be taking this to act as both
a concealer and a foundation brush. 4 of the ones I’ve got here are for eyes.
So I’ve got a MAC 217 Brush. It’s a pretty classic brush. Lots of people love this brush,
because it’s fluffy, it’s great for blending, and it’s just a really nice brush to have. Another one I’m gonna be taking with me is
a MAC 224 Brush. This is a bigger blending brush, so it’s good if I want to have a bit more of
a smokey look, and I want to blend a bit more. Another one I’m gonna be taking with me is
the MAC 239 Brush. This is great for patting on colour, and having a bit more of a concentrated
colour. So it’s great for colour all over the lid. And I really like this also for colour
on the brow bones. And then the last one I’m gonna be taking
with me is a Morphy M505 Brush. This is nice to add a bit more of a colour onto the crease,
but also colour on the inner corner. Lastly I’m gonna be taking with me a MAC 221
Brush. This is a lip brush, just to have more of a defined line. I’m more of a person who
likes to use a lip brush, because I like to get the colour everywhere, and get it in the
corners of my lip, which is the area I always miss. So I wanted to take a lip brush
with me as well. And that is pretty much everything in my What’s
In My Makeup Bag. I really hope you enjoyed it, and you got some ideas of things you might
like to take away with you if you’re going travelling. Do let me know in the comments below what
you guys would take away with you, if you’re going on holiday or somewhere. I’d like to
know what you take with you. Also don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe
as well if you’re new. And I will see you guys in my next one. Bye! [Outro music]

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