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hey guys it’s Lauren and today I’m
doing a video talking about what is in my travel makeup bag so I actually just
got back from a trip to the beach like yesterday and I really wanted to share
with you guys while it was fresh on my mind what type of products that I like
to bring when I go on vacation so I know that summer is coming to a close and
everyone’s trying to give them those last-minute
you know summer vacations and if you are these are some really helpful like
products and tips for what you should bring if you’re kind of like me and
don’t really know or need kind of like a guideline or a list so you can make sure
that you don’t forget anything this is also really helpful for trips authored a
year not just summer but some of these products like bronzers and stuff are
more directed towards summer trips so I hope that this video is helpful for you
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channel out and I just really appreciate it so without further adieu let’s get
the video product I wanted to talk to you guys about is one from Becca it is a
primer it’s the Becca backlight priming filter here’s what it looks like and
this primer I think is really great for the summer especially because of course
should wear underneath makeup but I also think this is great for wearing alone
when I’m at the beach or when I’m at like a kind of a hot place I don’t
necessarily love wearing a ton of makeup just every single day unless I’m going
out to dinner or doing something where I kind of want to look better but this is
really great because it gives just such a radiance to the skin so if you wanted
to wear on your own ionic 7 without a foundation or BB cream it looks super
nice but if you want to wear underneath a foundation it also looks great because
it’ll give your skin kind of like a glow from within and it’ll really kind of
shine through but not each you overpowering I don’t know if I’m
explaining this right but when you have like a foundation on it kind of just
shows like a little bit of radiance without looking too glowy or too oily so
the next product I have is a Make Up For Ever foundation here’s what it looks
like it’s the Ultra HD one and if you have a similar skin tone to me I’m IMing
the shade Y 2 to 5 and this is been a product I’ve used just forever I believe
I’m talking about on my channel before here’s the thing with this foundation I
feel like it is perfect at first summer from basically a lot of skin types
because for me it does look just a little just the right amount of like
glow it oil seep through and come up to the skin
where it’s not looking too oily or making you look to you like greasy or
whatever it just kind of makes me look radiant and I really like that
so of course I’m not going to be wearing this if I’m at the beach or like going
down to the pool or whatever just because I don’t really like doing that I
like to be able to how like actual sunscreen of my face and just kind of go
more natural but like I said before with the primer if you’re going out to dinner
or doing something more fancy I really recommend this so the next product is
actually one of my all-time favorites I’m gonna kind of try and keep my
description kind of brief on it just because I have talked about this a lot
on my channel before but it is the heart-shaped tape concealer and I have
mine in the shade fair neutral this product is great for covering under-eye
circles it’s great for covering blemishes and for me it’s really just
one of those products it does have a heavier formulas who don’t necessarily
want to be wearing it like all the time covering your face in it but if you are
gonna be like out and about on a vacation but you don’t want to be
wearing like I’m straight out like foundation or even a BB cream on your
face you can just use this to cover up those dark circles or bludgeons wherever
and you’ll be good okay so this powder is one from Kat Von D it is the Kat Von
D lock-it translucent setting powder you can’t really see what it is because it’s
like an engraving and it doesn’t really show up on camera but this hat are super
great because it’s not one that’s gonna have any flash back so you’re out on
taking pictures with the family and you don’t want to look like a ghost but you
do want to look kind of like smoothed out and put together this product is
great okay so the next one I have is the invisible bronzer from bareMinerals
here’s what it looks like and I have mine in the shade medium I’m normally a
light like any bronzer just cuz I do have like fairer skin but I really like
this one because I don’t know I just love bronzer and this product is really
great because you can go with like a heavier hand with it so here’s what the
bronzer looks like umm I absolutely adore this shade I love this formula it
really is just one of those bronzers that you can use everywhere if you’re
someone who like if you’re wearing a shirt like this you can like really just
like bra my Dan line but you can just bronze like all right there with this
product to you and normally I like to go with creams but even if you use this
it’s not gonna really go anywhere and it also stays on the face all day long so
this really gauge is one of my number one
and I really recommend it for like the summer and even like if you want to go
with a lighter hand in the fall and the winter months it’s great okay so I love
traveling with this blush because of its size it’s super thin and it has a great
formula so this is the wet and wild color icon blush this is in the shade
melon wine it’s kind of like giving a reflection on it um I will show you guys
you get a ton of product in this blush and it’s pretty inexpensive here’s what
it looks like you get like that much and I just really like this I love this
shade I like it with those summer and to the fall and kind of in the winter too
because it is like that wine boggy color and you can use like a really light hand
in the summer and it’ll just give you that perfect like blush I’m actually
wearing it today I don’t know if you can see it very well but that’s what it
looks like and you can you can go the light hand it’ll look beautiful I’m
gonna if you want to use it in the fall in winter as well you try to Lee can
because it does have that great like whiney like wintery color so whenever
I’m like in a hotter place I didn’t love wearing a ton of highlighters sometimes
I don’t wear any just because I do feel like it kind of enhances the oils on my
face that I already don’t want a lot of traction too but this highlighter I just
love it’s super natural and I think it’s the perfect day to day highlight it is
the Laura Mercier my radiance baked powder and I’m adding the shade
highlight 0/1 and I actually have this in the travel size I don’t know if you
can purchase the travel size but here’s what it looks like and this was just
lasting me forever you see it’s really I mean it is just gorgeous it’s got this
really nice smooth texture here’s what like a little swatch around my finger
looks like and I’ll put a little swatch on my hand here I just think this is so
pretty and really I feel like it’s just one of those products that’s gonna give
you that radiance but you’re not gonna look too like oily and glowy with it
which is like a must for me this next box is just an all-time babe especially
for travel it is the Sephora sorry the Sephora colorful wink and liner the
smooth shade is 0-1 a little black dress and there’s so many great things about
this it’s affordable it works well it’s easy to work with it stays for a long
time so I’ll show you guys what the little tip looks like because I think
it’s pretty important when talking about Islanders because everyone likes
different things this is a felt-tip waterproof liner so not only can it last
all day it’s super easy to work with but also like you can go underwater like I
know you can’t like rub your eyes and meet water but if you go underwater coz
swimmer a little bit I really do not think this would budge I’m not
necessarily a swimmer but like it I do dare my head underneath the water for a
little bit it’s a knock and a bite I really like this product and I really
recommend it to anyone especially if you what I gotta have the glam but you want
to be able to have fun especially when traveling so this is actually one of my
travel essentials I feel like I can’t travel without it it is the eternal egg
tart in bloom palette that’s what it looks like and I’ll show you the shades
mine’s like really beat-up and honestly you guys this just has so many neutrals
but you could also like kind of vamp it up with these darker colors right here
if you want to and you have some fun like shimmers it’s a really easy palette
to work with it’s super blendable I love all the Tartelette palette I think
they’re amazing targets some of my favorite eyeshadow
formulas I just love it but this just has little shapes but I feel like I
always want when I’m traveling and they’re really like nice and fun and
easy to work with so I really like these and honestly I
know that this palette is kind of one that’s been out for a while but if you
don’t have it and you don’t have something similar to it I would hide
pick this up so this next photo is it’s probably on its last limb but I just
love it so much it’s like my favorite mascara ever this is the touch and soul
stretch acts mascara here’s what it looks like this product is just a go-to
mascara for me there’s so many great things about it and for me it’s supposed
to be just like a lengthening mascara that you know defines lashes come
separates them but it does so much more like for me I feel like I’m literally
like my lashes it just looks super long and super dark naturally they’re
naturally like that like I didn’t put mascara on but like in a good way
I don’t know that made sense but I mean seriously they just look long they look
black they look darling everything you want in your lashes doesn’t look like to
right mascara maybe they just look so natural I don’t know how to describe it
it’s just amazing and I think that’s partially because of the formula and
partially because of the brush sometimes I think it’s like one or
the other but you can see how it has that gift and I feel like that’s really
helpful when it comes to like stretching and lengthening the lashes I can’t say
enough good things about it really I know that it doesn’t they’re not sold on
sport anymore but kind of irritates me but you hang them some other places so I
really would hunt this down and get it so the next product is a mascara as well
it is the Maybelline the falsies waterproof mascara and this is like from
the volume Express little collection whenever I’m on a trip I always like to
have one regular like of my favorite mascaras and then a what everyone I’m
not really hard to please when it comes to a water proof mascara I just want
something that is going to you know stay not like you know come off if I sweat
not if I get wet like I want it to last and I also just want one that’s gonna
make me look more alive which basically most mascaras do mascara is like the one
makeup product that if someone was like you can’t have any others what would you
choose mascara because for me it’s just something that makes me look more alive
more awake it’s just something in a quick step that makes me look just a
little step up a little bit more decent quickly so these I mean I just need
something that’s gonna go quick so if you already have a favorite I don’t
think you necessarily need this one but if you’re wanting to draw out a good one
I’d recommend this one so the next product is one from Lancome it’s the
Lancome creme lipstick it’s in the shade love it I mean I definitely wouldn’t
like if you’re really in the packaging you may not love this product is just
like black but I love the formula and I love this shade so here’s love it
it’s just like a super nice like pink I don’t know any other way to describe it
but then like my perfect like pink neutral color it’s so pretty and this
formula is a little bit more sheer it is buildable though like if you wanted to
get like a bunch of color it’s you know great I like talking this with like a
gloss or you can wear it on on its own with like kind of that’s a swatch of it
you can see it’s kind of sheer but I really like that especially when
traveling when I want to have like a lip color on but maybe not a liquid lip so
the next probably is one that it’s just great to just throw on whenever you’re
in a rush even if you’re like just going down to the beach or wherever you’re
going and you just want to draw in just a little bit of color this is great this
is the Revlon lip butter this is in the shade sweetheart and I’ll show you guys
with the shade looks like this is a really sheer just
like bomb almost like you could call it a lipstick if you really wanted to kind
of have like a pinky berry mixture I’ll do a swatch of it I mean it’s even more
pigmented than the other one but it’s definitely house it got bombed feeling
to it and it doesn’t have a super long lasting time that it has a really pretty
color it she’s got bright pink right there super pretty super easy to wear
alright so the last box is a lip blush you know I couldn’t go on a trip without
a lip gloss they are my all-time thing I have to have one this is the Wet n Wild
mega slicks lip gloss this is in the shade of cherish first off these are
super affordable they’re super easy to wear um they’re just you know they just
got the typical Java applicator they have a great color great pigmentation
they have a wide variety of colors too like there’s great so I’m gonna do is
just a little swatch of this on my hand but this is kind of like I do have to
kind of layer it but this is just a little bit of a lighter color so if you
happen to be wearing a darker lipstick and you want that little like lightness
in the middle this is beautiful or just to wear all over the lips here’s
what the shade looks like you can see it’s super just kind of a light pinky
shade which is really easy to wear with anything just to throw on I really like
this and I think that if you’re someone who loves lip glosses you will – alright
guys so thank you for watching that video I hope you enjoyed it and maybe
found a few person you want to add to your travel makeup bag or I hope you
enjoyed it and if you did then be sure to give this video a thumbs up as well
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this without like being super cheesy but I tried say it and like pretty much
every video I’m just so thankful for each and every one of you who come and
watch my videos who subscribe to my channel you support me it really does
just mean so much so I just want to thank you guys and let you know how much
your support means so I hope that you enjoyed the video and I’ll see you guys
in the next one bye

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  1. Have you tried the Physician's Formula Spotlight primer? It's a total dupe for the Becca primer. I also love the Make Up Forever foundation. I got it in a Sephora box and I fell in love with it!

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