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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Today I am going to be talking about what’s
in my travel case. Now, I’ve never done a video like this on
my channel surprisingly. So I was packing to get ready to go on a trip,
a quick getaway, and I figured I would film this for you guys. This is my makeup case. I will list this case down in the description
box along with all of the products that I mention. So if you guys want to see what is in my travel
make up bag, if you guys think this is a crazy amount of makeup, but want to see what’s inside,
then just keep on watching. And if you guys are new here, don’t forget
to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe because I would love for you to join the Fam
Bam. Now enough talking. Let’s jump right in. Now in case you guys are wondering, all the
products that I have in this bag are on my face today. First thing that’s right on top, I always
pack this right on top, is my lip case. This has all of my basic nude lipsticks in
here. We have some Pop Beauty. These are their liquid lipsticks. I have some Charlotte Tilbury. I have some MAC lipsticks of course, because
I cannot leave my house without MAC lipsticks. I have Kylie Cosmetics and a bunch of e.l.f
liquid lipsticks and glosses. If you guys want me to go more in depth on
my favorite nude lipsticks then let me know. I’m not going to go through each one of these
in this video because it’ll just take up too much time. So let me know down in the comments if you
would like a dedicated video just going over my favorite lip products. Now the next product that we have that has
hair in it, like everything else, are the Kirkland brand makeup wipes. I love these makeup wipes. They are my fav. I buy them in a box from Costco. They work amazing. I learned about these from Lustrelux, Katy
on Instagram and YouTube and they are amazing. I love them. I buy them every time I run out. I always have to have these in every bag,
every drawer. They’re great. And so I obviously will take them with me
on vacation. Next I’m going to move on to moisturizers. Moisturizer I always take with me is the Lancome
Regenerate, Lifted Multi Action Ultra with SPF 30 and I always bring this with me. I love this moisturizer. It really helps with my dark spots. I use this every single day and I love that
it has SPF in it so I don’t have to think about it. I apply my moisturizer, I apply my sunscreen. It’s one step, super simple. I love this stuff. I constantly repurchase it even though it’s
really kind of pricey. So I’ll try to list a dupe down in the description
box for you guys, if you guys are balling on a budget. The next products I’m going to talk about
are setting sprays and I take two setting sprays with me because these are the two setting
sprays that I have been using religiously lately. And that is the Morphe setting spray. This is the continuous mid setting spray. If you have not used this before, the mist
on this is like no setting spray that I’ve ever used before. It’s great. It’s just like a continuous super fine mist. So every inch of your face is going to be
covered with this. I really, really like this and then I use
my Urban Decay all nighter makeup, setting spray. This is a ride or die for me. I love this stuff. These are all so dirty but just trying to
keep it real with you guys. So love this. Now moving onto primers, and the first one
I want to mention is the Bare Minerals Blemish Rescue, Skin Clearing Anti-redness Mattifying
Primer. Now a lot of the times when I travel I can
break out more. So I do like to have a spot treating like
primer or something that has salicylic acid in it and I love this stuff. And the second primer I’ve been loving lately
is the Pro Filter Instant Retouch primer from Fenty. I have the mini size, perfect for travel. I’ve really been liking this primer and I’m
going to continue to try it out for you guys, but I’ve been really liking it so it’s coming
with me. Now moving on to foundations and the two foundations
that I’m taking with me on this trip are the Too Faced Born This Way. I am in the shade, Golden. This is like my everyday foundation. If you’ve been using this every day for the
past year and it’s amazing. Ever since Jackie [inaudible 00:04:06] reformulated
the shade ranges, it no matter what shade I get, whether it’s summer or the wintertime,
I’m always able to find my exact shade and it’s really nice not to have to mix your foundations,
which I was doing for the longest time. So I love this. I take it with me everywhere. It has a beautiful finish. It’s really natural, perfect for vacation. You can use this in the summer or the winter
time. It’s just a really great foundation rate for
every day. And the newest foundation that I’ve been loving
that I have to take with me. I’ve been trying it out for you guys, is the
L’Oreal Infallible 24 hour Fresh Wear foundation. This foundation is great. I have it on my face right now. I have been obsessed with it. I’ve been using it every single day this week. I really like it. The finish on this foundation is just beautiful. It stays in place. It doesn’t crease around my mouth. It doesn’t fade throughout the day. It’s really great. It stays in place. I really liked the Infallible, I think it
was the Pro Mat, and I haven’t used that in years. So I was excited that they came out with a
24 hour Fresh Wear and it is exactly what it says. It is a very fresh wearing foundation. It looks just like your skin but better and
I have been obsessed. This is my new favorite foundation. I will do a foundation review, a full in depth
foundation review for your guys if you want. Leave me a comment if that’s something that
you guys are interested in, but I’ve really, really been liking this foundation. I was really surprised by it so I’m definitely
taking it with me. Now moving on to concealer and I’m only taking
one concealer. You guys will be proud of me. I’m only taking the Too Faced Born This Way
concealer. I am in the shade, Sand. Oh, and for the Maybelline 24 Hour, I’m in
shade 490. I got 495 too and the more I wore it, the
more I kind of realized it was just a hint too dark. So the 490 seems to be my perfect match. And then I’m taking the Too Faced Born This
Way. This is the multiuse sculpting concealer. This is a brand new bottle because I just
ran out of my other one. I’m obsessed with this. I use it every single day. It’s just a very beautiful concealer. It’s hydrating underneath the eyes, has hyaluronic
acid in it. I love this concealer. It wears good on its own, it wears good obviously
with my full face, I’m wearing it now. I love it. It’s my ride or die and again, I’m in the
shade, Sand. The next product I’m going to talk about is
bronzer and I am bringing the Benefit Hoola Bronzer in caramel. I recently discovered this. They recently extended their line and there
is a bronzer darker than this. The Hoola Bronzer, the original is amazing. Amazing. I used to use it on clients. I still have it in my makeup kit. It’s amazing, but obviously for darker skin
tones, they only have one shade. This stuff is amazing. It’s beautiful, it’s buttery, it blends out
like a dream and I love the color. I’m wearing it right now and I’ve really been
loving it, like really been loving it. I’ve just been using the little brush on the
inside and it’s just great. I have nothing but good things to say about
this. Thank you so much for extending this line. Having a more diverse line is always a good
thing. This I think has replaced my Too Faced Chocolate
Soleil Bronzer. And I had been using that forever. I still love that. That’s still my ride or die. It’s on my vanity. I have two of them. I’m still obsessed, but this is my new fav. Really good job extending the line, Benefit. I really, really like this. Now I’m going to move on to loose powders. So the first loose powder that I am taking
is the Maybelline Fit Me loose powder in medium deep. This is in shade 30 and I love this powder. I’m almost out of it. It’s really dirty and gross because I use
this all the time. This powder is just beautiful. I will do my foundation, do my concealer,
set my concealer, and then I will put this all over my face. It’s just a big fluffy brush and it just looks
beautiful on the skin. Sets your foundation in place all day. Like I love this product. This is like my ride or die powder in general,
let alone a drugstore powder. So I always have to take this with me and
it has a tint so it’s nice for setting my face all over. And of course I’m going to take my Laura Mercier
translucent setting powder. I use this all the time. This is a ride or die powder for me. I use this underneath my eyes. It keeps my concealer from creasing. It just looks beautiful underneath my eyes. It doesn’t give me flash back. It’s just a great powder. So I take it with me everywhere. It is the only powder that I will trust fully
to set my under eyes. I love this. And the next product I am going to talk about
is a powder foundation. Now I always take a powder foundation with
me because if you guys have watched my previous videos, I will use a loose powder to set my
whole face and than any areas where I still have hyperpigmentation peeking through, I
will go over it with a powder foundation. And the powder foundation that I’m taking
with me today is the MAC Studio Fix powder. I found this, I had lost this. I was like, I don’t know where my powder is
and I recently found it again and I immediately fell back in love with it because it’s an
amazing product. And I am in the shade NC 42. This is a great powder, just looks beautiful
on the skin. I’m wearing it today and it really just covers
up any imperfections that you have peeking through. And so I love this powder and I’m taking it
with me. Now on to cream products. I am taking the Hollywood Contour Wand. This is by Charlotte Tilbury. I have been loving this for my glam nights. If we go out on a few date nights, I’m definitely
using this to contour. This is in the shade at medium dark and it’s
just a beautiful shade. Like you can just put this on with your foundation
and not even have to bronze. It just blends in seamlessly with your foundation
and it just is a very beautiful product, like very, very beautiful. I love it. Now onto eyes, and my liner and mascara. I am taking the Charlotte Tilbury, the Feline
Flick Liner. I’ve really been liking this. I used it to do my liner today. This is the only felt tip liner that I’ve
ever liked. It’s a very great product and it stays in
place. I put this on and wanted to go back over with
my eyeshadow and I was nervous that I was going to smudge it. Did not budge at all. Once this is on, it’s not coming off until
you use makeup remover and take it off. I really, really like this. Now onto mascara, which is super grody so
don’t judge me, but it is the Benefit BADgal Bang Mascara. I love this mascara. I had this in my makeup bag a couple months
ago when I was traveling and this is when I spilled my concealer or my … I think it
was foundation. When I spilled foundation all over this bag
and it’s crusted with concealer, but I still use it. It’s probably time to get a new one, but I
love it and I take it with me and it just makes my lashes look like false lashes, so
I love it. For brows, I always take my Benefit Precisely,
My Brow. I have the number five pencil and the, I think
this is number six brow gel. These products are amazing. My brows have never looked as good as they
do with these products. I love this. As you can see, it’s well loved. The name is like rubbed off. Amazing. Had to take these with me. Best brow products ever. When I’m going on short trips, the only eyeshadow
palette I travel with is the Tartlet Toasted Palette. I love this palette. Ever since I bought it, I have been obsessed
with it. I use this all the time. This is always my go to palette. It is always in my makeup bag, it is always
on my vanity. I have to have this everywhere I go. If I take multiple palettes, this is always
included in my travel bag. I love it. As you can see it’s well loved. I use this all the time. I’ve used this on my eyes today. I just feel like these shades compliment my
skin tone so well and this palette travels really well. It has a full size mirror and I just really,
really like it. I can’t live without it. Now for blush, I’m going to be taking the
e.l.f Modern Metals Palette. This is a highlight and blush palette. So have three highlight palettes and you have
three blush palettes. I’ve been using this blush shade. I have it on my cheeks right now. I love it. I think this is a beautiful palette, super
affordable. Obviously e.l.f is really great quality but
does not break the bank. I cannot put it down. I’ve been using it every single time I do
a full glam. It’s a really, really great product. Now I am going to talk about makeup tools
that I always have to take with me every time I travel and the first one is a makeup sponge. The makeup sponge that I have been loving
recently is this e.l.f makeup sponge. It comes in a pack of two but these are just
so great. They’re very soft so I don’t have to wet them. I could wet them to use on my foundation,
but I like a full coverage foundation and for full coverage foundation, use your sponge
dry. I love it. It’s soft. It blends out my foundation really, really
well and it’s very affordable. So I don’t feel bad [inaudible 00:13:09] like
repurchasing it frequently. I always have to take my Morphe M433 brush. I love this brush. This is great for in the crease. I’ll pack a shadow all over the lid. It’s just a really great brush and I always
have to have it in my travel bag. The next brush I have to have at all times
is the Real Techniques. This is the setting brush. Love this brush. As you can see, it’s well used. It’s very dirty. I need to clean it. Don’t judge me. This is the brush that I use to set underneath
my eyes. Works like a charm. I have a few of these because I love this
brush so much. It’s like the only brush that really gets
underneath my eyes and really gets up to the lash line and sets everything. So love this brush. The next brush I travel with is the BH Cosmetics
Number Five brush. I really like this brush for blending in my
hair line. I will dip this in the bronzer and just pack
this up in my hairline, make sure everything’s blended in and seamless and when I really
want to glam and I feel like my hairline is looking a little thin, I’ll dip this in some
black. Or really, really dark brown shadow and I’ll
just blend this in my hairline, make it look thicker. So this is my hair brush. Another brush I love is the Real Techniques
brush. This is the blush brush. Love this brush. It’s just great. It’s a blush brush. I love it. I don’t need to say much more. You guys get it. And then I love the Morphe Jaclyn Hill brush. This is the JHO2. This is super gross. I mean I just used these to apply my foundation. I actually just washed this not too long ago,
but I love this brush. I will use this for all over powder. I will use this for bronzer. Actually, no, I don’t use this for bronzer
anymore since I had the Hoola bronzer brush. I will use this for all over powder and it
just works really, really great. It’s just a great brush. I’ve been using it ever since I bought it
and Jaclyn Hill did a really great job with picking these brushes out. I don’t know if she picked him out or if she
made them. One of the two, it’s just a great brush. Good job, Jacqueline. All right, so those are all of the products
that I take with me on vacation when I’m traveling in the winter time. If you guys enjoyed this video, please give
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babbling. Bye guys.

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