WHAT’S IN MY PURSE 2017 BEAUTY GURU PARODY | #BeautyMakeUpLoverSwag5Ever

because I am needy makeup lovers to wax I’ve ever and how could I live without a makeup bag like what WHAT’S IN MY PURSE 2017 BEAUTY GURU PARODY Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, & Coachella Weekend 1 Hashtag Zoe hey guys it’s beauty makeup lover Soulwax I’ve ever so for today’s video I’m going to be doing a super nice nice nice highly requested video by the way it was really highly requested I didn’t want to do this on my own like time but like I did because you know why it was highly selective so basically I’m going to be doing a what’s in my purse this is my everyday bag literally every single day super easy to carry around love it really cute really durable and it was also really expensive so if you’re looking for it you’re probably cheap or don’t get it so as you guys know my favorite color is orange and obviously I didn’t want to get an orange purse because like then everyone would know my favorite color would be orange and then people would steal my favorite color and I don’t want people to steal my favorite color so of course it’s definitely still mine you can tell because of the orange shade Bowl right in the middle so it’s super cute and it was really expensive and also this video was really highly your Hopkins duck if you want to find out what to my person just keep watching so the first thing I always keep in my purse in an empty Starbucks cup because usually in the morning I get myself a Starbucks oh wait it’s empty so I’m going to make my very own DIY unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks because it all the ones I go to they’re all sold out like what it’s literally such a tragedy I know anyway so I’m going to be making my own with sugar because basically the only thing you need for this DIY is sugar so I got my sugar at a really expensive store called the dollar store it’s way more expensive than the chief 99-cent store so here we go here’s our sugar it’s the same as the og unicorn crap patinas I’m just gonna make my own too much sugar from today it’s okay it’s the weekend so here we have this DIY unicorn Frappuccino I just put it a bunch of colorful sugar into my cup a my unicorn yet Wow anyway so the next thing in my bag is okay so basically this is like I have an explanation okay so I was going to go to Coachella weekend one this year but of course I couldn’t because I forgot that the Cardassians were on every Sunday and honey I could not I could not miss that so I ended up returning all the Katella clothes that I got but like not really because like they’re still my closet but I’m planning on it but there’s still my conference anyway so I got these gems for Coachella because at patellar they always that have jumped on their face and I think it’s such a cute Wren and now I’m gonna have to do a DIY kal-el look for you guys right now so without going to do it should I should sexy yeah do I look like pucelli yet so the next thing in my bag is my makeup bag because I am needy makeup lovers to wax I’ve ever and how could I live without a makeup bag like when so my favorite thing in my makeup bag is obviously from the Kardashians / Jenner fam so I have my favorite Kylie lip kit in candy cane because like I have all of them so like I’m only going to show you one oMG and I just found out that Kim my queen and Kylie my princess are all doing a collab together for their lip kit cream lips lipstick C so I’m really excited it and if you guys want to send them to me please do because I because they’re really expensive and I could totally afford it but like if you want to gift them to me like toasting so next thing in my bag is my coin purse I love coin purses especially when they’re from expensive brands so this one is from a Lululemon and basically Lululemon has the best likings evers are really expensive so exactly my taste basically they give you a coin purse to hold all the coins left over from all the money you spend anyway so I keep mine in mine and I love it use it to represent it as a super high quality so the next thing I have in my bag is a water because like duh hydration stay hydrated kids no seriously it’s really good for your skin and it’ll make your pores like disappear at least it make in mind good like I’m Beauty week of Weber’s websites ever so thank you guys so much for watching make sure you give this video a big thumbs up and let me know if you tried any of my amazing super amazing awesome great DIYs today like my DIY unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks thanks for watching bye toodles Hashtag Zoe – Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, & Coachella Weekend 1 What’s in my purse 2017 Whats’ in my bag 2017

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