What’s In My Makeup Bag|Travel Edition|Austin Texas

whoo I’m a little bit tired so I know
why you clicked on this video and it’s because I’m going school hey you guys
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yes I’m going to Austin Texas for the weekend nothing fun but a little bit of
fun my son has a AAU tournament in Austin Texas this weekend so I already
booked the room and we’ll be gone Friday Saturday and coming home Sunday yes and
I’m planning on coming home Sunday nights and not going to work Monday so I
decided to do a what’s in my makeup bag travel edition I’m super excited I’m
ready to go Kenny I’ll tell I’m ready to go let’s see what I’ll be taking on the
road let’s see first of all the bag that I’m taking with me is my new boxycharm
makeup bag and it’s from the boxy looks unboxing and you guys haven’t seen that
video yet because it’s coming out next week but I wanted to share some of the
goodies that I have in my makeup bag that I will be taken with me ok so we’re
not gonna go in order we’re just gonna pull things out and let you know what
your girl will be taken and hopefully like hopefully if you know time serves
me right and if my family let me I could do a
makeup tutorial while I’m in the room maybe wow I’m in Austin okay i’ma try
but if I can’t do a makeup look you guys know y’all you know
right I’m just gonna pull out randomly and let you guys know what I got in my
bag this far not really counted the reason why because a lot of the things
is either new products shop my stash products or my project pan products yeah
that’s just basically what I got so I’m gonna start off with the Nika Cade duo
contour kit I tried to pull out travel friendly products so it won’t be so
heavy I’m trying to you know do this makeup thing on the go for travel
edition and do like travel size products or least the products as I can because
I’m getting ready to go to Vegas – so you know I got a practice so I got the
nikah case duo contour kit that’ll be with me and my banana setting powder out
of my boxy charm I got it a few months ago and I do like it I don’t know I have
a love-hate relationship with it but I’m gonna take it because it’s the smallest
setting powder that I have and your girl needs to see it I am taking with me the
Rimmel London scandalised eye and this is the nude shade you guys know this is
the old rotted eye it’s the perfect waterline color and I need it in my life
I can go without it I am taking some makeup wipes I did get
these awaken makeup wipes the green tea makeup cleansing wipes from hers in my
subscription box I am taking these with me because I thought it would be pretty
good not to mess up the hotel towels you know trying to take a bath all this
makeup so I’m gonna take these with me and I did once again get these from
hearts and minds subscription box check them out down below I will have a link
to him the concealer I will be taking is my L’Oreal infallible concealer in
almond you guys know I’ve been loving this concealer so I need to be taking
this with me because it’s heavy duty and I know it works for me I am gonna take
my new wonder Beauty peel-off mask the lift off pier
and brightening peel-off mask I did get this in my boxy lux box and I don’t know
if I’m gonna use it but being in different in a different you know area I
don’t know if my skin gonna you know try to do some things and switch up on me so
I burned the mask just in case it’s supposed to brighten and lift in and all
that good stuff and it’s a peel off so hopefully I don’t need to use it but if
I do need to use it is there for a safe side I am gonna take my it cosmetics
confidence in a cream this is new that I got in my boxycharm as well and I keep
saying boxycharm but it’s my boxycharm box he looks box oh I been wanting to
try this for so long now and now that box it looks gave it to me joerger
cannot go out of town without even testing this out like come on you guys
gotta – Wow I’m taking my handy-dandy trusty never dusty maybelline superstay
pressed powder and this one is in truffle you guys know we’re coming into
spring and summer so your girl’s skin is getting a little rocker so I decided to
take truffle with me instead of warm cocoa you know be on the safe side you
know I am gonna take an eyeliner and the eyeliner is gonna be the color girls new
eyeliner and this is the liquid liner and 320 nothing too special about it I’m
still testing it out so I thought maybe this would be a perfect time to actually
test it out while I’m gone the lip liner I will be using the only lip liner it’s
gonna be my Mac 9-month lip liner this is one of my favorite lip shades I love
to throw this on with any color lip and use a little nine month and it is bomb
it wears all day is good for the lips makes my lips look juicy and big and
thanks so I gotta take it with me I got to take
it go with me lip products I’m only taking two including my lip here my lip
here is from hjerson her demise subscription box too and this
is just the vo natural lip care in the cocoa butter taking that with you girl
I’ll be taking that with me but the lip shades I’m taking in you guys know I
kind of gotta have a liquid lipstick to go with me everywhere I go so I picked
up the noon NYX lingerie liquid lipstick and baby doll
I haven’t even bust this open yet but I think it would be the perfect timing for
it is to take it with me to Austin and I’ve been loving these new
wet and wild hot shine lipsticks they are called the hotshot lipsticks but I
think I’m as a thick gloss so it’s the liquid cat suit and this one is in cedar
later and I know this will appear so good over a baby doll that I just I
don’t I don’t think I could oh I just want to top that combination with that
knife month mixed in I just want to try that combination I feel like my inner
spirit is telling me that it’s gonna be a combination so I just got to I got a
try so since we’re traveling and I’m trying to get used to taking things you
know and smaller portions I thought why not use my sample stuff while on the go
you know so I did take out my sample hourglass mineral veil primer I know you
I can’t see that it’s a white packaging but it’s a sample and I’m gonna be there
for two days so say why not try as well as my
Smashbox photo finish foundation primer I do have this in a actual bottle but I
have it in a sample so why not take the sample instead of the bottle you know
what I mean so taking that oh and a new product I’m taking in I can’t wait to
try it it’s the iconic eyebrow cushion the iconic London sculpting boost
eyebrow cushion that I just got in my box guitar it is in these shade medium
I’m not gonna put it up but it does come with an angle
brush and a spoolie that is adorable I am gonna take these two brushes with
me these are my two new boxycharm unboxing brushes these are by Mota
cosmetics and this is the highlighting brush and this is the powder brush you
guys look at this I like you guys this is too cute I had to take him I am gonna
take a few a shot brushes and stuff like that but I didn’t pick them out yet I
didn’t know I wanted to try these two brushes out while I’m out there and this
High Line is so soft and flexible that I just could not wait to get home to try
it so I gotta try it while I’m out you know in the lashes you guys I’m only
taking one pair of lashes oh hey one pair lashes and these are the 24 $99
Lily lashes in Gia I just got these in boxycharm
as well but you guys OH to die for if I do not do any videos while I’m in Austin
please note that I will be taking a whole lot of pictures I’ll be taking a
lot of pictures so follow me on Instagram and snapchat information will
be down below in the hotbox make sure to go follow me while I’m out then I’ll
stand and if you’re in Austin Texas area and you want to slide first show my kids
some support at his game he has a weekend tournament and if you want to
meet a girl go ahead hit me up in the comments and let me know because I’m you
know I hang out with you and chill with you you know and all right for the last
product oh you guys I forgot foundation how y’all gonna let me forget a
foundation you know what yeah vote let me know what to take that Austin you
know I got almost everybody’s foundation so y’all be the judge let me know pull
up on my community tab we’re gonna vote I’ll let you guys know come what is it
Saturday morning while I’m vlogging on what foundation I took with me we gonna
do it that way we’re gonna play a little game
take a vote so the last thing I’ll be taking is my morphe 15 in Knight master
palette and I just got this in my box of charm as well and you guys I think this
is perfect enough to take with me to Austin I can do a neutral look a pop of
color you know something simple a one eye shadow color to go with because I’m
not trying to do anything glamorous or anything maybe Sunday though because
it’s me or my wife one year anniversary it’s our one-year anniversary that we’ve
been married maybe I’ll get all dolled up Sunday or
something and we could go out on the town or something you know give me some
ideas down below if you live in Austin Texas tell me what a hard-ass pops it so
that I could take my wife out for a lovely dinner because we will be doing
nothing but basketball all weekend long so anywhere we could you know do a
little celebration I’ll be good with so that is if it I got in all of this stuff
go out of town hope you guys enjoyed it if y’all know any hotspots like I said
let your girl know in the comments and I hope y’all enjoyed this video my kids
are home now so I gots to go

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  1. Ugh still waiting for my Boxyluxe box they just sent me an email yesterday. When did u do the upgrade. I love that nicki k Contour Duo I’m looking for they blushes it’s a orange one they got I want. Can’t remember where I picked it up at tho probably a road trip

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