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Hey guys! press the bell icon on the YouTube app and never miss another update from Pinkvilla. So these are some of my beauty favorites that I’m gonna take you through. I love these products they are absolutely phenomenal. Before I use anything I always moisturize my skin, before I put any makeup because makeup tends to dry out your skin. and the moisturizer I use is the Divine Cream Mask by L’Occitane. It’s stunning and I also carry it in these sample sachets. They’re just easy and they just fit everywhere so I carry these. For my under eye, because I have like dark under eyes and sometimes you know when you don’t sleep and stuff, I like to like cover it up. I use Bobby Brown Bobby Brown has this concealer, which is just stunning and it comes with a little powder as well, and it’s just a little great carry pack to have. You just apply a little bit you cover it with the powder, and it really just looks so natural. So I used this one and then this is one of my favorites. It’s tint, it’s called Tarte Glisten and it is by Benefits and it just like you just put it on your cheekbones and it immediately highlights your skin beautifully. It gives a little bit of shine, a little bit of color It’s absolutely stunning it’s very very natural, and it just keeps you looking glowy and beautiful and fresh all through the day and of course I have recently purchased this lovely lip color. It’s called, It’s from my glam. It’s actually an online makeup company and these girls are doing it and they’re doing such a fabulous job because on one side they have a lipstick which is a really nice dark color or an interesting shade and I used to love to do this I would mix a different lipstick with a different color lip gloss and get a completely different shade you know like, make up your own shade so what they’ve done is they’ve actually done that in one. So they’ve put a lipstick on one side and then they have a gloss on the other side which is a different shade from the lipstick So you actually mix the two together, and you get a completely? interesting hue of lipstick on your lips or you can just use the gloss separately and the lipstick separately as you feel like so this is like three-in-one. It’s absolutely fabulous, and I love these girls. They’re doing a great job. It’s, My Glam. So that’s the other thing and then of course. I carry a clear lip balm, which is like a plumper and A gloss and everything so I just, I like to have a clear one as well just in case I don’t want any color on my lips. Eyeliner, I carry on black eyeliner with a smudge brush at the other end it just is amazing because you can use it to fill in your brows and use the smudge brush to just smudge it out, or you can use it as an eyeliner. Put it under your eye. Put it over your lid just you know you can even make it thick and then use this smudge brush to smudge the entire lid So you can go as heavy with makeup or as light as you want And that’s why I absolutely love carrying a black pencil. But remember you must have a smudge brush at the other end so you can just play with it a lot more in terms of makeup. You can also, like I sometimes use it to highlight my cleft you know and smudge it out just You can just do so much with a black pencil which you didn’t even realize you could. So these were some of my beauty favorites, and I hope you guys enjoyed that and liked the video And if you did then please like share and subscribe to Pinkvilla.

59 thoughts on “What’s in my makeup bag with Tanishaa Mukerji | S01E011 | Fashion | Pinkvilla

  1. Give her a break, she may not be as popular as Kajol but give her the credit she is respectful to her audience. I liked her products all are useful and fun.

  2. Hey pinkvilla! Please decode hina khan's style in bigg boss. I thought she was quite fashionable in the show. Anyone agree??

  3. I think she is not well … She should take rest rather making a video.. She can make the video later on after becoming well

  4. She does not have a pretty face nor she is talented. I don't understand why she should be given this platform when we have better actresses!!

  5. I like her more than i do kajol as a person..she sounds more mature,wise and level headed than kajol..she may not be a star but a woman of her own right.I started liking her from big boss days…the way she talks is very calm and soothi g always.

  6. Pinkvilla when will u bring Aishwariya on this show? She is so Beautiful wanna she her makeup stuffs and what r the tips and tricks she follows.

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