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hello gorgeous welcome back to my
channel today we’re in a different location in
the house if you couldn’t tell for Christmas Matt got me vanity lights old
Hollywood kind good so much I love old Hollywood so I was really excited
because they finally got up and I’m able to use them and this is where I’ve been
doing my hair and makeup lately so we thought why not film here and I’m
showing you guys what’s in my everyday makeup bag and this is my everyday
makeup location so it just felt like a fun thing to do so if you guys want to
see what’s in my makeup bags let’s get started
okay so first off let’s talk about the bags so I have three different sizes
here because they all do three different things the larger bag with the handles
so this is the bag that I put my products in that I use on most everyday
basis but they’re the products that I don’t need to kind of touch up on the go
so it’s not the stuff that I’m gonna put in my purse this stuff stay at home but
I still use all the time this bag is for brushes if I’m on the go and I need to
throw brushes in a bag if I’m gonna go maybe Matt and I are gonna go shoot
somewhere and I need to take my makeup with me or even traveling this is the
bag and then third is the bag that I throw everything in that I can then put
into my purse so lip products eyelash curlers that kind of thing you know
whatever is gonna touch up on the go before we dive into what’s actually
inside the bags let’s talk about the bags themself they’re from the London
Soho New York collection available at Walgreens this is actually the resort
collection so it’s London Soho New York Resort
Collection January through March I actually really love this print I think
it’s really fun it reminds me of I don’t maybe this is gonna sound silly to you
guys but reminds me of Matt and my honeymoon in the Caribbean we went to
Turks and Caicos and this print just reminds me of what the Caribbean looks
like I don’t know why but does it’s just really fun and then it’s resort II so
these bags range from $9.99 to $15.99 like I said they are available at
Walgreens so I’ve been a band of London Soho New York for several years now I
love their bags especially for travel and here’s why it’s because they’re so
functional and they have all of these compartments which is great for packing
because their zipper that there’s closure a zipper closure is that
what I’m trying to say they have plastic lining which is great because if
something spills on the inside it doesn’t leak out
it protects everything and I like the way that it’s compartmentalized because
like I can do makeup on one side brushes on the other or maybe makeup on one side
and skincare on the other whatever it may be but it just really helps to make
packing beauty and makeup even hair care whatever it may be it just it really
helps to streamline that so I appreciate that they take the time to make a bag
that keeps it separate you know okay starting with the big bag which is my
everyday go to products that are not necessarily the ones I’m gonna throw in
my bag like in my handbag so lately I’ve been always using something on my face
in the form of foundation whether that’s foundation BB or CC cream so first I use
a primer lately I’ve been using the Laura Mercier this is the hydrating
primer and then for foundation I’m either using Chanel’s CC cream right
here this is a little bit pricey but it makes your skin look incredible my
friend Julie Solomon recommended that to me it’s amazing if I need a heavier
coverage I’ve been going with the Mac Studio Fix fluid and then if I want
something in between a CC but not quite full coverage I’ve been going with the
Laura Geller punch intent this is actually what I have on today then for
concealer when I need to prime my under eyes which is every day I use it
brightening peach either Bobbi Brown or pixie and then concealer lately I have
switched over to dermablend this is the quick fix in ivory and the coverage is
fantastic this is a little bit drying so just be prepared that if you have a
little bit of crepey skin under your eyes this is gonna make it look a little
bit more creepier so this might not be the product for you but if you are
looking for some heavy heavy heavy coverage this is the product for you so
just a heads up so for an all-over powder my absolute go to right now is
the it your skin but better see see this is the airbrush perfecting powder I’m a
medium tan I think that it makes my skin look so so flawless I love this powder
and then when I’m setting an area like my undereyes right after concealer
where I don’t want a medium tan I still use my Kat Von D this is the translucent
loose powder and then I set with the laura mercier secret brightening this is
holy grail product for me can’t live without love it
then for bronzer I love this bronzer this is the Marc Jacobs fantastic
bronzer it is a matte bronzer and it is everything oh my gosh I love this
bronzer it’s just it’s perfect I still am loving my Tarte contour palette and
I’ve hit pan on like basically everything as you can see I primarily
use now the two contouring colors for my nose and my under my lip and then also I
love the matte blush that’s what I use that for now then for a highlighter have
been obsessed with Burberry’s this is the rose gold number for a fresh glow
highlighter it is gorgeous let me just show you down the bridge of my nose I
don’t like I’ll pick up on camera but this is stunning
oh my gosh it’s so beautiful can you see that huh love it okay so next up is
brows I’ve been using the Cabrillo Benefit brow gel love it I’m number
three I just actually didn’t instace story live tutorial using that product
and how I fill in my brows then for pomade I’ve been using the cosmetics
brow power pomade and then moving on to actual eyes I have been priming my lids
with Marc Jacobs this is the under cover perfecting coconut eye primer I think
this is a really good primer and make sure I shadow not crease at all which is
fantastic still obsessed with the naked heat palette from Urban Decay use it
pretty much every day also been loving the one palette from Marc Jacobs that’s
actually in my studio I don’t have it here cuz I didn’t wear it today but I’ve
been wearing that one a lot for mascara the a cosmetics superhero mascara has
been a go-to for me of course my eyelash curlers and then
I’m down to my last two products I’ve been wearing a lot of the colourpop lip
pencil this one is in Chee and then this nude lipstick
oh my gosh look how much I’ve worn that and this is pretty new this is from Mac
and it’s an – I think that’s hi pronounce its Y a sh Yosh Yosh yeah
something like that and then for finishing spray I either
use mac fix+ or I’ve been using this one a lot this is the Tarte rein force of
the sea and it’s almost out okay next up was talking about the makeup brushes and
this is my makeup brush bag so these are the brushes that I go to every day and
first off we have my tweezers because hotels gotta have a good pair of
tweezers right yes she does okay so a couple of brushes
here are from Marc Jacobs and love them this is my bronzer brush it’s called the
bronze from Marc Jacobs and I use this with that huge fantastic bronzer and I
just love the way it feels so soft I wish you could touch this brush through
your computer screen right now because it’s so soft it’s fantastic so just a
heads up I’m pretty sure that this is Kerry at Sephora I know it’s at
department stores and then another brush that I saw on somebody’s somebody’s
tutorial they were talking about this Marc Jacobs foundation brush and how
they stopped using the Beauty Blender because this brush was so good and it’s
not that they stopped using it in general because I know exactly what they
mean now that I bought this but I immediately paused the video and went
and ordered this because I knew I needed it it’s the face – foundation brush and
it makes your foundation look incredible I still use my Beauty Blender all the
time but I use it for different things because now I love this and I just it
really really gets your foundation on your skin looking flawless so this is my
go-to foundation brush now and it’s not your typical foundation brush even the
bristles are softer just everything about it is different and I’m just I
love it another brush that I’ve really been liking lately is the Sephora it’s a
pro airbrush brush it’s again really really soft and it just really leaves a
beautiful finish on your face for blush I used my Real Techniques blush brush
and then the last couple of brushes that I have here is one from BH Cosmetics
this is I was from the it’s my ray-ray collection is the number four I like
using this for highlighter and then this is a zoeva 221 soft luxe crease brush
and then my Mac 239 flat shader brush and then also my benefit brow brush
those are my goats you have to use them holy grail brushes every day I use a lot
more brushes like this on a typical face but these are the ones that you will
always always always see me reach for every single day alright guys so that
was what was in my makeup bags it’s what I’m using all the time if you guys have
any requests for videos that you would like to see me do or makeup looks
Liat let me know by leaving a comment below also don’t forget to visit me on
my blog angelo lantern calm thank you guys so much for watching and I love you
all so much au revoir

34 thoughts on “What’s In My Makeup Bag | Angela Lanter | Everyday & Travel Products

  1. I’m Living!! I’m super glad you uploaded!! Hello Gorgeous squad forever💕❤️❤️ Your everything Angela 😍❤️😘

  2. Thank you Angela! Recently I have realized the importance of brushes and beauty blenders. I also recently bought 3 make-up bags from Walgreens that I am very happy with. I love the way your everyday bag has compartments.

  3. Angela thank you for taking the time to make another beauty video I missed you so much honestly a smile was put on my face when I saw the notification that you just posted a new video!
    I would love to see going to the beach make up
    Pestle makeup for spring
    I loved the make up look you did on your channel with the Alice in Wonderland eyeshadow palette

  4. Loved seeing what's in your makeup bags, Angela! I'm in the process of transferring all my makeup to compartmentalized Ipsy bags! I have 4 left to receive then I'm done!

  5. Loving this!!! I wouldn't mind seeing a foundation tutorial cause I just cannot seem to get foundation on without looking terrible and also recommendations for any strong good foundations that I can track down here in Australia

  6. I could see how that bag would remind you of a tropical place! 😃 I've been looking for a bag exactly like this. My best friend has one just like it that's orange and pink and she's used it for years when we travel, & I've always wanted one like it! I'll be running right out to Walgreens to see if I can find a bag like this! Ha!

    Also, I absolutely love how you include detailed and accurate information regarding every product in the description, like exact name & color, etc. I haven't seen any blogger do this as well as you.

  7. Great video! I travel a lot for business and just recently found my new favorite make-up bag from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/VOYAGE-MAKEUP-TRAVEL-COLLECTION-Copper/dp/B0788HCRDT/

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