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Hello everyone. What is up? Welcome back to my channel. If this is your first time to my channel,
hi, my name is Jkissa, and I love Ralph Breaks The Internet. We saw it recently, and oh my gosh it’s just
as good as the first Wreck It Ralph which fun fact, that was Chris and my first date
ever. Actually by the time this video goes up, it
will be our seven year anniversary, which is so crazy how time flies. Anyways I digress, today we’re talking about
what is in my glorious Keith Haring makeup bag. I talked about this in my last video, if you
wanted to see what was in my makeup bag, and I had so many requests for it. A lot of you wanted to see how it is organized. Let me give you a forewarning that there is
no organization. I also got a lot of questions about where
my makeup bag is from. This was actually a gift to me from my brother-in-law
and his girlfriend. My brother-in-law, Jamie, I love his so much
and I miss him so much. He gifted this to me with his girlfriend,
and it’s a Keith Haring bag. It says Herschel right here, so I believe
that is obviously the brand it’s from. Let’s go ahead and jump into this. I don’t really know how to do this video. I have never really watched any of these. I should’ve watched one before. In the first little compartment in here is
where I keep a bunch of random things. I have three things in here that I keep with
me and they just stay in there one, because they poke me, and then two, because if they
float around in my bag I’m just gonna lose them. The first one is an Anastasia brow stencil. I actually picked this up because of Desi
Perkins. She said that she likes to really use this
when is in a hurry, and so I immediately went out and bought a set of these because I am
often in a hurry, and my brows take me the longest. I have that in there. I also have a pair of tweezers for eyelashes,
putting on false lashes. This is just from e.l.f. I really like these tweezers. And then I have scissors in here. These are the Anastasia scissors. I bought these because of Ashley. I remember one time we were filming together
and I couldn’t find scissors to trim my lashes with, and she was like, “Oh here, just use
mine,” and they were literally the best scissors ever. So Ashley, thank you for teaching me the way
of the Anastasia scissors. I like to keep everything that I normally
reach for, and it’s going to be a little bit different when I travel, but I really don’t
have a lot of skincare in here because when I travel, I do put that in a separate bag. When I’m not traveling, I have a separate
little container for that when I film. And so, there won’t be any eyeshadows in here. I normally will just grab my go-to eyeshadow
palette that I have talked about time and time again. I’ve also done a capsule eyeshadow collection,
how to curate your own. That is basically what is going to be in here. Can you see … this is a mess. Okay. How are we gonna sort this? Okay. Let me think. I went ahead and emptied out my whole makeup
bag, and as you can see, there is this little mesh pouch right here. I’m gonna go ahead and show you what I keep
in there. For that, I keep eyeliner, pencils and liquid
eyeliners. I do this because one, if my eyeliner pencils
are just floating everywhere, it’s really hard for me to find them, so I just keep them
locked in there. They’re easy to find when I need them. I have a bunch of eyeliner. I have three black eyeliner pencils. Let’s just, first of all, excessive? Yes. 100%. Look up excessive in the dictionary, you’re
gonna see my freaking face because just yeah, I’m just excessive when it comes to it. I have three black eyeliner pencils. In my mind, they all do different things. The black ones I have are Hourglass Obsidian,
my favorite for tight lining my eyes. Some days I’ll do Perversion from Urban Decay. Also love it. If I am out of Obsidian, I’ll use Perversion,
and vice versa. And then I have the Milk Makeup Long Wear
Gel Eyeliner in the shade Boss. I’ve been really liking this one, so I went
ahead and popped that in my little mesh pocket. And then the other colors I have, I have my
favorite of all time brown pencil eyeliner in Whiskey from Urban Decay. If you have not tried this, this is a really
great warm tone brown eyeliner. I have a BCC, also from Milk Makeup. This is a really great nude. I have it on my waterline right now. I’ve been wearing this makeup for so long,
so if it doesn’t look great, that’s definitely why. Alkaline pencil from Urban Decay as well,
which is another favorite of mine. I tend to find that I use it a lot, so instead
of going to grab it, I just keep it in my bag. And then finally, I have a liquid liner in
there if I wanna do wings or anything like that, put a line over false lashes or anything
like that. Right now, I have the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof
Liquid Eyeliner in Intense Black. If you have been around on my channel, you
know that the NYX Epic Ink eyeliner is my go-to, my favorite. I actually ran out of my NYX one, and I just
had in my pile of makeup the Stila one, so I’m trying it out. Let’s talk about eyebrow gels. Let me grab them all. I have tinted ones that I really like depending
on what color my hair is. Sometimes I’ll mix all three of them like
I did today. I wanted a really quick brow, so I literally
just put eyebrow gel in my brows. I have the Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing
Fiber Gel in Warm Blonde. I’ve been trying this out. As you may know if you saw my Sephora VIB
sale haul, I picked that up. I’m still trying it out. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I have Dutch Kush Fiber Brow Gel from Milk. I have … this baby is amazing … the Illamasqua
Brow Build in Amplify. This is so good. I need to get a backup. I went to get a backup on Illamasqua’s website,
and I couldn’t find it, so I hope they didn’t discontinue this. But the Brow Build is one of the best brow
gels I have used. If you are wanting a tinted brow gel, you
would love the Brow Build by Illamasqua. They are just so great. They have little fibers in them, and I presume
… I feel like the Benefit brow gels, that would be a great dupe for those if you were
looking for a cruelty free option. I have two clear eyebrow gels that I really
love, and I use all the time. Sometimes I will layer them. Most days I layer them just because I don’t
have a lot of brow hairs, so if I can make it look like I do, then I will apply copious
amounts of brow gel. The Hourglass Arch Brow Shaping Gel in Clear,
love this. I love it way more than the Anastasia Clear
Brow Gel. And then the ColourPop Brow Boss Gel, this
is great if you are looking for [inaudible 00:06:37] brows in a tube, this is amazing. Love it so, so much. I keep a variety of concealers in here because
I never know what I’m going to want to do that day. I don’t know if I’m going to want to have
heavy duty or anything like that. My Tarte Shape Tape, I actually use this as
eye primer. I just ended up being too lazy to replace
my Smashbox Lip Primer in Light, so I’ve been using the Tarte Shape Tape for some time now,
and it works really great. It’s also great concealer, I find. The CoverFX Power Play Concealer, I love. I’ve been using this a lot recently. The Hourglass Veil Retouching Fluid, I’m in
the shade Vanilla. I talked about really liking this. It’s great for touch ups on the go. If I’m going to be taking my makeup bag in
my backpack or anything, this is a really great product to have. The Glossier Stretch Concealer, if you saw
my all cream makeup tutorial, when I want a really light coverage day, I will use this
and actually layer it up with the BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector. These two live in my bag in case I want something
a little bit on the lighter side. I also forgot to mention a brush that I keep
in my makeup bag. This is one of two brushes that stay in my
makeup bag. This is the Linda Holberg’s number 305 brush. This looks like an every day concealer brush
but as you can see, the point can get really fine. I really like to use this to clean up my brows
with concealer. I just find that it’s really great. It holds its shape really nicely, and so it
just lives in my makeup bag. The other brush is my Hourglass Veil Powder
Brush. You have heard me talk about this time and
time again. Great for a bronzer on this end, and then
great for any loose powder or pressed powder on this end. I have two brow pencils that I’m currently
… Right? Only two. Wow, shocker. Two brow pencils that I’m rotating through
right now. I have the Medium Brown Brow Whiz by Anastasia,
and I have the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Warm Blonde. I’ve been trying out the Hourglass one lately. I mentioned this, that I wanted to give it
more of a chance. I like it because it takes no time at all
to fill in your brows, but I find that the end does get a little dull, so that’s just
something that I’m kind of working on figuring out the best way to go about it. And then the Brow Whiz by Anastasia is just
a really classic one. I also really love the e.l.f. brow pencil. I should toss this in here as well because
it does have a little bit of warmth to it. I keep meaning to toss it in my bag and use
it. I need to do that, make a mental note. But as you will see, I am so weird and I take
off the caps of the spooly ends because I just want to save time instead of taking off
the cap, having to place the cap, lose the cap. I lose everything. So I just keep the little spoolys off, and
just toss it in my bag. Sorry this is all over the place. I hope you don’t mind. Let’s talk about, this is kind of like skincare
but really not. I keep the Tatcha Silk Canvas in my makeup
bag as well because this is so good for your under eyes, for anywhere that you’re gonna
place concealer. I find that this holds the concealer really
nicely. It makes everything smooth throughout the
day, and you don’t really have to worry about using too much product. I feel that it almost intensifies the product
that you put on top of this. I use it every day, especially on special
occasions where I know that I want my makeup to look flawless. I have my Thrive Cosmetics sponge in my bag
as well. And then I have two lip care products that
I always keep in my bag. First is the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. This is in the shade, this is the red one. What shade is it? I don’t know. It’s just the red tinted one. I bought this because of Ashley. Well, everything I buy is because of Ashley. I bought it because of her because she just
has the most beautiful natural lip color, and she normally just uses this placed over
it. I do have the Agave Lip Balm, which I’m almost
out of. It’s like on its last legs. I love the lip balm for every day. I place it on my lips before I start my makeup,
and it has my lips hydrated and ready to go for any lipstick I place on top of it by the
time I get to lips. But if I want something with a little more
hydration or I’m doing a really natural look and just want a sheer tint of color, that
is where the Agave Lip Mask comes in. I have two other random products in here. I have the Dose of Colors Shady Gel Eyeliner. This is a really great black gel eyeliner. Sometimes I like to go in with gel eyeliner
for wings, sometimes I like to do liquid liner. I just really like to have that option. And then the second random product I have
in my bag, which is so well loved, is Birki Eyeshadow from NABLA Cosmetics. I really like to use a cream eyeshadow that
is about a few shades darker than my normal skin tone, so I will just place this all over
the eye really quickly on my days off. Or if I just want a really neutral look, that
is what I will use this for. And so, this stays in my bag permanently because
I adore it so, so much. Powders. Again, excessive is my middle name. The thing … let me show you the two powders
I use the most, which you will probably guess. The first one being the Hourglass Veil Translucent
Setting Powder. I know the packaging is big. Sometimes it does take up a lot of space. I know they make travel sizes, so if you are
someone that travels a lot or you’ve been wanting to try this powder but you feel that
you can’t justify the price, they do make a travel size. I need to get it. But I absolutely love this Hourglass Powder. It is my go-to powder. And then for my other powder that I use all
the time, can you tell how dirty this is? I am so close to hitting the pan. Can you tell right there? It pretty much has hit pan, it just hasn’t
shown through yet. This is the NYX No Filter Finishing Powder. I’m in the shade Light. I like to use my Hourglass brush on the small
side. Before I do any powder products on my face,
I like to lay this down where I plan on putting my blush and bronzer because since I don’t
wear foundation, I find that it can tend to skip if I don’t have a layer of powder down
before. I just find that the NYX one is the best. It leaves my skin not looking too powdery,
which is really great and it does play nice with other powders. These two powders are pretty new to me. This is the KKW Brighten Powder and Bake Powder. I’m in the shade 1 for both of these. I like to use this after I’m done with all
of my makeup to brighten everything up. And then, I use the Bake Powder if my contour
has gotten too low, or I just want it to be really defined that day. I will take a dry beauty sponge and really
just place that baked powder all underneath. So I have that in my bag. It doesn’t get as much love as other ones
though. Let’s talk about cheek products. The first blush that I always keep in my makeup
bag, this has been one of my favorites, is the Antonym Highlighting Blush and Cheek Crush. A lot of you told me in my last video that
Antonym launched another highlighting blush in Lily. Thank you for telling me that. Ordered it, waiting for it to arrive. This is just my favorite blush. I have it on right now. Again, I’ve had this makeup on for a while,
so it may look a little faded. This blush is just something that I think
goes with my makeup. For any look, it just goes so well. I really like this blush and I don’t mind
it taking up some extra space ’cause the packaging. I love the packaging, but it can be a little
bit thick. But I don’t mind that it takes up so much
space because that is a must have for me. I always have the BECCA Bali Sands Bronzer. How have I not hit pan on this? If you’ve been on my channel for a long time,
this is the same one I’ve still been using. How I haven’t hit pan on this is a miracle
to me. If you’ve not tried the BECCA bronzers, they
are really great, soft, buildable, not too orange, not too red, not too yellow. This one is really perfect and literally just
the perfect bronzer color I could ever hope for. A lot of bronzers can pull really orange on
me, and this one does not do it, and the formula is just gorgeous. A highlighter that lives in my bag forever
and ever is ColourPop Flexitarian. I mentioned this in my must haves from ColourPop,
I mention this all the time. This is my favorite highlighter. If I ever don’t know what to do for a highlight
that day, this is what I will always use. And then recently I’ve fallen in love with
the Ambience Strobe Lighting Powder in Incandescent Strobe Light from Hourglass. I mentioned this in my 10 must have products
from Hourglass. And if I’m going for a neutral look that day,
this is what I will wear. Something on the natural side, neutral, not
going to really emphasize any texture. It’s a great formula. I think that when you swatch it, you might
not be amazed by it, but once it’s on the face, it’s really beautiful. Another highlighter, a cream baaed one, is
the RMS Beauty Champagne Rose Luminizer. I talked about this recently. I keep feeling like I say that all the time. I love this luminizer. Again, if I’m going for a really dewy easy
look that day, this is a great luminizer. I could’ve worn it today, but ended up doing
something different. Okay we’re almost done. We have this category, then the next category,
then we’re done. Eye products. I keep two mascaras in my makeup bag. I keep my Kush mascara, which I absolutely
… this is my obsession, I adore this. I have it on now. It’s just the best mascara in my opinion. I love it. The hype is very real. I can’t go without it. And then I also have the CoverGirl Flourish
by Lash Blast. I recently tried out CoverGirl, and I actually
really fell in love with this mascara. I almost said concealer. I really fell in love with this mascara, and
I find that it just does a really good job, and it does play nice with the Kush mascara. So if my mascara for whatever reason is just
clumping that day, I can use Flourish and it will just comb through it without removing
any mascara. And then I have my Lash Glue by Thrive Cosmetics
as well that I really, really like, and I think personably in my opinion it is the best. Let’s move on to the final category. Lips. I keep a variety of lip options in here, especially
when I’m traveling. If you saw my capsule makeup collection video,
this is very similar to that. I like to keep two pencils in my collection
at all times. I like to keep a pencil that is my lips but
better, and then one that I can shade with. The one I shade with is the KKW Beauty Lip
Liner in Nude 1. It’s really great if you want to create a
pouty look to the outer portion of your lips. And then, if I’m going to be placing just
like a gloss over it or anything like that, I like to also line and fill my lips with
the Bite Beauty number 36 Lip Pencil. This is my lips but better in a lip pencil. It is almost out. It’s getting pretty short. I use this so much, and it’s just a great
thing if you just wanna throw it on. Add a little lip balm on top. It’s really great. I have two glosses in here, which I never
thought I would say. I have the Dose of Colors The Most Gloss,
which I have a bunch of glosses layered on today on top of a lipstick, this being one
of them. This is a really great gloss if you just wanna
have extra juiciness. And then, the Bite Beauty French Press Lip
Gloss in Flat white, a recent discovery, a recent love, and a recent must have. This is great if you really want your lips
to have a very light color, look juicy but not dry them out too much, that’s a really
great option. And for lipsticks I have, I personally prefer
liquid lipsticks. If you don’t, you can have any kind of lips
colors in here. I do still love Fuel by Urban Decay. I love it so much, but I try to cycle through
my lipsticks to really make sure that I’m giving enough love to certain lipsticks. The Natasha Denona Lip Color in number 7,
I have been loving. Again, put Flat White on top of it. It’s really gorgeous. The Dose of Colors in Desi and Katy Savage
is a really dark color. I like to have a nude, a pop of color, a gloss,
a my lips but better, and a really dark shade. So Savage is that. For my pop of color, the ColourPop Ultra Blotted
Lip in Ocean Avenue is a great option. You can really sheer this out or build it
up. Great for your off days when you just wanna
have glasses and a bright lip. Love it. And then finally for my recent nude color
that I’ve been loving, this is also like my lips but better, A Mauve Story by Dose of
Colors and Desi and Katy as well. Might be thinking, “Where’s your setting spray,
where’s all your facial spray? Where are they?” They live with my little filming set up. And again if I do travel, I can fit them in
here somehow. This bag is literally like Mary Poppins. It looks small, but you can pack a lot in
here and I love that it has a handle on it so I can just grab this and go. That is everything in my makeup bag. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope this was something entertaining for
you that you would wanna see. Again, I know that it’s super excessive that
I have all these products in here. Yes, I could cut down on everything. But do I want to? The answer is no. So I hope you enjoyed this video. Please let me know what other videos you would
like to see. Please don’t forget to subscribe, and I will
see you next time. Bye.

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