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  1. I would say I am a seasoned traveler by now. Here are the things I need with me while I'm up in the air. What are your carry on necessities? 💺

  2. Flip flops/slippers for the long flight are must have items!! Its so much easier to move around and plus, your feet and legs arent gonna get as swollen!!

  3. Great tips Jen. I also have to have a chapstick, hand cream, socks and a blanket scarf with me on the plane to keep me comfortable

  4. I'm not sure if Jenn has covered this before but does anyone know what camera, lens, lighting, and video editing things she uses? I have a friend who is in media and hoping to get into making a YouTube channel herself and wants a point of reference. =)

  5. how do you get just one thing out from carry on case, when you need it, like handwipes to wipe down your seat or passportboarding pass to show? I would pack those thing in a handbag…
    maybe i'm just travelling differently..

  6. I have two must haves! 1) noise cancelling headphones (sony 1000mx) – these will change your flight experience forever! You may not realize but the airplane noise has a huge impact on you. Removing the engine and flight noise can help you feel less tired even after long flights. 2) Heating eyemasks! These are from Japan. They’re only for one time use. Once you peal it out from the package, the eyemask will gently heat up and you cannot resist falling into sleep! My favorite is the lavendar scented ones. With my noise cancelling headphones and heating eyemasks, I feel less tired even after +10hr long flights 🙂

  7. Hi jen! I love your video! Anyway, i bring spare clothes (1 or 2 clothes) in my carry on in case my actual suitcase stranded somewhere in the transit airport etc

  8. Dry shampoo for me! (in a non-aerosol can). My hair gets oily real quick on long flights and layovers. So I like to pop a small one in my carry-on to revive my hair a little. Also, I like carrying a mini face-mist to freshen up as well as mouth spray for when my breath smells after sleeping. SCARF! It's always so damn cold on planes so I like carrying a blanket scarf that doubles as a shawl/blanket to warm my body 🙂

  9. I love this! I tend to overpack in my carry on, but these are such important essentials. Love you girl! You look gorgeous as ever!

  10. Girl, you would not regret upgrading that sonicare to a fancy one. I did recently and it makes a huge difference! The upgraded models are so powerful and they make your mouth feel super clean!!!

  11. unfortunately I am prone to having the airline lose my luggage so I usually pack an extra, condensable outfit into my carry on

  12. Go get a bose quiet comfort headphone! I swear to god that it will be in your new monthly fav if u get one! … oh yeah u got one for your brother so I think you understand how good it is haha, love you!

  13. I thought I was the only one who pops their big Nikon in a beanie! So much lighter than a case and keeps the camera safe!

  14. The aesthetics of this video though 😍 thanks for this Jenn! inspiring me to film a what's in my carry-on video as well hehe 💞

  15. my mum gave me a good tip, pack an out fit and a bikini just in case your suitcase gets lost then you have stuff there and you dont miss out on that pool action!

  16. Love all your videos! I feel like a lot of the items in your carry on is what I keep in my handbag/backpack, is what in your purse different to usual when you go to the airport?

  17. I always bring a thin but warm blanket scarf! An easy layer to have when you just don't know if the flight will be too hot or too cold!

  18. I pack fuzzy socks bc I like to wear flats to the airport and take them off when flying. It keeps my feel warm and I don't have to wear my flats the whole time!

  19. I have to have pencils and note/sketchbook. If I'm not sleeping or looking out the window I like to scribble and write to relieve anxiety and stay creative 🙂

  20. I always have one set of clothes in my carry on just in case i my suitcase gets lost or i spill somthing on me… (it have happend a few times)

  21. So they won’t throw away your makeup products? Honestly I’ve never packed them in my carry on because my friend once got her make up thrown away

  22. Hi Jen, I also pack a lightweight silk scarf to wrap around my head like a bandana to protect from the cold dry air blowing onto my head which can cause headaches sometimes, if you happen to be sitting under the direction of the centralized aircon. It will help make your sleep even more snuggly! 🙂 Silk is good as the fabric won't make the hair frizzy and keeps the hair from becoming frizzy under the dry aircon!

  23. thank you so much! if you can do the video for the suit case that would be great before feb when i am leaving to new york!

  24. I asked for headphones and it been working great I have a Bluetooth headphones just put round your neck. I love how you layout. I just need find more things to do at airport my grandpa and I leave to New Jersey every August for a month to see his son and grandson spend sometime with family at shore house he like leave airport early for 3 hours anything else to bring to do? I usually bring my portable DVD player might switch to buy a iPad mini to watch download stream from Netflix movies Adults coloring book and a portable charger in case my phone dies and regular reading book too am going bring this year

  25. I cannot live without my iPod…..that is my way of blocking out noise and keeping myself entertained on flights 🙂

  26. hi guys. sooo.. can anybody please explain to me, like all the stuff Jen pack to her carry on is in a cabin suitcase right? So won’t it be a hassle when she wants to get her, say, mask out of the suitcase when in time of the actual flight inside the plane?

  27. Hi Jen! Does this luggage hold up well? It’s been a while so I’m curious to see if you still recommend it.💕

  28. I love your videos!
    Even though this was made in 2017, I still enjoy the travel packing/essentials concept.
    I even made a travel essentials video myself! I'm looking to create more travel-related videos in the future (since I only recently joined YouTube).
    But anyway, your videos are always enjoyable and inspiring. I'm a big supporter!

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