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Hi Pinkvilla, this is Tapsee and today I’m gonna show you what I carry in my bag Now, this bag itself is really special Because it has been lying in my closet for like last 10 months It never got a chance to get exposed So finally it’s exposed and how! It’s on Pinkvilla! So, I gave it a chance, and let’s see what I have in the bag Okay, don’t get disappointed guys, because I have a small bag, and I don’t have the whole world in it I’m a person who hates carrying bags and luggage, or anything I have to be like, free-handed most of
the time So.. Umm..so there is earphones I’m a software engineer, I’m technically
equipped I have a very cute pen, which actually looks like a pencil which I really like I carry this, not because I want to give autograph to people, whoever comes to me but, umm, I mean, I just want to carry it because I keep writing on my scripts, whatever pops in my head, so I keep,
I always carry.. I think it’s a mark of an intelligent
person to carry a pen But I don’t know why my pen has a rubber
on top of it I don’t want to get into details.. Unlike typical girls, who’d like to probably
sneak into their boyfriend’s wallets, I think probably it’s one person who is my idol, when it comes to fashion, or how she carries herself Kate Middleton I think it’s quite an ambitious thing to think about what would she be carrying
in her bag (laughs) So yeah, Kate Middleton Okay, this is a hand cream that I have, so because my hands get really dry and I start like peeling off my skin, so I carry my
hand cream If I have to carry 3 people in my bag then they will be first will be my sister I’m actually carrying her with me from Delhi to Hyderabad to Bombay I’ve just carried her with me So she’ll be one person And, umm, then the other two will vary according to what I’m doing at that moment like what..probably, what film I’m working on I would carry my director, or someone from
the team They are to be with me all the time, because I like to be involved into the project when I’m shooting a film, so.. One person stays constant, and that is my
sister These are my house keys, because my sister locks it and goes, and then I’m locked outside, so yeah, I carry my keys And I have my wallet, of course thank God for that! I carry my wallet If I have to pick 3 things, and not
everything, I’ll obviously carry my wallet and apart from that, I’ll carry my
house keys Otherwise, how will I enter my house! So.. And, let me carry my charger because then I can actually contact anyone Yeah, that’s about it That’s all I have in my bag and it’s pretty small guys so, I can’t carry anything more.. I hope you guys enjoyed to peek into my small, little bag Even if you didn’t enjoy, please don’t
hate me for it.. I have a small bag, unlike a lot of girls But, it’s enough for me to survive! And, if you liked it, then please subscribe to Pinkvilla, watch this video, Like it, comment on it.. I’ll read all the comments And share it! To shop for latest celebrity looks, Go to Pinkvilla shopping!

100 thoughts on “What’s in my bag with Taapsee Pannu | S03E04 | Fashion | Bollywood | Pinkvilla

  1. Why are the people here saying it over acting and flaunting…i mean she is just trying to make it interesting…

  2. Tujhse toh tb se nafrat h jab se tune dharam ki dhajiya udaai h besharm thik h tumhara kaam hi yehi h but itna b mat aasmaan m udo jana usi prmatma k paas h sabne thodi respect rakho apne dharm k liye bohat shaheediyaa di h tab jake mila h ye dharm hume

  3. Iski shakal bilkul darawni chudail ki tarah hai iske baal reechh ki tarah hai are yaar ise dhakke maar Kar Bollywood see nikaal Dena chahiye ye toh heroine ki sandal ke barabar hai

  4. May be she is not a very beautiful actress but something attract to her ..and no doubt she is a very brilliant actress ..her performances are always awsome..

  5. Y u messing vth kangana ….actualy i started liking u for ur acting but rmbr kangana is ur grandmother in acting first proof urself den say bakwass fr othr

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