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I’m a little nervous to spill my bag. I’m so used to telling people no, don’t
touch my bag. I’m protective of my stuff. I like a little secrecy. I’m Jenna, and I’m gonna spill it. I chose to bring this purse because it was
a gift from my mom. I do not like shopping. It is the most boring thing. But she does, and I think I had been working on Stuck In the Middle for a while but I hadn’t really done anything to treat myself, so it
was kind of a “congrats on all your hard work”. I’m a small girl, so I need a small bag. Plus I don’t carry a lot of things, I don’t
feel the need to. Something that really represents me well is I always have a pair of emergency hoops in my bag. Like, today I left and I didn’t have my
hoops on so these are literally my emergency hoops. First off, my phone. I mean, use that for everything, I’m always
on my phone. It’s probably a really bad habit. Oh, my pet peeve is bad breath. Like, I can’t stand it, especially if I
have it. How many pieces do I even have? This is an old pack. Oh, I have one piece, that’s nice. I’m the kind of friend who’s like, if
there’s one last piece, I’ll split it, I won’t be like, I’m taking it all. We could be friends and I will share my gum
with you. Vaseline. Another pet peeve, I do not like when I have chapped lips, if anyone has chapped lips around me I will offer, like, it’s just to be nice. This one’s actually lip therapy. Lifesaver. And it’s cute, it’s a pink color. Headphones. Okay, these are always tangled. I wonder if I can get these done right now. My friend taught me a trick, actually, how
to untangle these, but I feel like I did a pretty bad job ‘cause I tried to do that today and it didn’t work. You’ve gotta go like this, so it’s split
like that, and then you just keep folding, I think… Yeah, you keep folding, and then apparently if you wrap it around and just tuck it, so when you pull them out, they just kind of fall apart like that. Wow, it worked that time. Oh, okay. This is my favorite perfume. I carry this little piece, it’s Marc Jacobs
Daisy Dreams. What you do is, it’s just one of the roll-ons. And then a little on the neck, you know, for
when you give hugs. I’m a hugger. A tip is, if it’s hot outside, you have
to reapply this. Like, if you’re sweating and it’s hot,
then I almost radiate the smell even more. If that makes sense. You know, I don’t have makeup in my purse, just because one time, I went on a plane, had a bad experience, my makeup exploded in my bag, and it ruined the bag. I have like, lipstick, but that’s it. Here is my lipliner. This lipliner, not this one specifically,
but this brand is ancient to me, I’ve seen it and my mom use it ever since I was a little girl. This was the first makeup product I ever put
on. It just works well with my skin tone, it’s
perfect. I could put a little on and it’ll look natural. I could put more on and it’ll look like
lipstick. And then I also tie my rubber band to it. That’s another trick, too. I don’t like digging through my bag for
rubber bands, so I just tie it on whatever I can. And it makes it easier. Oh, tampons. Always prepared because I haven’t been before, and that sucks. I have some business cards, ‘cause your
girl is a little businesswoman. And likes to keep contacts. Ooh, I actually have these little pins. Probably my favorite thing in my bag, actually. So I got this one from a fan, it says Latina
Power, it’s super cute, I was at a Disney meet and Greet and a fan handed it to me,
she was like “thank you for representing me and, you know, just always being a good
role model.” That’s something that I didn’t necessarily have growing up. You know, like, on TV. Not a lot of Latina leading ladies on TV so
I think it’s cool that I get to be that role model for young girls. And this one says, Si Se Puede. It’s Frida Kahlo but as the Yes You Can
woman. What’s her name? Something River? Rosie the Riveter. Rosie the Riveter! That’s what it is. I think guys, that’s my bag. Oops. Thank you so much for watching Refinery29! If you want to watch more videos, click here,
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  1. My eyes went 😳 when she said she hated shopping because her character in Richie Rich loves shopping so much Xx but it's okay we can't all be like our characters!

  2. Whats in my bag: schoolstuff+my phone+ My keys+Emergencykit+food+water+gym clothes lol🤣🤣 and in the bottom there are hair bands hair clips crumbs and those sort of things🤣🤣🤣

    (I am not a fan of jackb i just listen to him for fun)

  4. Jenna: im a small girl so i need a small bag me: but obviously u dont need small shoes. Like seriously the shoes r bigger than her bag

  5. I love stuck in the middle don’t you
    Let me know what you think down here

    Edit – does anyone know how old she is right now in 2019

  6. hey beautiful person scrolling through the comments! Small youtuber here, can you subscribe to my channel and like my videos please!

  7. To be honest my mom is actually a Rosie tributer at our local museum in Michigan to raise money for the museum and she does parades and events

  8. Ok so funny story.

    I watched this same video like about 2 years ago and to this day I still use the hack about the earbuds lol

  9. Jenna: carries a miniature Vaseline like a normal person

    Me: carries one like 10 times bigger then normal cause I “gotta be prepared”


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