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The most extra item… Sunglasses. Tom Ford. Fashion Nova. Tommy Hilfiger. Another shade. I told you. Need options. Hey, I’m Dinah Jane, and I’m gonna Spill
It. I brought this bag because it was one of the
first things I ever bought myself. My mom kind of bribed me into buying myself
something. She’s like, “Dinah, you deserve to get yourself something.” We walked into a Louis Vuitton store. I picked this bag because I felt like it could
hold everything I’ll need. Like my shoes, my make-up. It’s basically like a Mary Poppins bag and
it comes in clutch. Every time I look at it, I just think of hard
work. A Louis is not cheap. I’m just letting y’all know. I got these ‘cause they were on sale. I just saw that Kim K. was like rocking these
certain shades like that went straight across. She’s one of my favorite fashion icons. Got this in Hong Kong. Guess what? This is a knockoff. It’s one of my favorite colors. There was a black one, but I wanted a blue. I was in the hotel and I told my bodyguard
like, “oh, can we go outside and go check out the street stores?” And I was with one of my other good friends. And she got a knockoff of Louis Vuitton. It was like great, we’re in the same boat. No one’s gonna know until they get really
close. Da-dada-daaaa! This is my new hot Cheetos. Like I used to be so obsessed with hot Cheetos. It’s now dark chocolate covered almonds,
from 7-Eleven. Yeah. This is my snack. And when I’m at the studio, if it’s not
real food, it’s this. This is my snack, my go-to. My favorite perfumes. Ooooohhhhh. This is Saint Laurent and this is Flowerbomb. Yup. These are my faves. It’s sweet and it just lasts all day. Always carry two of these suckers. Pshew pshew! Umm, when I’m at parties, I always feel
the need to tell someone like, “yo, it’s not smelling nice down there.” So I always have back-up. And I help a homegirl out, of course, ‘cause
I got two. Duh. Okay, break it down. Favorite lip glosses. Buxom. This one, Urban Decay. This is one of my favorite ones, Sephora. Look at that color. It’s so pretty, right? I should have a makeup bag in here, but your
girl’s always on the run. So, everything is not organized. Any time I clean out my bag, it only lasts
for like three days. And then it becomes this. This is my life. Umm, when I’m at the studio, don’t judge
me, okay? I’m the type to write on a notepad rather than writing lyrics on my phone. So I like to doodle. And I feel like this is the best way
for me to get all my ideas out. I’m writing like at least two, three songs
a day. I was wearing this on a flight. It was too bright in the plane. It was during the day. I had to pop these suckers on. I can sleep anywhere, at any time. I’ve had these for a while. I should probably get a new one. But it’s blue. My favorite color. I can’t get rid of it. Weirdest thing in my bag? Mmmm, I don’t remember what’s in here. Could I check? My socks. I carry these Vans socks with me everywhere I go just in case there’s an emergency. Speaking of emergencies, have y’all ever
been in a situation where you know, you’re on a last minute date, or a last minute hangout, or go to the club… These come in handy. They’re very small, fits right in the pocket. You can hide them easily. It’s for ladies. Men, you don’t have to know about this. But for the ladies, I gotchu. Jergens, if you’re dusty, crusty, holler
at ya girl. I gotchu. Summer’s Eve. I’m sure girls can relate. Toothpaste. And floss. The end! Thank you so much for watching Refinery29. Click here for more videos. Click here to subscribe.

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