What Do Boyfriends Want Their Girlfriends’ Makeup To Be?

– I want us to just not breakup is my main goal of this
– Yeah. Fine. (calm music) – We’re bringing in three couples. We’re gonna bring them in,
they’re gonna sit down, the girl’s gonna leave and
then the guy’s gonna tell us what he wants us to turn
his girlfriend into. I’m going to do that, no matter how crazy it is, on her face. – I don’t know if she really wears makeup except when we go to weddings. – I am seriously scared
for my life (laughs). – No. I know what I’m
talking about though. – You just use that mascara on my face. – Allison’s typical makeup look
is kinda of a lot like this. – I don’t have any makeup on right now. – But you don’t ever, do you? You don’t put very much on.
– Yes. – I think it’ll be fun but it might be a little crazy.
– A lizard or a bird You get like a beak. – Are you sweating? Are you nervous? – What? Yeah. Because there’s no way this
could get any well for me. – I don’t even know
what I want out of this. I want us to just not breakup is my main goal of this
– Yeah. Fine. – Do you have like a vision, like what you think you want on her face? – Oh, yeah, I definitely have a vision. – Perfect. We like a man with a plan. (chuckles) I think we’re gonna ask you to step aside and then we’re gonna have a pow out. – Do you trust me? – I hope so (chuckles). – Just trust. – Okay, Chris, so what
are you excited to have me do makeup-wise to your girlfriend? – I was seeing this the other
day, I was watching The Mummy. And the girls have those
things going on like this. – Like Cleopatra. – Yeah. That was cool. – Here’s the thing. Allison has very nice
skin but she’s very pale. – So we wanna give her a tan? – Bronze her. – Bronze her? – Yeah. – See. Do you know makeup terminology? – Because I’ve used bronzer before. – I like her skin tone but
maybe a little bit paler. – Oh, so more fair. – Yes, make her look like Snow White. Like when she wakes up though, now when she’s like — – Dead. – Yeah. – Ideally what we do is
make the eyes kinda pop with some liner and blue eye shadow, and give her like a bright lip. – I’m thinking like Scarlett
Johansen mixed with Cleopatra. – Okay. I got it. – Okay. – I think I got it. I hope I make you proud. Okay, Are you ready? – Yes (chuckles) – Are you nervous to see
what he chose for you? – I am a little nervous but again, I feel like I’m in good hands. – He brought a challenge today. (upbeat music) – Oh my God! Is this lip liner? – Yeah. (laughter) – This is when I tell you
that Dan’s from New Jersey. (upbeat music) – Okay. I think you’re all set. (upbeat music) (music) – I’m very scared. – I hope this was good. – Does she know what my description was? – I have literally no idea
what I look like right now. – I’m coughing. I think
it’s gonna be pretty cool. – This feels like the most intimate thing that we’ve ever done. – Okay. Woah! – Oh! – Woah! (laughter) Woah! – Look at this. I think this would be cool
for the weddings, you know? (laughter) – I think I have a good
eye for this stuff. – Interesting.
– He hates it. – No, no, no. I think honestly,
– You can hate it. – I stand by the eyes. I think the lips are little — – Jersey? – A little Jer, that’s what it is. – Yup. – Fuck. Yeah. That’s exactly what it is. This is what girls look
like where I come from. – Yeah, you’ve made me look like your mom. – Oh my God. – Kinda look like a super hero. – Okay. – Yeah. – Do I get to see it now? – Oh men, I will be in so much trouble. – Woah! – Oh my God, I’m so scared. Oh! Okay. It’s not as, it’s crazy. – Oh my God! – You’re welcome. – Dan, what’s the problem with you? – I din’t do it. – Why would you ever want that? – It looks good. Good job. – Really? You think I did a good job? – Yeah. I was imagining like — – You know, when there’s a bad wax museum, that’s what I look like. – These wings are crazy. – I could just see you with
a like a vodka tonic, like get to the point. – I think that this would
be a great look if you were going to see family of big family reunion. – It’s only been two minutes,
I’m kinda used to it now. – Yeah, because you switch
girlfriends every 10 minutes. I just look like I’m the next one. – So guys pretty much
know nothing about makeup. – I don’t know much about makeup but I think this is awesome. I think you’d rock this on a
regular, you know I’m saying? – So whether you wear tons of makeup or not a lot of makeup,
your boyfriend or girlfriend should love and adore you
for your heart and your soul. – There’s so many
different versions of Macy. And when you wear makeup,
this is a different version than your normal self. I love it just as much that
I love the regular Macy. – Thank you. – I think I learned that, Steven, even though he really doesn’t know on a daily basis, it shows
he does pay attention or he does notice things. – The take away should be that
I think she looks beautiful no matter what she wears. – Where was that the take away? When was that ever even said? – So, let’s all just remember that. – That’s bull — You’re covering your ass for
me in this horrible mistake. (upbeat music)

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