41 thoughts on “Weird Foundation Brushes – TINA TRIES IT

  1. The Sephora Collection number 82 Pro Contour Kabuki brush is very similarly shaped to the Angled Painter Brush except for the fact that it's a bit tinner and not as "bumpy". I find that it's great for contouring and I think you should really try it out 💖

  2. If you would use that brush for highlight, I kinda would use the thinner end of the brush to get a better look. Bye I love your vids ❤️

  3. You had the second flat “ paintbrush” upside down – the long bristles go down on your lower cheek while the shorter go in cheekbone – so you get even coverage

  4. I have a “hanging brush”. I got mine for $1 from wish. I like it, but it’s bigger than I’d like. The same thing but smaller would be amazing.

  5. Masami Black range is from the brand Masami Shouko, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure Masami Black is the more expensive range while Masami Shouko is the cheaper one. I’m using several brushes from Masami Shouko range and I gotta say that I love it. Especially for how inexpensive it is.

  6. She wasn’t supposed to apply the contour cream directly to the angled brush. The brush is meant for blending the contour; not applying

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