WEDDING DAY MAKEUP 💒 3 Mistakes to Avoid

the first mistake that people make when
doing their makeup for their wedding day is that they don’t wear enough makeup for somebody who doesn’t wear any makeup
on a daily basis this may seem like a lot of makeup to that my foundation on I
got on mascara I’m a little bit of lip gloss so this may be out of your comfort
zone however you can see on this video I still look a little bit and on your
wedding day you want to look as alive and happy and vibrant as possible so my
suggestion if you don’t wear makeup on a daily basis is to start practicing you
want to start practicing wearing makeup so that you feel comfortable on your
wedding day you want to put on lipstick maybe some
blush a little bit of eyeshadow and start working your way up to a more full
coverage foundation as well because you want to look your very best on your
wedding day and you want to show up in your pictures right so you need to
accentuate your eyes all those features in your face that you love without
hiding them behind makeup so if you don’t wear makeup this is not the look
for you this still doesn’t hit it on that on the head you want to make sure
that you have enough makeup on so that you’re going to show up in pictures
people can see all your beautiful features from all the way in the back of
the chapel so don’t make this mistake actually put on a little bit of makeup
the second mistake that people make is sinking more is better when it comes to
makeup I agree when it comes to cheese cake and ice cream however a wedding day
makeup doesn’t always apply you can see I have thick eyeliner on which makes my
eyes look really small and I’ve got super harsh contouring it looks like I
have a fake tan on my forehead really really dark lips this is not going to be
your best wedding day look so go a little light handed if you tend to
really love makeup or be an expert blender if you want to
wear a lot of makeup now the third mistake that people make
is wear lipstick that is going to end up all
over their face their hair their wedding dress their husband you guys you have to
wear lipstick that lasts all day and is it going to smudge look at this oh my
goodness this is going to be a mess so now that I’m showing you what not to
do how about I take you through a couple tips of what to do on your wedding day
now I’ve got on my face full of dudes let’s narrow them down so first of all
do highlight and contour just foundation on its own isn’t enough your face is
three-dimensional and so you want to highlight all those different areas of
your face so I’ve contoured under my cheeks with a
darker foundation color at the top of my forehead down the sides of my nose and
on my jawline and I just use the foundation color that’s a couple shades
darker than my natural color and then blend it in do wear a natural color
blush I have on a light pink blush it’s not super pink it’s a rosy pink so it’s
something that is more aligned with what my natural skin color would be if I were
blushing and then do wear lip color that can be seen but that is smudge free you
want that lip color to last all day and to stay on your lips and not on your new
husband so I use lip scents lipstick it’s a long wear 18 hour lip color that
doesn’t smear it doesn’t bleed it doesn’t budge it lasts all day and I
absolutely love it this is the color goddess here we go it’s a light purple
really really pretty for everyday and if you’re somebody who doesn’t wear a lot
of lipstick or a lot of color on your face this is a great option it gives you
just enough color that your lips show up however they’re not the first thing to
walk into a room the next thing is to wear some eye shadow you want to have
eyeshadow on your face and you don’t want it to be too dark and your liner
too thick so let’s take a closer look at my eye shadow you can see I took a light
pink and put that over my entire eyelid and then filled in the outer
edge with a purplish pink that has a little bit more saturation to it and
filled in the outer edge with a darker brown then I blended them all together
and did a very thin black liner on the top and mascara you want to be really
careful not to do a dark thick eyeliner it’s just going to make your eyes look
even smaller especially if you have small deep set eyes and then even though
I have micro bladed eyebrows I filled in my eyebrows with color as well you
always want to fill in your eyebrows they’re the frame of your face even if
you have dark eyebrows you just want to define the outer edges and there you
have it that’s three biggest mistakes to avoid with your wedding day makeup
number one too little makeup number two too much makeup and number three
lipstick that is going to smear and smudge all over the place I hope you
enjoyed this video and stay tuned for more information on great looks for your
wedding day

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