100 thoughts on “Wearing Online Dollar Store Makeup For A Week

  1. HELLO BBs!! happy friday! hope you all enjoy my foray into $1 makeup, i'm gonna go load up on lipsticks now…. what would you like to see next? xox, saf

  2. Great content. I use the cheap stuff, too. But I actually wouldn't recommend the Dollar Store stuff. It's imported, and probably contains all kinds of iffy ingredients.

  3. The far away shots look regular but the up.close all I could think about was me in the end of middle school when my parents let me go to the outlet mall with friends & we would secretly buy dollar makeup to try to learn how to do it when we weren't allowed yet & then buy a tshirt or something to hide the small bag of makeup in another bag with lol & then I saw l.a. color foundation & went yup that's the one lmao!

  4. 3:01

    “What kind of bisque? Lobster?”
    “That’s what I was thinking”


  5. Maybe we should should see how long your face lasts wearing the same makeup look for a week. No washing your face, and you have to do your makeup once and keep it on the whole week. Your allowed to do retouches but you can’t take off makeup. NO CONTROL Z

  6. Just go to dollar tree we sell some elf brand makeup now. It's pretty sweet along with other makeup we sell

  7. I always think her make up is too much (I'm a girl, just for the record), but I watch her videos on make up nonetheless because they are interesting <3

  8. saf: do the song
    tyler: shoP mIsSa
    saf: you see, it wouldn’t work with shop miss a
    tyler: sHoP mIsS a?
    saf: wheeze

  9. The LA color foundation ALWAYS breaks my skin out! They sell it at the dollar tree and I ONLY break out when I used it. I haven't used in over a year and I have only had four zits all year long! Do NOT use ANY of the LA color foundation or skin products. The eyeshadow and mascara is okay but the skin products are VERY oily and clogs your pores

  10. I absolutely love the eyebrow pencil that you used, I find it comparable with a cover girl or Maybelline pencil.

  11. When u have edited the arrows at the beginning you want light ivory but it’s pointing at porcelain just thought I’d say x

  12. fdjkfldas i just bought stuff from here, not done with the video but like… i would not get concealer online ever you are a brave soul. i think i'll stick with my mac stuff instead of missa

  13. Shop Miss A is cruelty free, they purchase products direct from the manufacturer worldwide, they have been in business for over 20years, and their warehouse is in Texas where they have actual stores you can shop at.
    They have all kinds of products not just makeup. Check them out. I really like Shop Miss A.

  14. Am I seeing around the same amount of dislikes on every one of her videos? Some people are committed!

    Though I don't wear makeup, I found myself coming back for more haha xD Thoroughly entertaining

  15. Please do this again with different brands on their website! They also have new products! And please buy more makeup from daiso and try out different stuff!

  16. Yeah I was on my way to Dallas with a school trip and we stopped at a mall where they had a physical Miss A shop and they actually do have really good products

  17. Love you and love your hilarity. You went all out for us this time. I would / could never do this. My skin would be swollen, puffy (allergic to most cosmetics), with cystic acne, and spotty skin that clearly needs to see a facialist. You are a force. I'm happy some people don't get acne/allergies. It's a battle I'm always fighting. Sephora's clean make ups are all I can do. You're so beautiful. Love the lip color.

  18. You should do an updated shopmissa because the got brand new foundation!! They also have setting powder, sponges, brushes, and beautiful highlighters (my favorite items).

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