We Tried Sephora’s New Eye Makeup

she’s like a Phoenix this is like my Katniss Everdeen when she’s on fire riding it on the chariot I feel like my face isn’t done unless I’m wearing eye shadow it’s either zero or it’s everything which is like a dramatic cat eye or something like bold and crazy but I only wear bold and crazy because not a lot of people do it so people can’t tell me that I did it wrong if I have to do anything my makeup it’s the eyes definitely I like to like play with different colors I also love my makeup I think it’s a great expression it’s always like something heavy or nothing something really dramatic that Ryan hates move like 50% of time he’s like you think that’s for you I’ve been trying to learn how to do my makeup so I can do more drag and Sequoia has been my makeup coach I’m not great but I’m going anyway Ryan show us the eye makeup bring it on this is Smashbox la cover shot eye palette we’re in LA so I’m very yes I’m very fitting it’s like holographic oh this is where you’re gonna live of course in these no no I’m gonna live there it is a good range of colors if you want like you know a one-stop shop how it I’m wearing like pretty dark clothes today so I’m ready to go in with like this peach color and just like smudge that all around the place I’m gonna try pink and purple a true artist likes to get message definitely smooth not super creamy but just grabbing it off my finger there’s not a ton of fallout either which is nice ya know it’s always got like a pinky sheen to it that’s it this feels super soft on my skin it’s staying on my eye I did put a lot on it’s on my nose I’m putting on a little bit of a base color which is pretty much my skin tone which is really nice feels good doesn’t it it’s not like so much that you’re like oh how am I gonna blend this out but it’s definitely appearing quickly I may be more out here so I don’t know of the time what is blending like blending isn’t like moving around holy and not patchy she moves great oh my god I just put this warm brown under my I went more blue like the illusion of being more blue that’s science yeah I like it I’m wearing a nude lip today I’m wearing highlight I’m trying to say like a little bit chill you do yours up I want mine to go out so what I’m doing is starting with the gold on the inside so it comes out oh this is pretty oh yeah he’s been so quiet doing these are fun colors I really do like this palette I feel like you could do a lot with it look at this that looks really good I look like a 70s bus seat I think I’m finished well I really thought this was gonna show up way more purpley it’s like grey which is what it’s nothing right now she’s like a Phoenix this is like my Katniss Everdeen when she’s on fire riding on the chariot it’s weird how like every palette always seems to have some really good eyeshadow some that just aren’t pigmented enough I like the blue all of the eyeshadows in this pallid the color payoff is good I don’t think you can ask for more let’s go for the liner oh I’d love how benefits stuff is very uniform you know it’s benefit when you look at hey we have not moved to eyeliner in our makeup tutorials together that you talked because I can’t do it well I reminds me a like oh hey yeah I’m in the twenties that’s a long tip Oh oh my god this is working so much better than I anticipated it working this is pretty good I don’t have a lot of experience using felt tips I I feel comfortable using this and I think it looks so it looks great okay now it’s just to get the other item at its precise but like smooth I wish you were walking me through this this is the thing is that usually I have to walk myself through it I was just about to say color payoff is definitely there you don’t need to like shove it under your eyelid to get it to show up the hardest part is it in the corner I never quite know where you’re supposed to stop don’t look at me I’m a monster for using a felt-tip I thought this was really good and it’s really dark Oh dad hope a lot it’s a fat tip and I’m used to but that’s actually a good thing I think cuz we’re not too thin it’s like [Laughter] I like it I like this it’s kind of foolproof I think I’m gonna do lashes Sephora collection has been doing stories in general so this guy’s are the lip stories I like a less dramatic lab oh I feel like I know I left the drama for you so that will theme they’re just so cute this one’s festival love this one is lash away this is brunch babe all right I’m trying to brunch babe and I’m doing festival love I’m celebrating wild adventures and it’s not only about the music it’s about giving whoops be layered laughs I’m down I’m gonna just go wild and go with the massive ones every we gonna look insane but let’s just pretend I’m going for a wild night out I’m gonna do to start with brunch ones so we have a nice contrast okay hmm are these blue and mattress oh wow blue blue latches I’ll get into them I mean even this is very it’s like I don’t want you to open it because it’s so pretty these look great like I feel like they also feel super soft did I do it usually they feel hard I feel like the cheap ones these are like really soft and like light okay now just like maneuver it and like put it oh my god I’m not gonna say it was easy because I’m not gonna get ripped apart in the comments for my double ashes so I will say that they are on Wow these was really not true eyelashes will change your life it’s weird though because there are blue lashes in here and I can’t really see that hey you can you see that massive but other than that they’re very easy and they’re so light I love this this is so good I feel like these lashes changed my life like wow like I just thought it was not for me and now I like want to go out and buy 12 of these and wear them everyday I was pretty impressed I feel like I just want I want a weight on my head this is very not me but you know what I need to try something different okay and it’s pretty good I’m a big fan of everything that we tried today I think the palette was wonderful good price point the roller liner is everything you’d want and expect from benefit and the lashes of like changed my mind the lashes are my favorite part everything’s good tonight actually I was really impressed with everything yeah I definitely would buy the eyeliner well so far you’ve done it again you’ve made me want to spend all my money thank you so much it is very Coachella like I mean like some of the packaging like says that like festival oh yeah I picture myself Sunday night I Coachella ariana grande’s on she’s hitting behind I wish so no it’s a lot that’s me I feel that well I feel it too I do feel that I gave her the high note perhaps of Mariah I’m Mariah moment [Music]

100 thoughts on “We Tried Sephora’s New Eye Makeup

  1. Lashes just complete an eye look. I could have the worst eyeshadow day but once I pop on some lashes, it magically makes it look better lol

  2. I am loving Megan's hair. That short, slightly curled style really suits her. The makeup only accentuated the look

  3. I’m happy Megan looks like she’s feeling better and her hair looks like a really cute pixie cut🌈☺️

  4. Could you do more food videos? I love your skincare videos so much but beauty is also from the inside out and Id love you to show us how you do that! Love you so much!

  5. i loovee smashbox eyeshadows, but that specific benefit eyeliner is much too soft and bendy to control easily, especially for the price

  6. Seeing a felt eyeliner in this vid. I have to recommend eyeko felt pen liner. The big fat pen one. Like if you want a decent cat eye with bad makeup skills, i recommend it. i got compliments when i use it, and to me i was surprised cause i just threw that on my face . the pen is bigger it helps not to mess up as much , you wont have to keep going over and over on it. Plus its really dark and amazing.

  7. I don't trust anything they're saying, I use to like this channel, but now all their videos just feel fake and are obvious sponsorships

  8. I’ve only just in the last 6 months added a liquid cat eye to my look all the time rather then when I go out & now I feel like I don’t look “done” unless I have it but I don’t go full-on I just do a tiny bit of a cat eye but it looks good, I hope😂

  9. I feel like we need a series of videos with Ryann exploring his drag persona; wigs, heels, tucking, names, outfits, and the final episode will be a set at the club.

  10. I feel like whenever they review products they ALWAYS like them and only point out the positives which makes me think they’re sponsored and aren’t disclosing it. They may throw in a semi negative comment but overall they always love it and recommend it

  11. i got some sephora eye shadow for christmas. it’s okay, it’s not very pigmented (like no pigmentation) but it’s not a bad product, so i guess if you like it could be kinda a prefrence thing

  12. The short hair really suits Megan so well. She looks so much healthier then a while back. Also she appears much happier.

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