We Tried Putting On Full Faces Of Makeup In Seconds • Beauty Roulette

– Sometimes you gotta do
your makeup on a time crunch. – But what if you only
have a couple seconds to get a full face? – Will our faces turn
into big Picasso messes? – It’s Ladylike, and we’re
doing beauty roulette, makeup speed run edition. (all cheer) – What are we doing exactly? – We’re gonna have a set number of seconds to do a full face of makeup depending on what you spin on the wheel. For each product you
successfully put on your face, you get two points. If the product actually
looks good once you apply it, you get an additional point. You will not be rewarded for
just doing your foundation really well in 30 seconds. – I want 100 seconds, baby. It’s my turn to win. – No cheating, there’s no
cheating in beauty roulette. (all speak) – [Kristen] 45 seconds. – Oh. – Are you serious? All the good stuff is gone, so I’m just gonna spin that wheel. I’m not mad, 75 seconds. – 60 seconds, that sucks but I deserve it. – It’s the second to least? – I don’t know if you need that. Looks like Queen Devin
is back again, bitches. – Kristen told me that if I contour, each step of the contour
counts as two points. – [Kristen] Yeah, but
I’m taking that back now. Contour counts as two points, and if you do it well, it’s three. – Chantelle has the worst one this time. – Here’s the thing, I’m
still gonna fuck it up, so not that good. – That’s not true. – It’s not true. – [Kristen] I will allow everyone to lay out their makeup beforehand. – Thanks. – I do have everything pretty
organized in this case. – I feel like I’m watching
you prepare for the SATs. Where is everything I own? Freddie, how long does it usually take you to do your makeup? – 35 minutes. – Normally, it takes me 20
minutes to do a full face. – I can do it in 15. – It’s about 20 minutes ’cause eye makeup for me takes a long time. So I’m just gonna not do that. – Because the product placement are more points than how good it looks, I’m just gonna put a
bunch of shit on my face. – I’m gonna take my rings off so I can get full dexterity. – I always put my mascara
between my legs to warm it up. It goes on better when it’s warm. – [Kristen] Didn’t know
the power of your crotch. – Oh, she’s powerful, Kristen. – My strategy here is just
to do a lot of highlight ’cause if you’re just
glowing, no one cares. – [Kristen] Are you a nervous lady? – I’m a nervous lady, I just wanna win. You know I like to win. – I don’t get a point for
brushing my brows, do I? – [Kristen] No, you don’t. – Okay. – [Kristen] Wait, what are you doing? – Getting ready. – [Kristen] No. – My primer’s laid out. – You know what, fine. Freddie had primer on her hands, so. – Put me in your wallet
because I’m petty cash. – Dead to me. – Nope, don’t know a thing. – Does anyone have an eyeshadow brush? No, don’t throw it to me, I
don’t want it to hit the ground ’cause I’m a germaphobe. – [Kristen] On your mark, get set, go. – Pretending your alarm is going off and you slept through it and you have five minutes to get to work. – [Kristen] You’re 15 seconds down. – Oh my gosh. – [Kristen] 10 seconds down. – Highlight, we highlight. – [Kristen] 15 down. – Swipe, swipe. – [Kristen] 20 seconds down. – 20 seconds down, got it. Don’t need that anymore. – [Kristen] I feel like
you get an advantage ’cause you have naturally
beautiful skin anyway. – Thank you Kristen, don’t
try to butter me up now. – Get, my hands are so slippery. Why’d I start with primer? – We blush, we highlight the brow. – [Kristen] You’re over halfway done. – Shut up. – Let’s do this. – [Kristen] Doing pretty good. – Thanks, Mom. – [Kristen] Pretty leisurely. – Not leisurely, I’m
doing this with precision. – [Kristen] Okay, you’re halfway done. – That means I’m 50 seconds in. – Oh no, my hands are
slippery from the primer. – 30 seconds left. How many seconds do I got left? – I have 30 seconds, are you kidding me? Okay, fuck. – All right, I’m just gonna do a lip then. Oh, cute little lip, mm-hmm. – You have 30 seconds left. Mascara. Okay, I know how to count seconds. – And here’s a little bit
of liner, great, oh my god– – [Kristen] 15 seconds. – I love it so much. – [Kristen] Freddie, you got 15 seconds. – No I don’t. – Yes you do. (makes beeping noises) – Okay. – [Kristen] Less than 10 seconds. – What, how many products do I have? – [Kristen] And five seconds left. – [Kristen] Freddie, you got five seconds. – No I don’t. – Okay, bronzer. – No, I can’t get it open. – I did my brows, I’m doing my brows. – [Kristen] Three, two, one. – I put bronzer under my
eye, what was I thinking? – [Kristen] And you’re done, you’re done. And down, nope, no, no (laughs). There’s literally four
people watching you. Why’d you think you were
gonna get away with that? – Are you happy now, Kristen? – Shut up, Fred. – Wow, you can totally see it, well, I was doing so well, too. I flew too close to the sun, you guys. – [Kristen] So how do you think you did? – I had 45 seconds. I don’t know what I’m supposed to say. – We got many things on. Foundation, primer, mascara,
eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, bronzer, this sucks. Your one cheek, no, Fred, no, stop. Such a cheater. – I see the highlight. Foundation, highlight, blush, oh dammit, I forgot about this. Should’ve put that on
instead of the brows. – I think I got a lot
of products on my face. And all of it looks excellent. – Then I got some eyebrow gel on there. Got some mascara on there, and did some eyeliner and did some primer. Preparation is key. – This counts as three different products. – [Kristen] No it doesn’t. – Yes it does, ’cause it’s a bronzer, it’s highlighter, and it’s a powder. – [Kristen] Did you put them all on? – Yeah I did. – [Kristen] Okay, no, Freddie (laughs). – I’m just stressed. – No, you’re, stop. – So I did eyeshadow, eyeliner. (Kristen laughs) – You did not do those things. I think I’m gonna do great
compared to everyone else. Maybe Jen will give me pity points for applying some of the things well. – Thank you, Oliver. No, what are you, are you kidding me? Bad Devin, you’re gonna go in the crate. Okay, time for judging.
(all cheer) And to judge us today, we have our special celebrity guest judge, Jen.
– Jen. – Oh my god, hi. Oh shit. It’s so nice to meet you guys. So great to finally be in
an episode of Ladylike. – So look at my face, what do you think? – Doesn’t look bad. It’s the end of the day makeup. You went through your
day, and you’re like, I’m coming home, but if I went to a bar, the lighting’s dim. – I put on eight products. – Eight times two is 16, yeah,
why’d you give me the math? You’ve seen the Girl Scouts video. 12 plus 10 plus 5. 22 plus 5– The bronzer needs a
little bit more blending. Lips look good, the
highlighter looks good, mascara looks good, so
three things look good. 21 out of 24. Kristen. – Primer, foundation.
– Did you do foundation? Take off your glasses, show me your eyes. – Ooh.
– Wow. – I call this look me in high school. You had a possibility for 21 points. The primer–
– Is good. – [Jen] Is good. – It’s applied. – The mascara is also good. So two things were good. 16 points, okay. – Hey girl. – [Jen] Look at Freddie. – Fred’s not gonna say the items she threw on her face after the time– – Fred.
– I got eight. – No you did not.
– Fred. – Freddie got five. – Why would you cheat, Fred? – I didn’t cheat. – You’re sticking to this story? – I have never seen this
side of Fred before. – I saw it in our first
beauty roulette that we did. – [Kristen] You are a cheater. – I got eight things, I did–
– Freddie got five things. – I did primer–
– lies. – I did deception.
– Foundation, contour,
– I did cheating. – Blush, powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow. – Those last two absolutely not. – Straight up fake news. – I don’t need this.
(record scratches) I don’t need this from you all. – I like the games when
we get to leave them. – [Devin] Just throwing the phone. – Fred’s gonna go WWE and
find those folding chairs to hit everything with. – [Devin] So now to Chantelle. – All right, do you wanna be a judge now since you quit? Come here, come here on this team. Now Freddie and I are both judges. Tell me about your face. – I did primer, foundation,
– She sure did. – Highlight, blush,
eyeliner, mascara, brows. – Foundation was good, blush is good. I think the mascara is good. I would argue the eyeliner
is not that present. What do we think about the brows, Freddie? – [Freddie] I think the brows look good. – I had the least amount
of time over everyone. – Oh, she had the least
amount of time over everyone. – Okay miss I had more than double. – I would say, I love being with you guys and just knowing that my makeup
looks the nicest for once. – I didn’t get points for
my primer like Kristen did. – Kristen needed the primer points. – I quit this game, then. – Kristen, you wanna be
a judge, get over here. – Get judging now. – We’re judging, all right, so between Devin and Chantelle, ladies. – Who wins? – Can we just both win? – Actually, it is Devin. – She had the most time, so
really what the lesson is is when you have an advantage,
you’re gonna come out on top. Chantelle, you wanna be a judge? Come here, you’re judging now. – Everyone’s judging Devin. I wanna be a judge now too. – We’re all judges.
– We’re all judges. – We all win. – We all win.
– We all win. – Beauty roulette,
makeup speed run edition. – [All] Lady tested, lady– – Everybody wins.
– We win. – We all win. – Devin won. Look at our beautiful bodies. Look at our bodies. – [Freddie] Look at them. – [Jen] Look at our bodies. I would never kiss a fish. – [Kristen] All right, good job.

29 thoughts on “We Tried Putting On Full Faces Of Makeup In Seconds • Beauty Roulette

  1. Watching Freddie cheat makes me so mad… And then she gets angry when they call her out even though she was being filmed… Yeah, she's kinda number five out of all the girls.

    1) Jen
    2) Devin
    3) Chantel
    4) Kristen
    5) Freddie….

  2. well they are unfaire i watched a few chellenges ( the primer challenge the faux cils challenge ..) where chantel deserves to win ans yet they picked some one else each time !!!! its verry strange

  3. quick story time:
    so i was just yk lying down in the dark, its 1 am, and suddenly at my feet i hear a tapping on the bed. i thought it must be a muscle movement or something, so i brush it off. a few minutes later i feel and hear a thump from under my bed. uhh yeah this just happened, again, its 1 am, i'm too scared to look under the bed. please send the ghost busters.

  4. No offense but I kinda hate it when Freddie cheats butlike what is the point of the game when u cheat

  5. Why am I here I 🤔 I don't were makeup my friend say my beauty is a blessing I don't even have to do make up lol

  6. One thing i don’t like about these videos is that the judges never use the same set of rules when they judge. Like sometimes the time, place and/or item matters for points and other times it doesn’t idk it just annoys me!

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