We Tried Pokémon Makeup • Saf & Candace

Candace: This would make me happy to just open up everyday makeup. Candace: Oh my god, hello~ Candace: Oh my god Candace: No, it’s fine. (laughter) Saf: Hello friends and welcome to another video. Saf: Today we are going to be trying Pokemon makeup Candace: I’m wearing my Jigglypuff shirt Candace: It’s like a squished, dead, Jigglypuff all over me Saf: You guys probably know Candace or maybe you don’t but here’s Candace! Candace: I’m excited, I’ve been obessed with Pokémon since I was a little kid Candace: I was a big Pokemon snap girl, Candace: if I’m on stadium, Candace: the OG- I always chose Charmander Candace: I had a giant pillow of him that was like this big Saf: I was always a Bulbasaur kinda gal, Saf: I played Yellow, Ruby, and then I played Leaf Green. Saf: I had a Gameboy Advance SP at that time and I don’t know where it is Saf: but that thing was my life, I would just stay up all night playing it and then if my mom would be like I would be like. Candace : Get Out! Saf: and hide the little light screen under my pants Candace: Under your pants!?, just shove it. Saf: i went online and heard of pokemon makeup, but hadn’t seen it anywhere, And found most of it on Amazon, from what i can tell it’s not sold in the US now, but it is Freaking adorable Candace: This is the cutest box i have ever seen in my life, should we try the eyes first? Saf: I have the pikachu eye palette Candace: Look at this! This eye shadow palette will put you right to sleep Candace: It’s literary the same as the box Saf: Oh! it is, exactly the same Candace: It is exactly the same as the box It’s really cute and small though Ok! Candace: Ooooh! Saf: oh, yours are actually pink Candace: yours are like his back and like his stripes Saf: so, if he were like a literal mouse these would be Pikachu’s colors Candace: i got like a rose gold Candace: Do they have names? Saf: I would name this ‘Brock’s thirst’ Candace: oh my god Saf: Charmander soot, Ash’s Hopes and Dreams candace: so we have a little Puffs star powder with jigglypuff Pikachu blood, Saf: PFFFF! ok we’ll go with it, not the really red things on his cheeks it’s blood. Candace: We’ve got Some of meowth in here Put a little bit of Jiggly puff stardust All over the lid. Saf: now going for ash’s hopes and dreams Candace: Put a little bit of Pikachu blood In the inner part of my eye Saf: and then i went with some of brocks thirst Kinda on the outside of my eye and into the crease Candace: i like it! I mean, they blend nicely together They are nice colours i feel like these are very much you could find these in Kyle’s burgundy palette Saf: or the two faced peach palette the one that’s always sold out Candace: Mhmm I’m glad it’s not just yellow eyeshadows, but i kinda wish it was more themed like, yellow, red, and brown you know what i mean, like Pikachu You know what we should do? we should go out and, Candace: have a pokemon palette Saf: exactly, and make more of this candace: no one take that, that is our idea, we’re gonna make a pokemon palette if there is copywrite, we’ll just call it something else off brand but you’ll know it’s pokemon Saf: we’ll call it digemon Both: Laugh Candace: *singing digimon theme song* Saf: Shall we do our cheeks next? Saf:They have three colors [candace: Oohhhhhh] Candace:That smells good Candace: Smell the back Saf: Mine smells like bananas Saf: Doesn’t it kind of remind you if bananas Candace: Yeah! [saf: Yes] Saf: Whaaat? why? Saf: They have a smell Both:*gasp* Candace: Uhhh oh my god Saf: That’s so cute Saf: Aaaaa Saf: It’s a pokeball Candace: That you could slip on your finger Candace: I choose you blush! Saf: Wow smell it does it smell Candace: It’s happy smelling Candace: Wait. Does the eyeshadow smell good Saf:well now you have to go ahead and smell it Candace: No! [saf: No] Candace: Mine is peach orange. I think you’re coral? Saf: Rose coral Saf: Can’t say i’ve ever really tried cushion blush Candace: I’ve never done it either Saf: You press down and then you get the Candace: Interesting Saf: OH MY GOD Saf i got too much product Candace: It’s kind of watery Saf: It goes on pretty subtle Saf: I do have powder on my face already but Candace: I’m living for the peach coral Saf: Oh it looks really pretty on you Candace: It’s like very happy Candace: I’m gonna have my makeup done for tonight Candace: Wow! Candace: This is so cute Candace: I’m putting this all over my body Saf: Even the places you can’t see Candace: It’s happy it’s cool i love it Saf: I just look like i ran a mile Candace: You know what? That’s fine Candace: You look so happy Saf: I think your color really suits you Saf: And you also have the cute little baby Pikachu and he’s like kind of asleep Candace: He’s like mhm! Candace: And yours is like hi! Candace: Hello! I’m red! Saf: Pika Saf: And now we have the pika pika get it tint Candace: Get it Candace: You know, I’m interested to see another coral Candace: Was coral a big pokemon theme? Saf: I guess it’s the color of like mistys hair Saf: It sounds like it’ll go with your look though because Candace: Maybe Saf you kind of have like pink pink pink Saf: I have um red joy Candace: This is lip tint? OH MY Saf: This is like nail polish Candace: That is very bold Saf: doesn’t it look like nail polish? Candace: Yes! Are we sure it’s not? Candace: oh! Saf: It’s making a weird sound Candace: Oh Candace: Mmm: Oh Candace: Oh that because you’re supposed to lift it off Saf: Ok at least it’s got like a lip gloss wand Saf: Whoa that smells so good! Candace: Mmmmmm mine smells like a p- a happy peach Saf: Yeah they do smell the same they smell Candace: Oh, oh no Saf: Oh it’s on your nose Saf: Suddenly i feel like your look is coming together and mine is like disintegrating Saf: Like the parts of my face are just Candace: It’s like red Saf: Like flying away from each other Saf: Like brown! Red.Red.. Saf: Oh my god Candace: It’s very wet Saf: It is a little vamp vampirey Saf: Also i think i licked some off and now it looks like my teeth are bleeding Candace: Ok, mine’s pretty subtle. I dont wanna look at you Candace: See it’s drying it’s like becoming a different color Saf: Yeah it’s drying to be lighter Candace: Yes! You’re very like 1950’s right now Saf: Where I’m like Candace: Mhmm Candace: Wow! Candace. Matte lipstick dries the hell out of your lips Candace: And this is like a just a nice someone painted on a little nice coat Candace: Big fan! Saf: I think that the packaging of all of it makes up for anything any other thing Candace: Pika pik pika Candace: Yeah i think if you were to only be able to like afford one definitely go for this Saf: I agree Candace: It’s an experience definitely you’re missing out on this Candace: Go catch ’em Saf: Catch ’em. Catch this one Candace: Catch it before it’s too late Saf: You gotta get this one while it’s electric hot Candace: Lightning get it before it faints Saf: Get it before team rocket steals it Candace: That’s probably the best one so far Saf: Thank you guys so much for watching if you liked this video click that like button Saf: Give it a thumbs up. If you want to see more videos like this click that subscribe button Saf: Here are my social media handles, i’ll put them somewhere around here maybe in front of my face Saf: Who knows? 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