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– [Kristin] Look at this. (mystical bells) Isn’t that crazy? Alright, let’s clean up this mess. (laughs) – Hello.
– Hello. – Hello. – So, a few week ago we
did a mood ring challenge where we put on mood rings and then we matched our makeup looks and our style looks to
our mood ring color. – [Jen] Mhm. – We like that. So more we do. (laughs) – Buzzfeed got sent this
Dare To Wear Mood Polish. When you put it on your nails its going to change colors and it’ll go from like
a shimmery purpleish to a much deeper almost black/red color. – It’s called a mood polish. It does change according
to our temperatures but I like to think
our temperatures change according to our mood. – Dare To Wear. – I’m confident that
I will not spill this. – I am not which is why I’m wearing a bib. After we apply it we
are going to pick a look and an outfit that kind of
matches the color of it. We just sort of want to sort of test to see if this nail polish
even will change colors at all. We are also going to have to take and Instagram with a
corresponding background that matches our look and nail polish. After we do that we’re going to post them. See how many likes we get. I also should point out
before we get started I am terrible at applying nail polish so please don’t make fun of
me if my nails look like crap. – Oh, I’m also bad. We actually picked the
worst two people to do this. I don’t even know if I
know how to paint my nails. Shit. – Are you okay? – Yeah, it just did a big old drip. – It looks purple in the bottle but on my hands its looking
like a much deeper red. It doesn’t look good. – Why does it get so gummy at the ends. – How do people do this so precisely. These aren’t fine brushes. – This nail polish is thicker
than I would anticipate. It also dries really quickly. – Not gonna lie, still love the smell of nail polish. Love chemicals, I really do though. I used to stand behind the
exhaust pipes at the school bus. – Wow, my hands are already bright red. Oh, your hands are reading as purple? – My hands are purple. Oh, whoa! Yours is like very, very red. – Yeah. – I’m hot!
– I’m warm. Wait, no, I’m cold but you’re hot? – It’s going on purple and then almost instantly turning red. It’s already embarrassed
to be on my hands. – My nails are still purple and my one thumb is a little bit red. – Wow, this one is completely red. – We’re going to let our nails dry. We’ll clean them up a little bit so you can see them when
they look a little nicer. It’s very weird how different they look just even now. – Yours are like the exact same color that came out of the bottle. And mine are like (laser noise) We’re trying to fix our nails now. – So our friend let us borrow
her nail polish remover and every time we poke it it’s like, a geyser. – I’m telling you internet, be nice to me when you
see the final product because it’s not going to be impressive, it’s just going to be there. I never paint my nails because
I keep my nails super short. – Why do you keep your nails super short? Nevermind. Don’t answer that. – Honestly because I’m an anxious picker. – Oh. – I don’t need any reason to bleed but also for sex. And because I’m homosexual. Really, a lot of layers there. Is it because of her anxiety or is it because sometimes
people want to have sex with her? – I think we’ve spent more
time trying to fix these than actually paint them. – Yeah, because they look like shit. (laughs) – It’s not terrible if you squint but like my cuticles look like ass. Hey Chantel, do these look okay from
where you’re sitting? Great, that’s all that matters. – My right hand is sort of in the process of changing from purple to red. On my left hand the
fingers are still purple but the thumb is turning red so I’m not sure what’s going on with that but it’s frustrating and interesting and it’s gonna make for
a weird make up look. Let’s do a look. – (singing) Let’s do looks. I’m dying to do looks, go! – I’m going to do like,
– Oh! We’re starting right now, okay. – Yeah. I’m just gonna apply a
combo of purple and red lip because I have purple and red nails. – I just picked this up being like, “Oh, I should do this on my lip.” But I’m like, “No, it’s the nail polish.” – Doing your lipstick while being afraid of ruining your nails is very precarious. Oh, it matches kinda. I’m a red lip lady. – I have a purple lip and now I’m just going to add a little bit of red to it. – You kind of look like a
really fun robot friend. I’m just adding a red
tint to the purplish lip so that it will be a little bit of a mix. Whoa! My nails are red
and only three are purple. That’s so weird! They’ve changed colors even more. – [Kristin] But I really like your lip, you should keep it. – [Jen] I’m going to keep my lip because I still have some purple nails. Kristen applied a red lip
to match her red nails. – Because I’m boring! – Now we’re going to get dressed. Kristin and I are now
fully dressed in our looks to match our mouths and our nails. – My shoe’s not on, hold on. – Well Kristin, the world doesn’t revolve
around you, girlfriend. – I’m 50% of this video so it kind of does. – [Jen] Are you ready? – Wait, hold on, I’ve got a wedgie. – If you wanna get a quick
pan of how we look, Chantel. Chantel’s behind the camera, she’s doing a great job. Yeah. My nails have changed back to purple. – Wait, what? – But hopefully they’ll change back to red in time for the photo. – We really just have to find backgrounds that work with both of us. And they can’t really
be the same background because I think that’s boring. – Am I wearing this beret correctly? – Honestly, I don’t know. – Hey, Lindsay, am I wearing my beret correctly? (laughs) Can you tell me how? I have a big head. – [Jen] Lindsay’s a nice boyfriend. – Thank you for being my beret boyfriend. – You can put it to either
side that feels comfortable. – Oh.
– But your parts on this side so I think that’s cute. Look how cute. – Thank you. Okay, now we can go take photos
– Bye, beret boyfriend. Off to find something cool and it’s gotta match. – Jen.
– Yeah. – We may have to go off campus. – That’s a risk but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. It’s really warm outside and it’s really hot in my car and all of my nails are red. – [Kristin] Do we need to find a red wall? – We just need to find
something with impact and we’re driving into West Hollywood which in my mind means
it’s not going to be hard to find something expressive and cool to take a photo with. – Did anyone bring their wallets in case we wanna get ice cream because I don’t have mine. – Nope, I just brought my phone. – In a mental note there’s a red wall right there. So that’s something, if we don’t find anything better we can always come back for the red wall. So, we spotted some pink flowers that are part of somebody’s residence and I’m not totally sure how
we can easily incorporate that into an Instagram but I think we could find a way to do it. – [Kristin] We’d also have
to find somewhere to park. – Well I could put the hazards on and I’m gonna do that now because this person seems mad at me. Someone could just stay in
the car while we take a photo. – [Kristin] Wait, there’s a park. – [Jen] Yeah. – [Kristin] This was
a park the whole time. – [Jen] Those are good flowers for Insta so let’s just find a
parking spot somewhere in this god-forsaken hell
hole of a neighborhood. Anything west of Hollywood I hate. – [Kristin] Jen, I’ve never been on an Instagram adventure with you before. – And this will probably be the last one because I am very stressed out. This video has become a
capture of my slow decent into madness. – Remember when we were going to take like multiple pics and now we’re like, “let’s just get one good pic.” – [Jen] Alright, let’s go! – [Together] Let’s go! – [Chantel] Kristin just in her heels. – Can you see the sweat from my under boob area because I can feel it. – [Kristin] Do you have
portrait on your phone, Jen? – No. Chantel does! – Glad we brought Chantel!. Here, get your head back there. Oh my god, look at you. Are you a model lady? Oh my god, look at your little face. – Give us a vertical one, get a vertical pic for Instagram. – Oh, really? – I’m femme now. I wear lipstick. We got some. We got a really good one. I don’t like these, they’re too close up. Oh, I like this one. These are cute. – [Kristin] Can I get one? – [Jen] Let’s get one inside. – Inside? How do we get inside? – With the gate.
– Oh, through the entrance.
– Wait, the gate’s open. – I don’t want to talk about it. – How do we get inside? – I’m sinking into the dirt. – Make yours a little
more different than mine. Get more in the flowers. – Oh really? – Just try and crop my hand out. You’re not allergic to flowers, are you? Maybe eat it, eat the flower. – I’m not eating the flower. – Eat the flower. Oh god, something went, a bug flew in my mouth. – I don’t like nature. Remember when this was a
video about nail polish? – Wait, it’s purple again. I just wanna go home. – [Kristin] Okay, let’s find
a different place because, – [Jen] Jen’s lovely art direction. – [Kristin] We’re not doing portrait mode. – The thing is once
we’re done with flowers, I’ve literally run out of ideas. – What about right here? – Okay, give me tiger. Give me sexy conch shell. Your sexy Squidward. Give me sexy Jimmy Neutron. – [Kristin] I don’t know
any of these characters. – [Jen] Sexy Tommy from Rugrats. – I have one pose and one pose only. – I closed it so now we
can’t look at any of them. We need Chantel’s face ID. – That one’s so cute, hold on, heart it. – Why did we do a tiger?
– You’re a tiger lady. – We can ge a couple more. – [Jen] Yeah, Chantel’s taking it because no one trusts me anymore. – I love you but yes. – Give us one of the oh! – [Jen] Let’s leave because there’s someone practicing
mindfulness right there. – [Kristin] This is the best one. – [Jen] That one is horrific and awesome. – Let’s do one where we lie on the grass. – I’m not doing that but you can because I just got this dry cleaned. – There’s a play ground over there. Let’s go to the playground. This was a video about nail polish now it’s about three giant
fucking nerds in a park. – [Kristin] Heels in the park. – Bees in a trap. I really think we can
get something funny here. Even though this piece isn’t red this piece is green and we have red and it’s sort of like
we’re our own plants. – [Kristin] This is hard. – This is normal things that friends do. – Just working out with friends in heels. Can we get off now. Well these are certainly back lit as fuck. This one’s actually adorable. What, whoa. – [Jen] It’s purple now. – It’s purple now. – For comparison mine are red and Kristin’s are purple. Now the next part of this video is to see if we can have fun on Instagram. Let’s go!
– Cool. – Back to the office. Come on everybody. There’s literally a red wall right there and a bunch of parking spaces, god dammit. We are back at the office. – I took my beret off. – She took her beret off. – It was hurting my head. – My nails are red again. – My nails are red again too. We chose an individual
picture of eachother and then we chose a picture
of the two of us together. We’re going to post them and we’re going to see if people think we did a good job of
posting a complimentary pic with these nails. I’m about to hit share. – Well I haven’t finished my caption. – Oh my god, Kristin. (laughs) – Mine isn’t actually that
close on my finger nails does it matter? – No, it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters here. One, two, three. Kristin already has 15 likes. Wow, my nails are purple again. – Someone said I look booty-ful but with like butt instead of beautiful. – Someone said, “Sit on my face,” No, deleting it. – Wait, what? – We’re going to check in
on these photos tomorrow. We’ll read some more comments, see if people think we
complimented our nails pretty well. Wassup, high five. – With our nails. – We still have our nail polish on and it doesn’t look any
better than it did yesterday. – It actually looks slightly worse but that’s okay. At least its not on our fingers anymore. – We posted Instas yesterday. We want to see how our followers react. I got a reaction that said, “Love you but the nail polish “looks like it was painted by a child.” But then they said, “It does match the look, so good job.” Somebody else said that
they wished my nails and lipstick matched more. They were complimentary colors, I felt like. – Everyone loved my look. There’s one person that said that my nails weren’t the
same color as my dress but my nails were the
same colors as my mouth. – She wasn’t trying to
match everything exactly. – I love how this is like
basically Jenn and Kristin clap back at comments. Most of these comments are people saying that I look like a sassy minny mouse and that you are adorable. Chantel Houston said, “are you gay?” What? Me? A lesboon? So, color changing nail polish, we tested. – [Kristin] Lady, it fucking works. – Yeah it did. – Should we do it again? What, I can’t drink that water now. – [Jen] Also, mine was already purple so it didn’t have anything to change. – [Chantel] R.I.P – [Jen] I’ll drink it. – [Kristin] No. (laughs) (squeaks)

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