100 thoughts on “Waterproof Your Makeup

  1. I actually came here for my makeup underwater….. Mermaids have it rough when it comes to makeup!!!

  2. It's kinda weird cuz your going to remove your makeup after. There's really no reason to put makeup if you going to swim.

  3. Omg my sister she is older so when she was watching this a few years ago and well i was only young so i thought she became a mermaid 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. I'm going to be doing a play where the stage is a freaking pool, so this is SUPER helpful for me and the rest of the actors. Thank you!

  5. i used these products for swimming in school and they worked so well, people were asking me how my makeup stayed on so well x

  6. i love this video ❤ however, i thought it is about how you can make your normal makeup turn into waterproof makeup instead of just using all waterproof makeup. not hating, just sharing what i thought. i love Michelle. great video, you look beautiful 💙

  7. i watched this video so many times back in the michelle days, now that i came back years after i immediately noticed she has changed the background music. lol just fyi

  8. I tried using a waterproof mascara. It. Did. Not. Work!! Hwat?! After I was finished swimming, I looked in the mirror and all the mascara was off, and had come off in the water😣😑😟

  9. Your abs burnt because you swam the wrong way. I love swimming like a mermaid and did so ever since I was little, its very relaxing. Out of all the types of swimming styles it's the most comfortable one for me, and the least tiring. Next time you swim, don't bend the knees (since mermaids don't have them) and use the entire body. It'll feel magical I promise:)

  10. I am going to the rain forests of central America and staying in a bungalow with my boyfriend on the Caribbean coast. It will be wet and humid certainly. But I still want to look my best for him 🙂 I will be trying some of these before we leave. Thanks for the links and the video!

  11. Michelle Pham, The Queen, The OG of beauty on YouTube: “Less is more” “Don’t cake up your face” “Your skin needs to breathe”
    Typical (not all) beauty gurus nowadays:
    *use a lot of foundation, + concealer and dark concealer for contouring on top
    *cake up the face
    *focus on make up instead of skin care.
    Me: what happened?

    Thankfully there are still YouTubed out there who promote healthy skin, minimal/natural/classic make up instead of the kardashian- craze thing

  12. i really need this cause i draw on my eyebrows and i’m going swimming with a lot of friends so ye 🤣

  13. I wouldn't use a clear eyelash adhesive when expecting to get wet. I've found that it tends to turn white when it gets wet.

  14. Omg you are so pretty! You don’t even need foundation, your skin is flawless! Also I love your wavy hair, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  15. I have a waterproof mascara and eyeliner that I've tried to use but it still manages to get some black under my eyes. Any suggestions would really help!!

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