Warm Makeup Look using my SEPHORiA Swag Bag Goodies! | Christine Le

hi everyone welcome back to my channel
my name is Christine I am part of the Sephora squad and I partnered out with
Sephora to talk to you guys about Sephora so Sephoria House of Beauty is
Sephora’s biggest event of the year and they are returning to Los Angeles from
September 7 through 8 there’s two different levels of a mission there’s
general and VIP and at the actual event there will be master classes free beauty
services a ton of free swag exclusive products and previews of new launches
and so much more here I have a bag of goodies that all general admission
attendees will receive and I’m gonna go ahead and use everything and create a
look from it kind of a like SHINee get ready with these styles so if you guys
are interested in seeing the look that create and find more about Sephora
please go ahead and keep watching ok so in this goodie bag first off we’ve had
this drunk elephant la la retro whipped cream next we have the Beauty Blender
solid we also have in here the Marc Jacobs high liner and this one is in the
color earthquake we also have the way hair-oil also in the bag is the Urban
Decay eyeshadow primer potion and then we have a little bit skincare here from
the inky list this is their hyaluronic acid next in here we have the Bree OG oh
don’t despair repair deep conditioning mask then we have the huda beauty topaz
obsessions eyeshadow palette we also have the bite Beauty
daytime lip balm then we have the melt cosmetics lipstick by starlight so that
is a good bunch of products so starting off I’m gonna prep my skin using this
inky list hyaluronic acid Pat it into my skin okay actually before I go into the
makeup I’m gonna prep my lips using the bite Beauty daytime lip balm and then
we’re gonna get started with the eyes so first I’m going to be using this huda
beauty topaz obsessions palette love the colors in here so I think I’m gonna
start off with this in the crease but while I’m blending it I kind of wanted
to talk a little bit more about Sephora so there’s two different levels of
admission there is general admission which is $80 with the general admission
you get access to the 16 room and there is over 60 experiences then you
can book beauty services and master classes and then you’re able to bring
home a swag bag with $250 value and prestige beauty products and so those
are gonna be other products that I talked about today then there’s the
other level of admission which is the VIP the VIP ticket is three hundred and
fifty dollars and this includes early entry to the event one hour before
general admission so this allows you to get in there before the crowd gets in
there you’ll also take home a prestige beauty bag worth nine hundred dollars
plus a $20 gift card thing when I reach for this color right here and I’m just
going to use my fingers and kind of Pat that onto the center of my lid the
pigment and this palette is so good then I’m actually gonna go in with this brown
turn right here and kind of darken up my lash line see that difference how this
one just looks like it has a little bit more definition so I’m going to do the
same to the other eye okay the eyes are almost done and then
I’m gonna go in with this Marc Jacobs eyeliner in the color earthquake I’m
going to just smudge this against my upper lash line and then smudge it out then we’re just gonna clean that up
below q-tip okay so that is what the eye makeup looks like I love the way that
that looks and then I’m just gonna pop on some mascara this is the Too Faced
damn girl feel like there’s no other way to say it
but like that I’m just gonna put a quick coat on my lashes because I am gonna be
wearing falsies okay next I’m going to go ahead and pop on my lashes and the
rest of my makeup and I’ll be right back so this is what the finished base like I
also just realized I forgot to use the primer potion but I shadow honestly
blend it out so nicely still so to finish up the eyes I’m gonna go in with
this Marc Jacobs we’re just gonna line my lower lash line and then I’m gonna go
ahead and smudge it oh oh and then going in with this we’re just gonna smudge out
the lash line and then I’m not sure if I’m actually gonna wear this lipstick
but I’ll just go ahead and swatch it for you guys so you can see this is the melt
lipstick in the colour by starlight okay kind of a cool purple and I think this
is a really unique color that they included the here which is really cool
but I’m gonna go ahead and pop on a nude and our beer back so this is the look
that I came up with there’s so many good products in the skinny bag so tickets go
on sale July 10th and sephora House of beauty will be on September 7th and 8th
at the shrine in Los Angeles make sure you buy your tickets before they sell
out I would go ahead and leave a link down below to purchase ticket let me
know on Instagram or down in the comments if you will be there I would
love to meet some of you there I also want to say thank you to Sephora for
partnering up with me for this video I hope you enjoyed this look and I will
see you next time bye guys you

11 thoughts on “Warm Makeup Look using my SEPHORiA Swag Bag Goodies! | Christine Le

  1. So happy for u to be part of the Sephora Squad & to be partnered w/ Sephora for this video! Love the simple eye look you created here!

  2. SO EXCITED that Drunk Elephant is going to be in the gen admission swag bag! I’ve been dying to try it out! September can’t come soon enough ❤️

  3. I’m going to be there! Saturday session! VIP. I’m curious on what’s in the VIP bag. A lot of the products mentioned didn’t. Really excite me.

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