1. I'm a virgo and I never felt like I identified with them really until you talked about them in this video, I always just thought Virgo's were supposed to be super organized and tidy which I am not lol :))

  2. Tbh about the Jeffree situation, I feel like he went through a rough time in his early teens. Some of the stuff he did say was unacceptable esspecially as he was and is such an influetial person. At the end of the day he was hurt and lonely inside and the stuff he said was out of anger and need for attention. Obviously the attention he received was not for the right reason but i think the empire he built was all out of hard work and he deserves what he has.

  3. I love this look ahhh virgos aren’t my fav but this look is😩 anyways that’s it that’s all love you Annika❤️❤️

  4. jefree star has gone over what he has said in the past in a documentary on shane dawson’s channel and it really cleared things up for how i feel about him. i definitely recommend watching it. and he’s a pothead too lmao🤡😎

  5. yes I’m on my way to a volleyball game yes i have homework from 6 classes yes it’s all due for tomorrow am i going to watch this video? hell yes already half way through it

  6. about the jeffree thing, he publicly apologized about everything he did and said and i think he actually meant it but idk if that changes your minds 💚

  7. i feel like it depends on the relationship for the over validation thing!! some friends i need CONSTANT reminders but for you & a few others its just very serene and i feel like we undertstandddddddd others

  8. annikaaaasasassjkskdh you posted this on my birthday you don’t understand how much i love and appreciate you right now it’s really not that big of a deal but i am so happy right now

  9. I love this look!! And as far as jeffree star goes, I think people change with time. And he apologized, and his apology felt sincere and you can also see the change he has gone through and how much better he is doing now..just my opinion

  10. My fiancé is a Virgo and you described him through this whole video. The only thing is since he likes to learn he thinks he knows it all but he’s not even close lol

  11. Humor has changed so much over the years tbh. Some things said that far back in time we’re not that serious back then, hence why he didn’t get in huge trouble for it earlier

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