Using Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum with Makeup

a lot of people ask does Plexaderm work
well with makeup we say the best part about Plexaderm is when you use it
around your eyes it helps a temporarily firm skin and improve your appearance
your makeup complements Plexaderm on areas where it has not been applied
meaning eyeshadows liner mascara and blush are all good products to use with
Plexaderm if what good foundation is a must first try to avoid areas where
Plexaderm is applied since many of the oils in makeup will deactivate its
effect some water-based foundations can be lightly applied over Plexaderm after
it dries there’s no guarantee it will work with makeup since it depends on the
brand and application but we say the natural look around your eyes is best so
keep looking incredible with Plexaderm

2 thoughts on “Using Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Serum with Makeup

  1. I love this girl… her other video is good to. More makeup videos would cater to the beauty guru community more then just the skincare community. Just a thought

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