UOMA Beauty Say What Foundation Review + UOMA Beauty Allure Black Magic Palette

hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I’m bringing you guys an eyeshadow look using it’s a brand new allure
palette from oma Beauty this is what the inside of it looks like right here it’s
really really pretty and I’m going to be giving you guys kind of like my first
impressions on the oume Beauty save what foundation if you happen to miss my last
tutorial I did do a tutorial using the poise palette on the other day if you
did happen to miss that I will have that listed in the description box below for
you guys but I figured I would do a two in one with these two products for you
today since I finally got my hands on the foundation from Ulta so I’m just
going to go ahead and dive right into the tutorial but if you guys are new
here please consider subscribing make sure that you had all your post
notifications as well so that you don’t fight every single time that I do upload
and if you guys want to see how to create this a full look today using
these products then please keep them all right so to start off this look I went
in with my P Lewis base because I want to get the best pigment possible out of
this palette I’m gonna go into the shade lush with my morphe M 4 5 6 and I’m
going to buff this shadow directly in the crease and then I’m just slowly
buffing around the edges of the shadow with the exact same brush for when I go
in with the yellow shadow I’m gonna hop over to a morphe M 562 brush I’m gonna
go into the shade Osun it’s the yellow shadow from the palette and I’m just
going to slowly start blending that yellow shadow into the crease as well ok
so I’m gonna leave it at that for a moment and I’m gonna hop over with my
makeup remover and a q-tip and I’m gonna go in and remove some of this green
eyeshadow from the lid space before I go in with that base again and I’m also
dragging the makeup remover to the outer part of the eye to kind of shape that
crease out a little bit alright guys so I did go in with my pea Louise base the
white one and I did go in and cut my lid I will go in on the crease in a little
bit and kind of darken it up like I did on this one but for right now I’m just
gonna move in onto the lid I’m gonna start off the lid by going into the
shade Mystikal it’s a really nice kind of like forest green glitter shadow from
the palette and then I’m just going to pack this one all over the lid we’ll say
that this shadow though guy is probably easiest applied with your
finger I will go in with the next shadow with my finger but for this one just
because I have to get it really nice and tight along the crease I did go in with
a brush for that purpose now I’m not gonna lie I don’t really prefer this
green one on the lid by its own I wish it had a little bit more reflux in it
than what it does but it doesn’t so I decided to go into the green glitter
shade right next to a called allure and I put that all over top of it
first I went in with my violet Voss glitter glue and I stamped that all over
the lid then for the shade allure I’d literally just went in with my finger
with this one and then press this one all over the lid as well see how it just
gives it a little bit more of a shift I really like that a lot better so I mean
it’s totally preference for you guys but if you want a little bit more
reflectiveness from the shadows go in with both of them okay so before I move
on to liner I’m gonna go in with a morphe m14 8 it’s a really small pointy
brush up in and pop that dark green shadow right along the edges of where
the lid meets the crease just to really kind of Rhian 10 safai the cut crease
that we have going on this eye always cuts like when I go in and cut my lid
this eye is always higher than my other eye because they are a little uneven
which is fucking annoying and then I’m gonna go back in with my morphe m56 to
brush back into that dark green shadow one more time and then I’m going to use
this brush to really focus on blending out that shadow a little bit more in the
crease alright guys so it kind of finished a blending that out off camera
so now I’m going to hop into my Maybelline black gel liner and that’s
what we’re gonna use to create that really nice thick wing and what’s good
about this especially when you do use a piece of tape and you already have a
sharp outer part of the eye you can just follow along this line right here to
draw out your liner so it’s really easy to kind of match them
up I guess this way they’re not even I’ll be right back
alright guys so I did hop off-camera and I did my lashes and I’m gonna move into
foundation now so of course today we are going to be testing out the new oma
Beauty saywhat foundation I have the shade a fair lady which I do think is
going to be a little too light for me because I do have self tanner on it
right now but you never know it might oxidize I haven’t used it yet so I’m not
sure but that’s the shade that I’m in and this foundation does it retail for
fifty two dollars Canadian and it comes in 51 different shades so it has a
really nice range of shades for people and some of the benefits claim that this
foundation is adjustable coverage it’s supposed to be long lasting a vibrant
matte finish with blurring effect it’s supposed to be hydrating and has bio
mimicry pigments that mimics the skin for flawless finish a formulated without
parabens talc or dc5 it’s vegan cruelty free and it says pair with the stay-away
concealer which I didn’t get the concealer so fuck that anyway so we will
see how this works the only things that I did purchase from this entire brand
was the two palettes and the foundation it is a little bit more of an expensive
brand so I didn’t go all crazy about it but I did want to try this foundation
out so actually it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be too too bad with my tan
it looks a little bit lighter in the bottle so this might work shit I forgot to put primer on oh this
is actually ended up being a decent color match huh doesn’t have that bad of
a fragrance smell either I can’t really describe what the fragrance smells like
but it’s nothing that’s too overpowering or anything like that
so that’s good blending really nicely been following me you guys know that I
do not use beauty blenders for my foundation I absolutely hate you I know
gives a good finish don’t get me wrong don’t give me hate okay
but I just don’t like using a beauty blender to do my foundation I only use a
beauty blender for my concealer so far guys this this ain’t bad so I’m gonna go
in with the same products that i always use underneath the eyes which is the
Born This Way concealer and the Milani concealer over top of that I will have
all the products that use today with the shade names and everything in the
description box below but this foundation actually ended up
being a decent match with my self tan so that’s good which means I’ll be able to
use this over the summer as well alright guys now that I have concealer
on I am going to go in with my jeffree star loose setting powder I am in the
shade topaz it is a little too yellow for me but I still make it work when I
have a tan alright guys I’m gonna go hop off camera very quick I’m gonna finish
up the rest of my face and once that’s done I’ll be right back to finish up
underneath the lower lash line hey guys I’m back the rest of the face is on and
I’m looking like a snack ok that highlight the lip the whole entire face
it’s practically illegal ok I’m going back here the shade lost with my morphe
m4 5 SEC’s and I’m going to dust the shadow right underneath the lower lash
line that’s literally all I’m gonna do to the lower lash line guys want to keep
it simple but I do want to go into Lady of gold it’s the white shimmery shadow
from the palette and I’m going to give my brush a spray with my skin and Navia
setting sprays I combined it I just want to pop this on the very
inner part of the eye just to add a little bit of a highlight to the inner
corner that’s actually a really pretty color alright guys so that is it for my
all my beauty makeup tutorial today I really hope that you guys enjoyed it as
for the allure palette this is really pretty palette guys don’t get me wrong
but I would have liked to see some more neutral tones in this palette I think
instead of like the purple and other shades down here because I just feel
like Browns would work better with the green shadows in here and Browns would
go better with all these shimmers up here I think but it’s still a really
pretty palette the main reason why I did buy it was because of the shimmer so I’m
not gonna lie definitely use your fingers for these so
if you want to get the best pigmentation from them still a really nice palette I
would probably if I had to still pick from any three of the palettes I would
pick the poise palette I really really enjoyed that palette and like I said in
the intro if you didn’t see that video I will have it listed in the description
box below as for the foundation guys so far so good
I mean $52 Canadian is pretty expensive in my books and I really don’t like
spending that much money on a foundation like if I can find a really good
foundation that lasts really well at the drugstore I’m definitely going to
for that overtop of spending fifty-two dollars on that foundation but I opted
to try this foundation now so far so good and I’m very surprised that it did
ox Adhan my skin and it blends in perfectly with my self-tanner so for me
to be able to pick out the one shade that actually looks good on me out of 51
shades I did get um I will mention to throw if you guys do have a dry skin I
would probably try going in with this foundation with a little bit of a
hydrating primer underneath that I do found that this foundation was a little
bit too matte on my skin before I went in with my skin and Navia setting spray
so just keep that in mind now that I have the skin to Navia setting spray and
the pixi hydrating milky mist on top of my skin it did really help to let the
foundation sink into the skin and it doesn’t look as mad as it did when I
first applied it and as my natural oils do start to come through throughout the
day it’ll probably make it a little bit better as well I’m also going to keep
you guys updated in the description box below and yeah so I really hope that you
guys enjoyed this tutorial guys if you guys decided to pick up any of the
pallets any of the other products from OMA Beauty please let me know in the
comment section below and let me know what you thought of the products if you
have used them yet out of your collection don’t forget to give this
video thumbs up if you enjoyed today’s look guys and with that being said thank
you so much and I’ll catch you in my next video

17 thoughts on “UOMA Beauty Say What Foundation Review + UOMA Beauty Allure Black Magic Palette

  1. GUYS! I’ve had this foundation on for 9hrs and I’ve had no wear off.. my natural oils did come through a bit as they usually do but I do not look greasy or oily what so ever!! Omg I dare say this may be a new favourite?? Are you picking this up?? I’m gonna continue to test this out but so far I LOVE IT!

  2. I really like this look I love the green colours and in combination with that lip colour yes you look amazing the foundation look nice too xx

  3. That foundation looks great on you as well as the eyes. Your eyes look so green. Another fantastic review. ❤

  4. I had this same foundation and it really made my skin oily especially at the end of the day. I will tell you the stuff does not move and provides great coverage

  5. You have me really interested in this brand I'm gonna have to look into it. This palette really looks beautiful

  6. I thin you are right about needing a neutral transition shade. And the foundation would def need some hydrating help for me. Thanks for the review.

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