UOMA Beauty | Poise Black Magic Color Palette

guys what’s up what’s going on today I’m
bringing you guys an eyeshadow look using the brand new brand that literally
just hit the market never heard of before never even knew it was in
creation of course I’m talking about oh my beauty I did come across this brand
on the Ulta website the other day and this palette was which was the one that
I wanted the most was sold out and of course it picked the green one up but I
wanted to order both at the same time to save me the shipping cost so I hopped
over to Selfridges because they do carry them there as well don’t do that I’m
just gonna tell you right now if you are Canadian do not fucking do that because
I was so excited to get my hands on these pallets I did not take into
consideration the exchange rate which is way more than what Ulta costs for these
pallets on Ulta for Canadians these are sixty fucking dollars so I’d even more
on top of that and then you get me an idiot who paid way too fucking much
money for these pallets but I did get my hands on them and they are beautiful
this is the one that I have on the ice today it’s called the poise palette
absolutely beautiful this gold shade right here that I have all over my lid
hmm so fuckin good it’s so beautiful it’s so reflective and shimmery and good
and just mmm and then this is the green one here um I will do a tutorial next
with this one but I really wanted to sit down and play with this one today the
owner of the brand I think her name is Sharon cutter I don’t know if I’m
pronouncing her last name right and I’m very sorry if I’m butchering it we all
know I can’t pronounce shit on my channel her whole concept to this brand
is diversity and inclusivity doesn’t matter if you’re white black your
ethnicity she just wants everybody to kind of feel whole and as one as we all
should be and I love that concept but you can get these palettes right now on
the Ulta website again they are close to $60 for Canadians I don’t know what it
is for us just going elta and check it out but this is see I looked at I came
up with I absolutely think it’s beautiful shadows blended like a dream
absolutely love the look I really hope that you guys enjoy this look as well it
was really easy to achieve if you are new guys please consider subscribing and
make sure that you hit all your post notifications as well so they notified
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okay and if you guys want to see I create this really beautiful I look
today using the OMA Beauty poise pilots then please keep my P Louise face and
like I said in the intro I’m gonna be going in to the poise palette today I
really want to play with this shimmer here because it’s so beautiful
you guys know that I don’t normally do swatches but wait for it okay just wait
for it this is with no primer camera is not really doing it justice right now
but so I’m gonna start off this look by going in with my morphe m51 8 brush into
the brown shade from the palette and then I’m just going to slowly fluff it
into the crease as you can see here guys I’m just lightly fluffing the shade into
the crease I’m not dragging it all the way into the crease though because we
are gonna go in with that really nice shimmery shade that I showed you and I
want that shade to be really nice and prominent so that’s why I drug it up
into the crease area for this look so I’m just taking my time a fluffing this
shadow out gonna hop over to AM or PM 4 5 6 and I’m going to go into this shade
from the palette very very light hand here I’m just going to take the shadow
and really diffuse out the first shadow that we put in the crease I’m gonna hop
over to a morphe M 574 and I’m gonna go into this dark chocolate brown shade
from the palette again with a super light hand and I’m just slowly buffing
this shade into the outer part of the eye as well because this is just gonna
help really smoke the outer part of the eye out and add some extra dimension to
the look as you can see I’m just again using a super light flicking motions I
wanted these shadows to really smooth in together really nicely now it’s time for
that really really pretty shimmery shade it’s called magical I’m gonna go in with
that with a makeup check t39 brush and I am gonna get my brushes spray with my
skin and maybe a setting spray and then I’m gonna pop that all over the lid and
drag it right up in the crease to where it meets those brown shadow
I honestly don’t know if the camera is going to do the shadow justice but if
you see it in person guys it is absolutely amazing as you get further up
into the crease you just want to lightly Pat it on the crease area so that
there’s like no crazy harsh lines the shadow is just so beautiful thing I can
really appreciate about this shadow is sometimes when you get a shadow like
this in a palette that has that really gritty texture to it for me especially
because I have really weird hooded eye sometimes if my eyelids are a little bit
drier than normal if I use a really gritty eye shadow on my lid and drag it
up into the crease sometimes it can cause my folds to look a lot more
prominent than they are this shadow doesn’t do that it doesn’t
feel heavy on my lids at all so that is something that I can really appreciate
about this eye shadow because this eye shadow does do that and I’m very
thankful that it doesn’t because it’s such a pretty eye shadow how many times
I can say it’s a pretty eye shadow but it’s a pretty high shadow so I’m gonna
hop back over to my morphe m 574 I’m gonna go back into that chocolate brown
shadow now that we have the shimmery shade on then I’m gonna go to Sigma e30
into the black shadow from this palette and again I’m just slowly very lightly
buffing the black shadow into the outer part of the eye as well I did go in and
remove the tape and I’m gonna go in with my Maybelline black gel liner and I’m
just gonna go in and create a nice thick black line on the lid then I’m gonna go
back in with my Sigma e30 into that black shade a little bit and then I’m
just going to buff the tiniest amount of that black shadow into where the liner
meets the outer part of the eye just to really smoke the outer part out and to
blend that liner into the outer part of the eye alright guys I did hop
off-camera and I did the rest of my face and I’m just gonna move in and do
underneath the lower lash line so just do that I’m gonna go in to this dark
chocolate brown shade from the palette and then I’m just gonna buff that right
underneath the lower lash line I’m gonna go in with the Sigma e30 brush and I’m
gonna go into this lighter warm brown shade from the palette and then I’m just
gonna buff that underneath the lower lash line as well
and then for the final step underneath the lower lash line I’m just going in
with the exact same it’s Sigma e30 brush into that black shadow grabbing the
tiniest amount of it and I’m just going to buff a little bit of that black so
right on the outer part of the lower lash line just to really smoke it in to
the upper crease I’m gonna go in with my Sigma black liner ellipse I’m going in
with my essence soft contouring lip liner in deeply intoxicated and then for
lipstick I’m going into my NYX pinup pout lipstick in the shade sophisticated and then I’m just going to go over the
lipstick a little bit more with the lip liner alright guys so that is it for my
eyeshadows tutorial today using the new uma Beauty poise eyeshadow palette this
palette really is beautiful guys if you’re into neutral so if you’re into
deeper shades that are in this palette you will really like this palette that
one gold shadow alone is absolutely stunning on the lids and I don’t know if
the camera is fully picking up just how beautiful that I shadow is but in person
is absolutely stunning as for the price point of this palette I do feel like it
is a little bit expensive for Canadians I’m not gonna lie I probably would have
liked to see a couple more shadows in this palette for the price point but at
the end of the day it’s still a really beautiful palette
it’s just a little expensive in my books I’m just being honest but I will
continue to play with this palette I do think it is absolutely stunning and if
you guys want to see any more looks using this palette let me know in the
comments section below let me know as well if you guys are planning to pick up
any of the products from this brand let me know what you thought of this look in
the comments section below as well and don’t forget to subscribe before you
leave and with that being said thank you so much guys I love you and I’ll catch
you in my next video

21 thoughts on “UOMA Beauty | Poise Black Magic Color Palette

  1. My daughter is really into the James Charles palette, but I'll see if she's interested in this one too 🙂

  2. Yasss girl. You’re absolutely beautiful. Your eyeshadow is bomb girl 😍🔥✨ hopefully we can support each other ✨

  3. Beautiful on you hun, that’s my type of colors, beautiful palette.👍🏻❤️❤️

  4. I never heard of this brand but LOVE the packaging! Love that you used tape, really should start using this technique

  5. I rarely wear makeup but I enjoy your makeup tutorials! You do such a great job!! Can you do a video where you show how to do eyebrows?! I would LOVE that!!

  6. Beautiful look, Brittany! Us Canadians have all been there with the frustrating exchange rate. Yikes. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  7. 😍😍😍 ooohhhh love love looove!! This is sooo my look!! Gorgeous and looks fantastic on you.
    In the US, they are $44 at ulta. There's 3 palette choices. I like the theory behind this brand. I was wondering how good their products were going to be. Thanks for reviewing babe!! ❤

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