Tweexy Nailpolish Holder Review

hi everybody! here you see three Tweexy nail polish holders. This handy little tool holds your bottle while you do your
nails. Today I’m going to explain to you what it is, how it works and I also have
a giveaway at the end of this video so here it is, The Tweexy. it’s made from
100% silicone rubber so it’s super flexible
it holds all different sized bottles and it fits on every size finger. you can add
the Tweexy on your fingers by pressing the side just press the new polish
bottle in the holder and the Tweexy will hold the bottle for you so just
open the bottle and start painting your nails. they claim you can also paint your
nails on the road I should really try that too not gonna lie this works really well and
I think it’s really cool I never thought I would like this much but I really do I don’t think you’ve ever seen my thumb on
my channel so let’s do that one as well remove the Tweexy by pressing the sides
again so you don’t slide it against your freshly painted nails. in case you’re
wondering the polish that I’m wearing is Dance Legend Oksana. I always apply my
nails with my hands flat on the table but if you want you can also add the
Tweexy on your hands facing you on the box they claim that it works with every
nail polish bottle so let’s try it that’s true as you can see if I keep it upside-down
the bottle doesn’t even fall out of the holder but stays nicely in place some
bottles move a little bit if you want to be sure you can bend the flaps of the Tweexy
to the outside so it holds the bottle even better after testing this little
gadget I can say that I think it’s really cool it works it looks fun and
since surprise is great this would make a great gift for friends who love
applying nail polish just as much as I do but you maybe don’t have to buy one
because I’m going to give away 10 Tweexy nail polish holders to lucky subscribers
all you have to do is subscribe to my channel and leave a comment underneath
this video saying that you want to enter the giveaway of course I would
appreciate it if you would follow me on my other social media pages as well I
will put all the information of the giveaway in the description box down
below thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye bye

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